I have 5 bosses and i dont know what any of them do

I have 5 bosses and I don't know what any of them do. each boss has a title, but the titles don't seem to relate with how they fill their days. or maybe they do, I don't know what their titles mean either.

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Buy bottomed out LIT...no longer have bosses, make it.

I don't know what my job is either. i was placed on my own team which is dedicated to supporting the other teams. I don't really know how the other teams complete their work, as nothing up to date is written down.

when my bosses come by I tell them I am working to support the other teams. I go around asking people on other teams how to support them. but really I don't know what's going on so I might just be wasting my time and their time as well.

I was getting lonely so I brought others onto my team. people seemed to not want to leave my team once they were on it, so it's kept growing. now my team is the biggest in the office. we're all working away at supporting the other teams. my bosses are nervous and are asking me when I'll be done with my work on supporting the other teams. I am not sure if I get to decide this myself or not so I say "one month"

my 5 bosses scheduled an hour meeting with the whole team. it was a big meeting. I didn't recognize everyone. they got us to write on postit notes on all of the things going well and all of the things going badly. after we did that and put them on the whiteboard, our bosses argued over the first four problems they picked off the board for two hours. at this point an intern asked if anyone was taking meeting minutes or action items.

no one was, but one of my bosses had written three things down, so it was ok apparently. the meeting went for another hour and a half like this before people had to go home.

Seems pretty standard. Larger companies in the USA are very badly managed, a lot of them got free money from the banks at 3-5% interest rates and are hiring teams & people they don't need and trying to expand at any cost.

The hurdle rate for investment is so low, that they will just throw darts until their shitty ideas start generating revenue, although the quality of their earnings are very poor and a lot of them won't survive a spike in interest rates or a downturn in the business cycle.

check out the book bullshit jobs by david graeber, at least read a summary of it

god what a shit show, what type of job is this?

I suggest selling more things or reducing the cost of the things.

Requesting conference call copypasta

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old school enterprise software development

you are managing a lot now. it's in your interest to move sideways/inside out until you no longer have bosses to report to. you need to become the boss user. no questions asked. just do it.

the way to achieve this is to give your bosses someone else to boss. the reason you don't know what it is they do is because they don't. they are in a very similar situation as yourself. you can't just be unbossed by them though cause then it would look like they aren't actually doing anything. so, you gotta slide someone else under their wing. I suggest sliding each boss under the other. that way you've created a circle of bossed bosses that keeps everyone busy. nobody will care what you do with yourself after that.

this thread is hilarious. OP how can i apply to be part of your team. Im loyal and lazy and a great bullshitter

as I was speaking with members of teams, I would ask them "how can I support you? what do you need?"

the answer was always clearer roles and responsibilities, who to go to for what, direction on how to complete work, and more modern tools. I told them I would bring it to the bosses. one of my bosses about the first three items and he said he'd talk to my other boss about it. after I week I mentioned it to a different boss and he mentioned he would send around the org chart again. for a while after that I only focused on getting better tooling.

members from all teams have joined the support team. one of the ways we found to support the other teams was to provide them with direction on what to do. we also have started absorbing some other teams responsibilities to get the irrelevant stuff out of their way. people seem happier although there's still some confusion about what we are supposed to be doing.

my bosses want to get me off this team and back to work but even though I have this whole team now I still don't really understand what my job was before or how or what I was supposed to do. so I don't want to go back

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So pretty much you just clock in and do fuck all? Because everyone is reporting to higher person on the food chain? Sounds like a weird job. How’s the pay

I am glad you mentioned this, as the bosses official power is a source of much confusion.

boss #1 is the boss of the entire first phase of the project. the entire team is working on the first phase of the project, so this boss should be in charge of everyone and everything. however, in reality he plays second in command to boss #2

boss #2 is the boss of the whole project. however, since the whole team is on one phase of the project his real job is to be the boss of boss #1.

boss #3 is the boss of phase 2. no one is assigned to phase 2 so boss #3 is not the boss of anyone. boss #3 plays the passive moderator when arguments are happening between the other bosses during our project meetings. boss #3 once told me the project can't fail because the customer has to make it look like a success as part of a departmental power struggle playing out at that company. I don't know if that's true or not.

boss #4 is the requirements boss. this boss seems to sit outside of the rest of the project structure on the org chart for reasons which are not clear. this boss will shut down the ideas of other bosses when they have ideas for work which are not in scope, or if another boss incorrectly recalls a requirement. arguments involving this boss are the most important because they can decide if a team needs to redo a month of work or not.

boss #5 manages the money. I don't see this boss often. he's a nice guy but I get nervous when I see him because I imagine him considering what I cost him vs what I am doing for him when he looks at me. I think this is the only boss which can let people go but I don't know that for sure.

there are two more bosses but they both have no staff and mostly hang around boss #2. they don't enter the boss battles as much so I don't really consider them on of my main bosses like the other five.

I do a lot of work. I don't like seeing people on the other team feeling frustrated, so I try my best to help them however I can. however there are a lot of small teams so it can be hard to make time for everyone's problems. but because I am not told what I can and can't do I do get to decide who I will assign to help and I can give that person a lot of power to do whatever they think is best by saying I'll take responsibility.

pays alright but I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone I liked

oh I realize you may mean the average staffer; because there's five bosses and they usually want conflicting things but won't out anything to paper, people are usually quite busy trying to do at least something they can show which will impress a few of the bosses.

This is some Kafkaesque shit right here. Lovely

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This sounds like a made up wagie story by a NEET

/lit/ hates that book with a passion. Might as well suggest freakonomics.

They just make rounds whipping wage slaves. The owners hate doing that shit.

>there are two more bosses but they both have no staff
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I have eight, Bobs...

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