Got a window seat on the plane lads

got a window seat on the plane lads

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good luck holding your pee for the duration of the flight

The corridor is the patrician choice of you have to pee.

in fact you got both aisle and window seats since you're a 5 feet wide fatass.

haha le epic fat joke FTW! xD

i hope its not the wing window seat, its cool watching the flaps but it gets dull after awhile and you just want to watch the scenery but cant

lmao incels too afraid to tell people to move so you can take a piss

being able to watch the wing mechanics operate soothes my flight anxiety because it gives me a sense that the plane is in control

The window seat always makes me nervous. I like being in the middle of older woman.

This wtf

the flight is fucking overbooked
i swear to God if i get kicked off

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how do you overbook a flight lmao, you have a certain number of seats, sell 1 ticket per seat, ez, literally impossible to overbook

I doubt they'll make you get off, you would have incredible luck if they did.

Every company (except ironically enough, the low-cost carriers) sells 105-110% of the amount of seats they have.

well that's pretty fucking stupid

Watch this instead.

wait if its overbooked, why do they kick people off? like, shouldn't only people who haven't been seated yet have to worry? once you sit down, nothing is achieved by kicking you off just so someone else can sit where you were sitting a moment ago.

On a train lads. If you ever wondered what the prairies sunset looked like then no more.

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made it

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Then they get on and they start offering people money to get off the plane. A cool trick (if you don’t mind booking a flight on the next plane) is being like “Give me $300 more and I’ll get off”. They’ll almost always say yes because they’d much rather someone volunteer to get off than have to leave someone behind that bought the flight and wasn’t expecting the fucking plane to be overbooked. Major airlines are dumb that way.
t. Dad is a maintenance mechanic for Delta, sister is a flight attendant for Delta, and I fly too much.

That's fucking retarded
Sounds like it shouldn't be legal. Do you at least get a refund?

If they ask you, ask about an extra 200$ and they always do it


Yeah you get a refund
You should always ask for extra though

it's because they can afford to leave seats empty even less, their profits are really tight

Some people ask why one would shoot a man before throwing him off the plane and some are expected to end up in the wreckage.

They won’t kick you off if you’ve already sat down, but they’ll ask people to volunteer to give up their seats if the people who didn’t get a seat don’t wanna wait for another flight. If no one volunteers, the people who don’t get seats have to leave. It’s super underhanded, but they count on people missing their flights so that it’s usually not a problem.