I bought LINK for 1.96 dollar

I bought LINK for 1.96 dollar

When is it going back up?

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Either the 18th or the 24th. Big things on both days.

i bought it at 1.81....it better go the fuck back up

boggles my mind people buy on top of a huge green dildo? wtf is wrong with you? you think its endlessy going to keep going up? fucking moron learn some TA dumbass


OP delet this SAP

Keep holding I’m sure the next announcement will be HUGE it’s going to be REAL HUgE

Buy when you want to sell and sell when you want to buy.
I just fixed it for you normie idiots

Next year it might, but most likely 2022 or 2023. Better sell at a loss and buy HOT which looks like it bottomed out and wait a bit before it moons to 90 sats. Then you can buy some more LINK with your new profit.

it's obviously a shitpost
just play along

It would have arguably gone to $5 by the end of an hour if some shithead whale wasn't putting MULTIPLE 100k sells walls up every few minutes to eat all the volume up. Fuck that guy.

Link is incredibly manipulated and that whale robbed us of $5 Link today.

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I bought at 1.80, but just 1k

Lol sergay has 600 million tokens the sell walls are just starting

That will be given out free to companies. Please, do your research you fucking no link cockpleaser.

>600 m Free link
So who’s going to buy your bags? Bwuahaha

I have to think it’s the team doing this. They’re such fags. LINK would be $10 if not for Sergey and his sucker minions worrying about price so much

Kill yourself nolinker.

No one, it has to be shilled.

Links economic model benfits no one but whales and sergay himself. Wait till their “team” dumps on you and your friends. Link is a security and they promised dividends during ico that they can’t deliver. It’s that simple. The SEC will shit this scam down

Shit fud from a swinglinker. KYS.

omg, is he okay?

Never touched this garbage vapor ware so no not a swinger

Wait a minute there nolinker, you're telling me that

>despite hating LINK you monitor the price religiously and make a thread as soon as there is any movement
>develop novel and intiutive FUD plotlines using the most up to date information you constantly seek out
>dedicate your creative energies to editing maymays with LINK branding
>have LINKtrader, GitHub, Gitter, pivotaltracker bookmarked so you can keep up to date with the project you hate
>actively participate in a LINK discord or telegram group
>know more about LINK than any other project, even more than stinkylinkies themselves

Have sex incel

It’s fucking Rory. He always sends at least 1 million link tokens to binance during pumps.