Who is natural chad here and who is natural beta?

Who is natural chad here and who is natural beta?


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webm for whoever prefers that

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They're all so fucking short

ur a god

How the fuck can a russian man look like a child among chinese

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Indian PM is not just chad but literal Alpha. The rest of them look shaken and nervous (hands at dangling at waist). Indian PM is looking upon them with disgust for plunging their region of the world into turmoil.

what identity does pakistan really have except
>not India.

>among chinese

you have to go back

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downed 2 indian jets, captured pilot for literally 0 damage to itself

They are too beta to even move themselves, nothing more pathetic then being camera shy at an event like this.

Meanwhile, Indian PM body language is saving he is reversed and closed off from the rest of the betas near him (closed hands up against his body that guard him).

Why don't you go back to pookistan first? Schizo Imran khan fag.

>paki in USA telling indian to go back from USA

lul modi looking over at imran khan and trying to see where he's standing and who he's speaking to because modi is a rat and imran doesn't even give a look his way lmfao


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monke thread?

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Stop it abdul. Why are you pookis so fucking gay? The way you shill for Imran Khan makes me think you won't stop until he shoves his dick in your throat.

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we BFF's now


>no based mongolia


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Nice deflection faggot.