If you are a BROWN MAN please come to Sweden

If you are a BROWN MAN please come to Sweden.

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Ok, can you pay a one way ticket from Mexico to Sweden?

no i don't want ikea

Move over, I'm going full ghengis khan on sweden, soon to be named land of the mutts

Aight. Can i get free education as an eu citizen?

are the gibs good?
my parents might disown me and i need a backup solution

made with mematic

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I will, do they provide a baby insurrection manual when you purchase a woman in ikea

I've impregnated a swede only 3 months ago, and in total now I have impregnated 4 swedish girls.

Will do
t. Brown man in Finland

Sorry but we are BLACK

so fucking cringy, Jesus

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I just bought lunch, and i've got to do laundry right after I eat too.
How about tomorrow? I wouldnt want to just up and neglect any obligations I currently have

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Ok, I'm on my way.

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she has a king already

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White men should stay away from black women.


She's hot, legit jealous here

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it's black women going after white men
just like black men going after white women

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>Missing slavery
She can be a queen of those skinny white boys with this fat ass

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