Does nobody care that this kid is missing school?

does nobody care that this kid is missing school?

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Why do you make so many threads about Greta?

She is a retard , even if she went She would learn nothing


this is my first

Have you ever seen the movie The Orphan? I bet this Greta chick is like 30 years old.

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He is Bolsonaro defence forces.

Back when i skipped school more than two times i was literally brought in by two dudes from the municipal agency

This globalist puppet instead gets to travel the world

It isn't fair, that's female privilege to ya

Kek, I skipped 3 days of school and my parents got a letter threatening truancy court


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This thread was Kino, kek.

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She has already finished her mandatory education, and has said that she will take a year off before high school

>tfw esther is qt now

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>tfw 99% of the time you hear anything about her, it's on Jow Forums because of all the butthurt she's causing

I didn't even know she was giving a speech in the US until I saw the threads here.

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>Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who started the Friday school strikes, has graduated from secondary education with 14 As and three Bs.
How the fuck did she get 14 As? I didn't get a single A and only a couple Bs when I finished secondary school.

You are maybe stupid
Or they just put those sweat marks to here to encourage her chinanigans

The school is not missing her.

Education is not mandatory for 16 year old Swedes. I suspect her current activism will be very useful for her in the future

Asperger magic

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>white child with pigtails

I'm confused, does your image indicate that she is some reincarnation of young Nazi girls?

She's autistic and from a prestigious family.

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what a fucking totalitarian state

>allowed to skip school 20 days unconditionally and 25 more days with a doctor's report
>got my father to write reports every time
>could also skip the entire last month of school with a committee report
feels good being a thirdie

Dad looks mongol, he was probably called Turunen before moving to Sw*Den

wtf Jow Forums loves public education now

How about not showing 4 months into a high school year and then still being let trough to pass it because if they made me repeat a year a whole class would dissolve due to small number of students in class already and bureaucracy

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she has very wealthy and well-connected parents.
also telling kids to skip school is a great way to ruin their lives, especially in the lower classes. says a lot about how out of touch modern leftists are.

Talking about climate change in UN summit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>going to school

why bother to go to school if the world is going to be a shithole

>schools are liberal brainwash factories
>don't drop out of school!!!!

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That's Dr. Thunberg to you, goyim.

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Swedes are naturally smarter than Finns

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>muh school