From today's photo shooting In Lecce, Italy

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Based Burek

Is this refugee?

Do you play rugby OP?

No, it's Sandokan

100% identitarian

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100% malaysian bvll


Shut your mouth pekka
Sandokan will make you bend the knee.

Italians are monkeys

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Pathetic mongrel ape

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I said you will bend the knee Mongroloid!

sorry r these ARVB BVLLS or identitarians?

Weakling is trying to imitate me


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100% Arabian

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The greatness of Temujin is truly admirable

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Brown Arab filth

Yellow Mongoloid filth


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Bow down to me southron

I'm afraid it will be the opposite, just like throughout history.

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I conquered you Italian

Dominated you

For three hundred years

I am Goth

You are the victim

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Yeah but aren't you finnish? :)

I Am your king child

>I'm afraid it will be the opposite, just like throughout history.
Many germanic tribes sacked rome and dominated vast areas in the italian peninsula

My big strong Finnish King right?

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Kokke kokkopekka pekke