Buy chainlink when it was 1.90

>buy chainlink when it was 1.90
>it goes down
That's it, I'm fucking done. I ignored everyone for the past year and this happens to me. Please tell me it ain't over.

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Calm down lol

Will be back up by tomorrow.

Why the fuck would you buy something that spikes up 70%?
Op pls respond I genuinely want to know what was going on in your head

its crazy how many emotional people there are here who buy huge green dildos. OP can you just tell me what is going thru youre head when you see something pumping hard? why do you buy in?

Lol sergay has 600m tokens this shit won’t moon cause he will dump and dump and dump

Lol seriously. I never buy anything that in the midst of a pump. I dont understand how anyone does and how these pumps are possible. Who is buying when its up 60%?

If you had done so when Eth first spiked up to $3, you would be a multi-millionaire by now.

Congrats, you're the biggest retard here.

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this is why you DYOR, dont invest willy nilly, and dont fucking listen to biz.

That's assuming OP won't dump his bags like a dainty weak-handed fag.

well it's your fault for buying a 70% pump, but relax, you'll still see large gains in the future so long as you don't have hands made of jello

why do you retards always feel so smart writing this shit? It's called FOMO. And many times it pays

why the fuck would I buy into ETH at 20$ when it had already tripled the day before. Why did I buy NEO for 6 bucks when it was up 200% on the day? The list goes on

>buy for 13 months
>sell 80% at $1.23
>buy back at $1.04
>sell 80% again at $1.55
I've got my initial back for ALL of crypto (a dozen shitcoin failures and 8k in ETH/BTC/LTC) and still have a 4k LINK stack. Pretty comfy. I'll come back if we drop below $1.40 to increase my stack further, otherwise staying out and holding my remaining stack for 5 years.

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Brainlet here. Serious question. What would it realistically take for LINK to reach ETH prices?

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Did you make a post bitching about it after, wise guy?
Are we in the same market as then?
If you answer yes to either of those questions you are a N E G R O

People would have to think BTC is over. Eth came about showing more utility than BTC and its own way to print shitcoin tokens which was revolutionary. ChainLink would have to be advertised by dozens of major companies as the method through which they're finally using blockchain. It needs to be the new method by which crypto is even used, like Eth was. The funny thing is, that's possible and even hinted at.

This is a graph of ethereum spiking to $6 then CRASHING to $4 in 2016.

Imagine how fucking dumb a dude who brought at $6 would feel now!

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He didn't respond so it's just a larp. :(

i was buying this shit over a year ago at 90 cents and saw it slowly bleed to 20 cents. Never sold
This aint shit, weak-handed faggot.

GG It's over, all these retards who bought BTC at $.36 will never make it. Time to market sell.

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why the fuck would u buy at 10x when we shilled it at .20c

High quality posts.

At these prices it's more akin to BTC at $80

binance banned in US, literally no more money to flow into shitcoins
sell everything

It's ain't over. It's the bost project in crypto right now. We just have to shill it to normies. Do your part and start shilling fren. $1000 EOY.

Nice FUD goldberg

so we're still going to do a 250x

So how much LINK to make it? I currently have 70 and I'm poorfag in college.

1 billion ChainLink
21 million BitCoin

1 billion divided by 21 million is 47

47 * 1.7 = $80.9

It's literally the equivalent of BTC at $80. I wasn't fudding, ChainLink has more utility than BTC for businesses saving money and BTC top (20k) divided by 80 is 250. By those numbers, we can all still x250 our investment if we go in right now.

Based >100 IQ poster.

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Don't worry user I only have 140. You only need to get to 1k to make it.

clocks ticking though

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You can’t make it with $7000 but it’ll make a big dent in your student loans