This should one big united country

This should one big united country.

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This but they should take the rest of the Caucasus from Russia.


United Sharts of Walmartica

btw you colored Qatar instead of Bahrain

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Ah, yes. The famous, shared culture of Turkey and Pakistan.

Fuck no Turkey needs more bleaching from slavs, you'll doom my ancestral homeland into being a serious shitskin country

> putting s*nnis and based shia's together

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Wikipedia for some central asian cities says the majority language is tajik. I don't know if the articles are just written by some pan-iranist or something but it says bukhara and samarkand and some others speak tajik. I thought they were uzbek cities and spoke uzbek.

that part of central asia was iranian until the 1000s when turks started settling and dominating it

I wantd to colour Qatar.

Because they know nothing about them?

sure but what is the real modern linguistic situation
it also says the afghan and tajik civil wars made a lot of tajik speakers flood these cities, so is it the case that they were turkic from AD1000 until like really recently or what

Bahrain makes more sense. They were under Iranian rule until some few centuries ago.

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seems like you're right

the connection is that both were heavily persianized/Iranified in culture and government

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your ancestors ;^)

Turkey and Pakistan have the closest and best relationship in the region

>the region

which is...?

The muslim world

this really is a shit post. Who would actually benefit from it? No doubt Iran in weakening Saudi Arabia. Maybe I could see Pakistan + Afghanistan and Tajikistan being one, but who would really want to be part of Afghanistan at the moment? The 5 former-Soviet Turkic states I could maybe see I guess - the rest, no. Turkey and Iran's borders are fine as they are

regions are best defined by geography, which they don't share at all. 'muslim world' is so vague hardly relevant

I want it to happen for the lulz, maybe include the Levant with Israel too

Iran is the shia state between them other than that they're both bearers of the crescent moon on their flag

would unironically be based

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Yes, greater Israel is pretty based.

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kz + Iran + Afghanistan

kz + Kyrgyzstan + Uzbekistan