You need at least 5,000 Link to post in this thread. No nu-linkers or linklets. YOU HAD 2 YEARS

You need at least 5,000 Link to post in this thread. No nu-linkers or linklets. YOU HAD 2 YEARS.

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Ban me and my 15 link, bitch

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I'm at 5,000 exactly, phew.

i farted haha

reporting in. got a few more still on binance

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589 linklet reporting in!

I bought 100 Link yesterday and have tens of thousands more. You are not going to make it with that stack. You are 985 Links away from suicide.

i have 332 link. fuck u


5485 Link reporting here! Everyone always forgets about us 5k guys.. We got a ton of skin in the game too!

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7600 LINK

Jesus christ you poor incels, 5000 isnt even a suicide stack

25k. Will I make it?

I have a girlfriend, and a job. I cheat on her. She stays faithful. 5.4k Link aint bad. Fuck you. Pussy.

ChainSTINK is shit

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The sad truth is most of us have already made it.

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5k should be considered a nu-stack.
t. 30k

11k link here. 7500 for me, 4500 for my momma.

>tfw 24 years old and net worth is $90,000.
What the fuck happened to our country frens

>I have a small dick but big balls

>We will live longer and work longer. This is just the start.

I have a 8.3 inch dick and the girth is 5.6 inches. My balls are normal sized and I have an upward curve. I only speak the truth. Faggot.

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>The lie by (((them))) that you need to go to college and wageslave for the rest of your life

>Take out loans for this worthless African studies degree it will all work out because college is for smart people

>Don't forget to invest in your 401k!!! it's slow and steady you'll be a millionaire by the time you're 70 years old Isn't that great wagie?

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>penis big stack small sucky sucky one dollah

I wouldn't even let you lick the big mac sauce from my dick coward.

6'1, 8.1 inches

you stick your dick in your food before you eat it?

5.5 inch dick, quite thin and cums very quickly
55k stinky stack
Will I ever make it? The red dildos sear a scar into my soul that only the touch of a big tiddy redheaded woman who loves me can heal(and 1keoy)

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For nonburgers, 8.3 inches is about 4cm.

only 12k linkies btw

nice, I got 12k and 4k for my mom :)

>taking pride in being dishonest

Pro-tip: she’s fucking around on you as well
Bonus tip: you deserve each other
Triple bonus tip: she knows you’re fucking around
>you’re welcome
>t. holding more link than you ever will

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280 here fuck you cunt some of us are just slow brains

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Based and truth pilled.

>victory has defeated you

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Lol it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta tell ‘em hahaha

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ah sorry i sold all my link for doge as soon as it hit binance, really really sorry lads *sharts in your thread*

What wallet/exchange is that?

Look at this nulinker faggot. Obviously just came to the party.

>net worth $80k
I feel pretty behind as well... how is that the average.


How did you get that much money?

Pls guys no bully

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Sub 5kers bore me

lmfao I have 60k LINK

nice, you have 4x as many link as me