You fuckers want to make some easy ETH? Sign up here: and get yourself some cards...

You fuckers want to make some easy ETH? Sign up here: and get yourself some cards. You can trade them on the market and some go up to $62,000, literally insane. Get in on this shit while it's still starting so you can stack up on cards and sell them later when it blows up and the normie gamers are on this shit like bees all over honey. It's literally hearthstone on the blockchain, it's a recipe that's impossible to go wrong.

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Is there any way to unlock free packs or you have to buy?

Just play the game, and you will get random packs. There is a chance of getting legendaries on these packs meaning you can literally accumulate cards and sell them later for massive dosh. You are literally getting in at the ground floor of this shit, it hasn't even been marketed to normie braindead gamers, imagine selling cards to those fuckers for 10, 20 and 50 ETH, just fucking imagine.

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i dont want to connect my wallet to this shit, they are going to steal my vitaliks

Nigga as long as you don't give them your private key you're safe. Don't miss your chance to get in on this.

Use a new address then with 1 ETH orsmth. Connecting via metamask doesnt lead to them getting any info though. It just makes it so that you can pay them easily.

Woo, got a legendary in my first batch of free packs.
Looks like a Hearthstone ripoff though. But hey, if I get more free cards and they can be worth a lot more at some point, then I will definitely play it a bit.
Is there going to be a market place to sell those cards at some point? Can I see the value of a legendary card already?

Yup as soon as the launch cards are balanced every card will be tradeable. Each card is essentially a token. Stock up.

I created an account but I cant log in
also how the fuck do you even play this? do I have to download an app?

I have a lot of experience in these kinds of games with similar trading systems. If the game gives you free packs very few people will buy cards from you. When packs are finite and you have to pay for them there can be a slightly healthy market like Magic online.

I think it's desktop
Dude if it's like mtgo than I'm gonna bank

What's stopping someone from creating countless wallets and getting free packs

This will be interesting to see how they implement scarcity. As of now, it makes sense for them to give out some cards for free to get initial players. But hopefully at some point, they will get more and more stingy with them and the value starts to emerge.

Seems like you also need to verify with an email account. But that still doesnt stop a determined third worlder.

Time, effort, etc. Even still the chance is quite low to pull multiple high value cards this was so I imagine the cards wouldn't go down all too much.

There are no freebies in mtgo and you have to pay $10 to even be able to play it.

if only the cart art wasn't so atrocious

Um is this only for phones or something?

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Godsunchained investors are gonna make it. There is also a world championship

I think that having free packs period will destroy any chance of a healthy market. Take the Pokemon trading card game online for instance. To get a free pack takes about three hours of playing, they don't even let you trade anything in that pack it's all locked you only can trade cards that you got from codes in real boaster packs, and the trading market is shit. They even took down the option to buy digital booster packs where trading would be unlocked because no one was buying them.

You can buy pre sale cards right now, it's the only chance to get them. Free packs are for the normies

This reminds me of the guy that used to post those weed/crypto card things. What ever happened to that guy and his project?

read up on some reddit comments, this clears things up:
>No, the free cards you get from levelling up are not ERC721 tokens and are not tradable. They're bound to your game account. These are called "Core Set" cards and unlocked by playing the game. Other cards, such as the Genesis Set cards, are collected by buying booster packs. At launch, the Genesis Set will stop being sold and instead they'll be a new set called Season 1 which will start being sold. You can distinguish the free (but non-tradable) Core cards from the others because they have a little "lock" symbol over them.

Now Im actually thinking of putting money into these Genesis boosters. Never being sold again, once Season 1 starts. Never. This seems like real scarcity to me.

stock up on some lad, this shit is gonna explode and your gonna have those gamer normies wanting to blow their wallets all over your cards

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In the market where it shows rare/mythic/legendary whatever are those packs or just one random card?

packs of 6 cards

Can one of you niggers fuckin answer me? Why do I get this screen on my laptop when I click the get free cards link?

Dunno, I didnt get this error. Animations have been a bit laggy, but that is about it for me at the moment.