What were you doing on september 11th? what was the reaction in your cunt?

what were you doing on september 11th? what was the reaction in your cunt?

zoomers not allowed itt

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Mommy was changing my diaper

lmao dis nigga ancient like who was even alive back then

I was watching cartoons in the morning and the tv suddenly changed to news coverage of it. Fucking attacks ruined my before school time

Was angry cause they interrupted my cartoons.

i was changing my diaper

>Come back home
>There are burning towers on tv
>Mom tells me that terrible things are happening in America
>"Oh ok"
>Go to my room and do my business

biology class and we were watchin tv anyway. idk i wasnt old enough to completely comprehend it and usa is so far away anyway that it had as much of an impact on me that the sri lanka tsunamis probably had on you.


Probably sucking Mommy's tits

how? 3000 americans died that day

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Muh Cheez TV nigga.

I was celebrating my birthday ofc. Glad that I was born on September 11th.

I didn't even notice. After 9/11 there was some coalition soliders traveling to afganistan and iraq from baku that's all I know.

>what were you doing on september 11th?
at the uni cantina
>what was the reaction in your cunt?
"qué loooocooo"

came back from school i think. was pretty happy to see it at the time desu.

Lol imagine the relief Serbians felt

>Be me, 37 at the time (I know I'm an old fuck boomer)
>Living in Indiana
>Getting ready for work
>Get a call from my mom who was living in New York
>When I pick up the phone she sounds like she's suffering from a panic attack
>I immediately ask what's wrong
"user, have you seen the news"
"No? What's going on"
>She's crying too hard to even say anything, but mangaged to choke out that I should turn on the TV
>Turn on TV
>See the news
>Literally has no impact on me
>Don't give a shit cause it's in New York
>Fake that I care and hang up on my mom
>Go to the mechanic shop where I work, the roads were clear as fuck
>We're not open and nobody else is there
>Go home
>Play video games for the rest of the day
9/11 was a good day for me

I was busy being a baby

>3000 """"""""""americans"""""""""""
not a single important businessman died that day, it was all latino maids and couriers

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I was fantasizing about having an East Asian gf.

boomers were literally celebrating iirc. they were calling bin Laden Miladin (a serbian name).

Was in elementary school. Didn't know what the fuck was happening. From what I gathered when I got older, none of the grown ups really knew what the fuck was happening either.

how old are you? give me wisdom x.x

I was playing Mario on a chinese Famicom.

>give me wisdom
never, NEVER get things on credit
use debit card instead

okay cool, im way ahead of the game there

My family didn't even have a TV back then.

Peak boomer.

WTF?? You guys are supposed to be the based kebab removers

I played the tarzan video game in mah pentium 4 conputer

who stopped the removal?

They were the good white ones. You're celebrating brown muslims killing white people

I studied in the morning so I was at school, got the news when my parents picked me up.
The planes hit around 9 o'clock NY time, so it was 11 o'clock here, school was almost ending.

The general reaction was shock, even my mom who was the typical anti-american socialist was shocked at the news.

I was kidding, but no muslims killed us during living memory, americans did, so I can understand the revanchism, especially considering the timeline.

>arrive back to home from school, greets the conduction driver, she was a nice lady, fat as fuck, but nice
>mom is doing dishes, tv is turn on local news crap
>i only watch cartoons and not this news bullshit
>sits on the table and starts unpacking my stuff
>tv changes from local news to national breaking report, mom starts paying atention because she thinks its something relevant to the country
>"blablabla united states"
>she stops paying atention
>i show her my drawning and she pats my head

good times

by the way, those "based good white muslims" are literally inviting arabs and other "bad brownies" into europe and are making training camps for ISIS and shit like that.

No one cares about religion anymore. It's 2019. Race is all that matters.

laughed my ass off, for every single dead am*Rimutt subhuman i shed a tear of joy
and now they're going extinct

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Maybe in the US. Muslims don't see it that way.

I got home from school, watched the news, had a little chuckle and jerked off.


I was in 8th grade and had been to the church after school because it was tuesday and my dad forced me to do some confirmation bullshit. Then I went home to mom (parents divorced when I was like 10) and my sister is yelling that "they've bombed Chicago", I look at the tv and see the news going on about how the WTC towers had been hit by airplanes and collapsed. The next day in school we had a moment of silence. That's kinda what I remember.

lmao i was 3 years old
prolly had porridge for breakfast and sent to the daycare for my daily beatings lol

I was flying a plane to NY

Was a kid.
I was at school.
Back then I didn't understood that America is the Empire of Evil.

Just a week after, they invited on the state TV a 9/11 conspiracy theorist paid by the Iranians. Not joking.

At school.We were supposed to practice for the independence day parade, it was called off and there were some teachers in my classroom watching the news with concerned looks on their faces. The end.

i drew a depiction of it on the school board that morning

nothing else directly related to it happened ever

imagine some earthquake killing a few thousand people in some country on the other side of the world and how you react to that sort of news, that's about what it was like apart from the novelty of it

I was 7. Dad told me the third world war had begun.
Next day I made towers of legos and and flied a lego plane into it. Mom sais it was inappropriate but she let me continue.


sounds cool

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>they were calling bin Laden Miladin

I was in my fifth grade classroom. We obviously got to go home early. My extended family had an impromptu gathering at my grandmother's house. I think we had pizza? Nice day.

Literally praying at the local mosque.
Sorry for your loss though USA.

>zoomers not allowed itt

I was sat at school
Everyone already knew war was going to happen

dying of laughter in front of tv
although I was just 8 years old, I already knew that american hydra should be exterminated

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They interrupted my cartoons if I remember correctly, also they were pretty annoying for months with news covering every minute detail of the event. Also a couple of weeks after that an old factory chimney across the street from my building was scheduled for destruction with a controlled explosion, I thought al-qaida was attacking us lol

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Dunno, I mean I was like 3 years old back then.

Probably shit my pants, but it's entirely possible the shitting was correlation and not causation.

My mom picked me up, and pointed towards the TV, and told me this was where our revenge begins. The west has wronged us and soon all of the west will be in flames. I'm glad that i'll live through the complete collapse of white "civilization"

Very sad day indeed.

19 brave men lost their lives.


I was 13 and getting ready to go for some football (soccer for the other side of the Atlantic) with my friends when I saw on the TV that am airplane accident has happened in NY, that was around 18.30 local time

I didn't give much attention till I got back around 21.00 and a second plane had crashed on the other tower and all hell broke loose

I was watching a fun tv program. Your fucking towers being reduced to dust interrupted it.
I didn't even understand what exactly happened (though, I did understand it was important so I went to wake my parents up)


holy shit why do people still talk about this and make this "what were you doing" stupid fucking threads

>"did the people who bombed Pearl Harbour did this"
legit question to my mom

This, even we don't care about it. It's just some attention whoring dude.

We thought that it was some sort of American movies in beginning but turns out that it's even better because real life Americans are dying, so basically like a movie but better in every imaginable ways

Where wer yew
when the world stopped turnin'
that September day?

Shut it Argentine trash.

Just came back from school and thought it's just some new movie trailer from jewlywood. Turns out it is.


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watching dbz

>They interrupted my cartoons if I remember correctly,



I was in school. The weather was nice, so I spent some time outside with my friends before coming home. When I finally came home I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen and had my lunch while watching the news. It was a good day.

*kicks mommies stummy*

Fuck. I was born one year to late. I never saw this on tv.

Was with a friend at the mechanic being some stuff for his car and they talked about it in the store. Got home to switch on the tv to see the second plane hit live.
Watched tv the whole day expecting more to happen and went to a pub with a friend the evening to talk about how that will change the world as we know it.

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I am was at the my high school (kid 14 yo)backyard with class mates where we are smoked tobacco and talking my mate bring a new pager to the school so i remember this day because i seen irl a new device,and tv news all day was about that plane and skyscraper.
Nothing much more

I was watching cartoons and I was not intrested in crumbling buildings

Remember watching the Spider-Man animation and got really fucking angry ahen they interrupted it for this shit

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> Go back from school
> my family is screaming its happening! it's WW3!
> no cartoons

based. how are you even this old?

al quaeda was in serbia before they did 9/11 btw

I remember reacting with indifference, but everyone else wanted to keep talking about it.

I was in second grade. We had a long-term sub, Mr. T, because our teacher had just given birth. We walked into the classroom at the start of the day and teacher man was watching the news. I don't remember much else about that day, except my dad took me out of school early.

Greatest ally

and now the americans are bombing your people no-stop

I was in the 7th grade and my dad was waiting out in the car to take me to school. When I got in the car it was on the radio.


I don't know, I was 9 years old back then.

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