Does this happen in your country?

does this happen in your country?

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Imagine her choking you with her thighs

Literally me

okay. what happens next?

The girl or the mongol bvll?

Life is not fair.
How come this ugly monngoloid has a cute gf and i don't?

You nut a fountain of cum straight into her mouth and ahe swallows it all. Then you make love all night.

oh yea

dude, i'm trying to quit masturbating

need sauce on this
I'm sure it's from chaturbate

no JAV is recorded in little more decent studio

Believe it or not women would rather fuck that Asian than a fat fucking triple chin mono brow cunt like you, Shave that fucking thing off first and lose some weight you fat fuck then maybe girls will like you

It's useless to resist. USELESS USELESS USELESS

Memes aside, if you have a sister, you'd probaby experienced this.
My sister sometimes would act all cuddly and shit with you. Shit is cringy but I get aroused a bit.

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Bold of you to assume its shahar

Ugh i wish i had an older sister...

Could be a gay friend you know.
Hot. Older sister?

Why did an American GI do this to a K-pop goddess?

>Murder of Yun Geum-i
>In 1992, Yun Geum-i, a camptown sex worker in Dongducheon, was brutally killed by U.S. servicemen.
>Yun was found dead with a bottle stuffed into her vagina and an umbrella into her anus.

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link the sauce

I have 5 sibling (including me) . I'm lucky because I have an older bro, sister, lil bro and lil sis. I also have 3 little stepbrothers but all of them are retarded male.

Yes, older sister.

It's like a different world having no siblings

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she wants the d

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>5 kids
is that common in Malaysia ? I thought you guys have no more than 3 kids.

you have fine tastes, pal

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malaysia is poor and islamic, they pump out sprogs endlessly

I did this to my gf when I was 15. She came over to my house to chill but the Sims had just been released on PS2 and I just sat there playing it for hours while she watched probably bored out of her mind. Not sure why I did something so autistic. She later stopped me playing by sucking my dick and I ended up losing my virginity to her that night. Good times.

Nah m8.

>t.grew up with his mom's boyfriend instead of having siblings

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Average is 4 , more than that is unusual .
My dad is a horny bull who hates condom
Religious people did great job at educating their children even though they breed like rats. My boss is super religious and all their children are very polite.

Uhh that never happened and I i'm glad it didn't wtf, If it was a step sister tho the lines are blurred

This webm is trash
It is corrupted or something

>Average is 4 , more than that is unusual .

According to the UN even 4 would be unsual. Unless you guys have several wives.

Source?????????? Please

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He's talking about the average for married women, not the average births per all women (including the non married ones) like the link you posted.

Why is this so arousing fuck I don't get it

Ttue but the number accounts for all women of fertile age. So unless there are a ton of Malaysian women that never marry until they are barren (or dead) then an average number of children per family 4 seems a bit high.

People in general seem to think that muslim countries are huge baby factories while the actual breedes are mostly in Africa.

stop posting amwf thx. it makes my allergies flare up

Its 'cause of her thighs

Does what happen?

This is my dream, good God imagine having a tall gf. She could sqaushh you with those thighs probably my favorite webm as of now.
My God Jesus.

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this happened with my older sister once actually, we held hands and cuddled, not much else.