Why can't we have a chicano buffer state between Mexico and USA?

Why can't we have a chicano buffer state between Mexico and USA?

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it's a retarded idea

Im moving to yucatan, I dont want to live here anymore


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Because absolutely fucking no one wants it to happen and the likelyhood of that changing is effectively zero.

no thanks, I don't want to share a country with disgusting fat soulless norteños with a superiority complex just because they own a used pickup truck.

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Who would govern it. As soon as Mexicans officials get their hands on something it's straight to the cartels.

they'd all just move to the US anyway

it's not even viable, american economy would be affected

The USA shouldn't exist. At all.

good, take your buddies with you

Fuck off and die for Israel, subhuman.

you too

Because fuck you, it's ours. Stay out.

Just we have to send more

But we do. And we're powerful.

Too many adjectives. What did they do to you?


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T. Chi

« The Land of the free no longer welcomes CHIs »
America's alt-rights and incels are thrilled with the 2020 reelection of Donald Trump. The president of the United States is funding highschool virgin militias and changing the Constitution, allowing Amerilard mass shooters to kill innocent Chicanos around the country with impunity. But when President Trump begins to implement his radical agenda - banning spicy foods and Spanish language from being spoken - establishing "Le 56% Order" - our once great nation becomes easy pickings for a deadly new wave of white nationalists, who rename America "nación blanca estado de hamburguesas"
« It's time to take back Aztlán »
Enter Juan Rodriguez, not your typical second generation Mexican immigrant. This young Californian college student is a descendant of ancient Mesoamerican rulers and has Aztec warrior blood flowing in his veins, so he refuses to stand by and watch his country go down in flames. Assembling a ragtag team of action-ready car mechanics and cleaning ladies, Juan establishes: Mestizo Mañana - Aztláns' last defense against the violent, lawless alt-right nationalists and "Army of incels" that is terrorizing schools, Walmarts and garlic festivals around the country. Juans' mission is clear: Death to all Amerigoblins - Kill all Amerigoblins - and free Aztlan ...

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because its illegal, and a large percentage of the population wouldnt even be hispanic

This is better.
t. Purepecha nahua french iberian mestizo

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>straight lines
Yes, we can see you're a mongrel.

I did it on my phone

very cringe

What state are you from?

Mexico should try harder to be better. Stop making excuses, and improve your country.


It would be great if I were southern

>t. El Gordo Ramírez de Hermosillo

Oh no no no no no this can't be happening

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this one made me laugh extremely fucking hard

Are you one of the white jaliscienses?

No I am a light brown bvll

Youd fit in the michoacan state then

That is the idea, we want to improve our country and stay here to fix it. I almost feel sorry for Mexico are not sending you the best people

No, you are the fat one. You live in the US

I think the USA should annex Mexico

I think Mexico should annex the USA

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go establish it in hell OP

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Michoacan would be majority margid mestizo
Sonora would be castizo
Veracruz would afro mestizo
Oaxaca would me mixteco centralid
Yucatan would be mayan

You already have a buffer state, it's called Mexico, and it's between you and the REAL shithole that is central america and other havens of drug trafficking and human trafficking and regular civil wars



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Okay, you can keep those states since they're infested with California-mindset progressives now.
>inb4 some LARP about "w-we'll kick them out, w-we'll be a b-based CHI ethnostate"
No you won't, you'll accept them like the cucks you and they both are and they will rot your nation from within. But at least it won't be the US's problem anymore.


stay the fuck away from me