Do you create race bait threads on Jow Forums?

Do you create race bait threads on Jow Forums?

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I'm not mentally ill or a neworlder(or both), so no.


>Why yes, I post my incel face on Jow Forums

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I want to fuck a cute racist boy

>implying those two aren't the same thing

Yes since they are easy to bait

you're so hot

No I create them on here

Easiest board to bait about anything. Jow Forumstards are the fedora wearing atheists of this decade

I have a feeling this isn't actually you because you keep posting the same photo

I refuse to visit the cancerous toxic waste that is Jow Forums

True but their reaction to bait is really boring.
They will get really mad but they won't try to dismantle you, they just call you names.

only race realism redpills from me buddy

all newworlders are mentally ill but not all mentally ill are newworlders

did the unix timestamp filename not throw you off?

same. I only visit int

i want to i have a good thread idea for why whites are inherently a weak people

if non whites exist is because we decided to not kill them

I don't visit that cesspool

and why is that

I pretend to be a jew on Jow Forums whenever I'm bored and need to pass time. Some anons there are legitimate spergs who will just spam hundreds of messages with nothing but insults towards you. Free (You)s though.

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this is the thing i hate about Jow Forums now, we used to have cool bros there from everywhere and now its muttmericans and brazilians

>Zulu War
>needing guns to conquer the world
This should work

no but once i pretended to be a jewish abortion clinic doctor who only aborted wh*Tes and tried to talk minorities out of it
the boomers reacted about as well as one might expect

The london look

It's a shitshow, I don't see anything being discussed anymore. It's all bait threads or actual events being derailed with "false flag nothing to see"