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Do we have an insider?

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Linkies are desperate as hell right now

you're so fucking stupid. i love you.

I’m pretty sure SWIFT will be using SmartContract tech, but I doubt they would use a public protocol like Chainlink to settle billions of dollars.

Any known details of this webinar? Could possibly mention chainlink, based on that description and their previous ISO 20022 demo

it literally says DLT, API and ISO 20022... that's the selling point buzzwords of Chainlink, if someone could ask a question about "we try to get data into our smart contracts, how does that work lmao?" and a SWIFT guy slips and gives a crumb, that would be amazing.
what do you mean?

Back to discord my man

I tried registering and got through with all fake data... I don't know what the qualifications are you need to meet but I made everything up and got a code. But it's too early for me, I won't be awake at that time.


2pm hong kong time, too early for me

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2 pm Hong Kong time.

They won’t be mentioned.

Bump. Someone get in there and record that shit, even if they say smart contracts it will be enough as a confirmation. Maybe they will give some outlook or roadmap for the coming weeks and months.

It’s being streamed. Go register yourself, it’s free.


Sergey himself talking tonight in San Francisco then, just 5 hours later, Hong Kong webinar takes place.

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This takes place when it is 9 AM Thursday in Hong Kong.
9am-11am Hong Kong Time then 2 PM Webinar by SWIFT.


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another discordcuck trying to create hype so we drop even harder....

time travler here

the whole event goes on without incident, until the very end after the speaker finishes. As he walks off stage, he turns around, winks, and says "Oh yeah, this is all made possible by using CHAINLINK". The price immediately skyrockets and your real life begins.


please fucking announce chainlink so that i can dump this shitcoin

SWIFT is priced in. Literally partnered since day one

why would he wink before saying that? Might want to rewrite your script

swift isn't even partnered, they are working on something entirely different



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Delusional. Most cryptofags don't know about the partnership at all. They haven't a clue about how PSD2 is about to change the game completely.

It's next week brainlet

Chainlink is literally working with swift. Sergey said it himself in the most recent blogpost, swift's logo is on their website and some other Brazilian foreigner working for chainlink said in a presentation that they're partnered with swift and Google. I know you're baiting but still

no they arent dumbass bitch shut the fuck up

chainlink: 2 man dev team, one marketer, and a thomas.

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just sign up to watch it ffs

yes chainlink as smartcontract.com is working with swift, not chainlink with the token

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This. Linkies literally funding Sergey's project with none of the profits
Truly the highest form of cuckoldry

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It will be the same tired powerpoint with the same slides we've seen a million times before.

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thank you guys, very cool of you to flaunt your sub 90 IQ for us to laugh at

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Don’t forget God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, all the angels in Heaven and God’s army here on Earth.

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imagine this being the truth... ooooh i just came

And a certain friendly frog that takes delight in numbers and games of course.

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5 satoshi has been deposited to your account

deal with it stinker, there is NO SWIFT partnership

Thou shalt inherit a broken world, where the island of man is ever isolated from his brothers, sisters and Creator. Upon ye shall shine the light of the Chain, and its glory shall Link thee. By the glory of these Links, man shall walk across all the seas and all the chasms of the void, to his true home beside me. Our partnership shall ring eternal, node upon node, block upon block, until we tower over even the dream of Babel. Join me brothers and sisters and peer down from these towering walls beside me. We shall watch in peace for eternity.