What is actually going on with this utility token right now? What real & what's not?

What is actually going on with this utility token right now? What real & what's not?

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Exit scam. Prepare for pennies per token.

Probably going to 0 but not 100% sure.

This is unironically bullish af thread. OP couldn't be more wrong. Couldn't belive my eyes when i read your message
This is literally huge news for link and the future price! I just bought 1k link, why wouldnt you too user?

fud in this thread

what's actually going on?

a pump and dump.

Wrong thread pajeet

Going to 2 dollars, sell and buy back in

Here is a real reply.

-Chainlink is interesting tech IDEA and so far there hasn't been any real case uses.
-There have been partnership announcements, some big and a lot of literally who's.
-The coinbase listing sort of "legitimized" the project and the price skyrocketed because of that confidence.
-The price stopped skyrocketing because confidence and fomo can only take something so far.
-The price is now going back to before coinbase listing prices because at the end of the day literally nothing has changed aside from a few more literally who announcements.

I personally think the price will level out around $2.50, but it could go even lower. All of crypto space money is focused on bitcoin right now and I doubt we will see any sort of positive movement while this is going on.

LINK cube is a meme cube and memes are really fucking funny

Sell take profit and don't look back
Unironically best advice

except its 10/07/2019
There are about 40 days left before september 2019 begins. September 2019 is Chainlinks biggest month of 2019 with all kinds of shit on the agenda.

Nah bro, it was always a transparent AF scam. It's only above $1 because of reddit.

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It's worth the risk to have a suicide stack of link. All fudding aside. Being on coinbase has made it much less likely that it's a pump and dump. Coinbase only has like 15 products to buy and they aren't just listing shit willy nilly.

Link has long periods where nothing goes on and it even goes down but then it will skyrocket seemingly out of nowhere. It's how it's been for years.

Diversify, but not too much. Definitely hold btc, eth, and link. I don't mess with anything else

> Utility token
That’s so 2017

True If big

ADA seems promissing for some leftover change

It's a cool idea. There's a few cool partnerships that enable adoption.

But nobody has actually adopted it yet. There aren't any businesses/apps/whatever actually using Chainlink's tech.

So maybe it ends up getting a ton of users, or maybe it ends up totally flopping, only way to tell is to wait and see if the team can get any customers.

Thats Very, Very Chad of you

It's got blown out of proportions to the point where the concept behind it, as in, using the token as a payment for the network participants, doesn't make sense any more, it's cheaper to just use some other unironically cheaper oracle.

There are a lot of things that can change. If you are a long term holder, I would just say to forget about the price and just forget about all of this and not look at any of it.

It's really just a wait and see. If you haven't bought in yet, buy at a price that you think looks good as it's still dropping and there's plenty of opportunity.


This. It is an all or nothing bet. Ignore price, focus on tits.

Stop spamming this shit in every fucking thread!!!

should I swinglink?

Based user.

Yes, from a rope.

Jesus, fud has been brought to new low IQ levels

I mean honestly tho. If it is going back to 2.50 , why wouldn't I sell now at 2.95 and buy back in? The bleed doesn't look liek its going to stop this week. I mean it will probably bleed until theres more news

I just sold and I plan on buying in at 2.5

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Whats it in 2019?

you retards are truly retarded can't anyone give me a decent answer?

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too many pussies on here will tell you to hodl… I have always kept a stack of Links to swing and have upped my stack everytime


because you will most likely be wrong and will regret it

It's going to temporarily go back up later. Sell there.

I've been wrong since not selling at $4.36 and regret it every day... I could have nearly doubled my stack with this bleed


it pumped hard on real and imagined partnerships

it dumped hard because all it can do right now is tell you the costof ETH for an exorbitant price

Because you should of started swinging around 4 dollars. You are way late to that and the later you are the more risky it is.

Do you think it dumped because Bitcoin pumped?

>coinbase doesn't peddle in shitcoins

That hasn't been true ever since they added BCH

Same buddy. Shit fucking hurts. Hurts bad its the difference between making a decent amount of money vs making huge money. We failed. We will be poor forever. Even if link succeeds it won't be life changing money. Just accept it. We will always be poor.

The next support line is 2.77. If it's broken we go to pre Coinbase 2.2-2.5

Go back

ETC is a massive shitcoin also. Vitalik is what gives that network value, and ETC has no vitalik.

when you buy you have to approach it as losing the money forever or else you'll go insane questioning your decisions and regretting like you did. For years a lot of people questioned buying like at 80 cents because it shot down to 40 cents not too much later. People want gains instantly. Chainlink hasn't even been listed on Coinbase for two weeks and you guys are already throwing an autistic fit.

Yeah, link could drop to sub $1 or it could go to $10. No one on this board knows. But if you bought it because you thought it'd moon immediately then you shouldn't be in crypto, and that's fine because it's tough to watch everything go down, which it will most of the time. If you're so antsy you want to sell after less than two weeks then just put your money into a savings account or something

Here is a real reply

- Chainlink is a much needed tech in order for smartcontracts to evolve from token trading (where we are now) to actual real world applications. Basically all the promises of smartcontracts changing our world can finally happen because of Chainlink.
- There have been many partnership announcements, the two most exciting are 2 of the top ten largest database companies in the WORLD, Google and Oracle. There are infographs circulating the web that can show you fully how many integrations there have been. Its the most impressive list of partnerships and integrations since Ethereum.
-The coinbase listing "legitimized" the project as we now know that LINK is not considered a security. Its legit so people fomoed in knowing now that the SEC has given Chainlink the greenlight. There are other reason Coinbase listing is significant but those reason will reveal themselves slowly within the next few months.
-The price hit a all time high of $4.58c. Amazing since this run started at about .17c in the middle of the bear market just last year
-The price ROI is so impressive you just need look at the pic posted. It is the #1 ROI in all of crypto climbing the chart all through the bear market. Think about that for a second. While all other cryptos were crashing. LINK was climbing
-Binance put out a report recently that it is the only crypto that it has decoupled from Bitcoin. Thats how important Chainlink has become. It is its own beast
-LINK is still in the very early stages. Almost every day there is a new partnership or integration. At a certain point, people have to ask themselves why and the only true answer is that it is the most necessary protocol for this whole space to move forward.

I personally think if we stay in this trading range for the next week or two and then UP. Technically it is a very healthy pullback as people have been waiting for this price range to accumulate. My price predictions are $10 August, $20 October $60 Jan 2020.

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where can I long link?

I need a name

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How big is your stack now?

A sensible post on chainlink, on Jow Forums ?

I don't expect it to moon right away. I'm in for the long-term. But it still sucks seeing that I could have swung my stack and doubled it without spending any fiat. I'm so late to swing now though, that I'll just hodl and accumulate at these prices

Research what a decimal point is.
It may take you a while to get your head around it.

Thank you fren, I hope so. I didn't sell though :(

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Chainlink is a meme. There's literally no working product. The entire concept of a decentralized oracle is an unsolved computer science problem, and Sergey has made literally zero progress on that front. Sell while you still can. Once people realized they bought into a scam, they're gonna be desperate to dump those stinky, stinky LINKies

such as? All I can think of is Oracle and PSD2

that's probably the smart move. But no one knows. Strive to reach a point where you only check the price every couple of days. You'll go crazy checking it every hour

Chase a dip

This but be smart about it. Set alerts for certain price points.

Trufflecon is showing off chainlink in August, so there's that.

Thanks for this. I always appreciate all the legitimate posts about CL.

Alt market getting crushed and LINK just cooling off from several months of non stop huge announcements. I wish I had the balls to swing this shit. I sold 10k at $4.10 but then fomod back in at $3.50 cuz it felt so disgusting having only 40k LINK in my wallet.

i really hope u sell some or you might commit suicide when reality hits

btc, link, xmr
ultimate chadfolio
right now all in link tho

I invest based on facts. Everything posted is fact.

Reality of you missing out is killing you. Try not to stay poor, user. Believe it or not, LINKMarines are here to help you.

Where is this Binance report?

what does duck pic mean?

It's an ERC-20. You can make one in 30 minutes. Writing a vague whitepaper that sounds kinda cool takes longer. Spouting buzzwords at presentations is the real time consumer.

Show working code