What is the best age to be a millionare ferrari driving sick kunt?

what is the best age to be a millionare ferrari driving sick kunt?


i feel like if i get rich too early im gonna overdose and drive to death

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45. if you are young there are other ways to enjoy life. rent a ferrari for some days on vacation If you can't resist


lmao. fuck this boomer meme. i might aswell be dead then. 45 in a sports car just screams cringe

35. Young enough to still enjoy life at a fast pace, old enough to appreciate how fucking lucky you are to have made it, mature enough not to fuck it all up

Is say 28-38, you’re out of the kurt Kobain Heath ledger death trap 27 and have some wisdom

>ITT: 30 year old boomer cope

19 year old with 47k link. the younger you make it, the better.

anyone who says otherwise is COPING.

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Why do you want a two seat sports car when youre raising your chilren?
45 is the perfect age because sports cars are for boomers whose kids are already in college
A porsche 911 also works for a rich man with 2 small children

26 here with +300,000 euros net worth (No LINK ofc)

I wanted to rent a porsche carrera 4S for one week after I took some profits @13,800$ then I realized how cringe it was.

Seriously guys, don't show off most of the people will think you inherited anyway

19 with $150k+ Crypto.
Fully agree with you user.

Anyone driving a sports car after 40 is going to look like an idiot, so obviously the younger the better.

only cringe cause you wanted to rent

nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with luxury once you make it. as long as you're not a douche about it, driving luxury cars etc is not a big deal.

I fucking hate both of you.

t. 26 year old

>buying a depreciating asset

stay poor

Its ok buddy I am also 26 with broken dreams


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The earlier the better

most of the people here are LARPers, ask them to move a Bitcoin adress with >1 BTC and they will exit the thread

How the fuck did you get >10k at 19?

hence why i said "when you make it"

of course buying an expensive sports car when your net worth is barely 7 figures is dumb. besides, some people genuinely enjoy cars.

worked during school and literally dumped all of my earnings + excess student loans + random money i had saved into link when it was under ~22 cents
i have like nothing in my chequing account

Don't forget to thank me


daddy's money + LARP

Better say "I invest in cutting-edge technology and decentralised networks".


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Crypto is internet money.. cash out and pay your taxes then we can talk.

good on you m8, remember to have a target and a plan for when you transition out of crypto. Beachside houses in Rosarito Mex is where I plan to buy for longterm gains.

Well im glad for you bro. Ironically i had held 47k link as well but recently have swung to get more.

you had 2 years lmao
it's still not too late. i haven't taken any profits yet.

keep coping though.

>Inherit 5 million at 20
>Buy a house and live off a guaranteed income plan
>Don't study because fuck it life is fun
>Slowly start dipping into funds more because there is still a lot left
>Buy useless shit like fancy clothes and expensive alcohol
>Parties are less fun
>Friends slowly start distancing themselves from because of my outlandish behavior
>Fake friends everywhere
>Sell house for smaller one. I want to start taking things seriously
>No degree
>No income
>Nobody wants to hire me

Had to sell the smaller house, renting ATM and hoping to God that holochain and BTC pan out. Left with 95k which is split between crypto and a bank account so I can pay bills.

The best age to become a millionaire is the age you stop chasing materialistic shit

>you transition out of crypto
lmao why would i transition out of the best performing market of the last decade? staking gains will be insane as well. i will diversify my crypto portfolio a bit a few years from now, but there's no way in hell i'm putting anything into a kike fund for boomer gains. maybe gold+real estate but fuck anything else. crypto will still be king by then.

yes yes we believe you
move your wallet with 0.1488 LINK?

lmao cope

i have it split between 3 wallets
don't believe me if you want. there are more zoomers on here than you think. my stack cost me less than ~9k usd.

why the FUCK would i move it for some yuropoor tripfag? i would've done so otherwise but kys and sage.

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>$5,000,000 down to $95,000
Bro. I am genuinely sorry to hear this. Sounds like you learned your lesson though.
Any advice for poorfags who suddenly come into wealth?

yes yes we believe you
good night Timmy, tomorrow you have to drive your sister to Jamal's traphouse.

Don't think it will last forever. The best advice I could give you is if you suddenly came into wealth is not to spend it for at least 6 months.

Paying for other peoples shit is an extreme high, people are whores and once you realize this you start getting fucked in the head and lose respect for people or at least most people.

SPEND INCOME NOT CASH. This would probably be the best advice. If you want something don't spend your money you already have generated income and buy it with that.


>Dumb, young know it all.
>Just out of school, everyone in your age group is in a transistional stage
>probably blow it all trying to impress staceys and attract """friends"""
>hopefully dead by 30

>liquor and drugs, liquor and drugs everywhere
>within 3 years end up with either a dui, some dumb bitch as your child's mother where you spend the rest of your 20s slowing realizing you fucked up, or a bunch of selfies from around the world that no one truly cares about other than being jealous or viewing you as a meal ticket

>Hedonist treadmill. Basically mentally end up somewhere close to patrick bateman. Fun until it isnt then devolve into midlife crisis and self sabotage.

>Quits job in dramatic fashion. NEETs it up with no fucks given. Typical day consists of grocery shopping in sweatpants on a Tuesday afternoon and trolling job interviews seeing if they can get a job only to quit in dramatic fashion again.

Take your pick.

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30 yrs old sounds great.


God damn it I'm ready

45 is peak T levels.

You're a low-t faggot

This. Your dick probably doesn't even work after you turn 30

It's too bad you will never make it, user

this. men improve as we age, women do not. As you age you should be dating younger and younger.

20s - date 18-19 yos
30s - date 20-25 yos
40s - date 25-30 yos
50s - date 30-40 yos
60s - date 40 yos
70s - date 50 yos
80s - date 60 yos

Thats a lie. The average male doesn't age as gracefully as George Clooney. Most men on their thirties are fat, balding, with bad teeth, and wrinkles.


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>date 50 yos
why the fuck would I do that

>Most men on their thirties are fat, balding, with bad teeth, and wrinkles
We’re not all britbongs fren

20s - date 18-25 yos
30s - date 18-25 yos
40s - date 18-25 yos
50s - date 18-25 yos
60s - date 18-25 yos
70s - date 18-25 yos
80s - date 18-25 yos

What in the fuck are you 10 years old?

As a 35 yr old poorfag, (will be rich soon enough, like the rest of the marines) I recognise a bit of coping here, but I'll say from my own experience that having lots of money in my early 20's would have absolutely ruined me.

I'm sure one or two of you children have wisdom beyond your years and won't end up emotionally crippled, disease and addiction ridden shells, but if you're actually fantasising about bitches, sports cars, watches and the rest of that niggerdly shit, you're too young to be rich.

This never happened.

Take it from me son, *sips* life begins at 30. Youth is wasted on the young.

I'd agree with his user. If I had made it at 23 - I'd be dead or broke. No doubt in my mind. Even at 33 I could have still fucked it up. 37 now - more humble. Would also listen to the user above who said - just spend the income

Nah I had a Ferrari as a 20 year old. You don’t appreciate it as much even if you’re self made

Change it to 17-23 year olds and THREAD /THREAD

every single address I've seen posted on here has been sub-$20k. literally everyone here is LARPing

t. coping 3k linklet