Fud aside, I'm considering jumping in for a bag, is now a good time?

can anyone red pill me on it? any partnerships / new exchanges coming?

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saw some user shilling it the other day. i think its just an app looks like it already had its pnd

Yeah me too, I heard there was news of A FITBIT connection and new exchanges but no idea where to look for the info

This is FUD op. It hit its all time low a couple weeks ago at 350 vits. Its sitting at just 550 sats right now and is included in samsungs wallet which they only let blue chip cryptos and enjin and crypto kitties into. They also are about to announce a partnership with golds gym, and they have integrated into smart watches like fitbit and apple watch. This is a good hold, its gonna go to 50mil mcap minimum which is a x5 from here. Its never going to be a x100 coin but this will get you some gains quickly in the coming months

FXC seems like a better buy to me. Lympo reminds me of some altcoins in 2017 that dumped pretty hard.

Also all the volume is buy volume, theres about 95% buying pressure to selling pressure since samsung announcement last night. Get in now if you wanna buy.

obviously not fud retard. if it was fud i would try harder.
also, what you're saying looks to good to be true and i dont trust anyone who says good gains quickly in a couple months.

Thanks man that's a very compelling argument!, just secured a 50k Bag, I figure worst case I lose a few hundred so meh.

Good to be apart of the Lym teaaammm

I'm not unbiased I bought a bag at 460 after the post on biz a couple days ago, but this is definitely undervalued and has immediate news that will put pressure on the price. The samsung integration will push the market cap up at least 40 million on its own if not now then when it actually ships and starts generating revenue.

why are you measuring in vits?

Coolies, Imma sit on it until it hopefully reaches 4c

Because if im in erc shit coins it makes sense to measure against eth since those are what most of the pair's are in, also because if im in tokens then i expect eth to do better than btc.

Bumping for goodcoin awareness

I bought 100k yesterday and I sold everything today. Got some tiny profits. Can't really understand why it went below pre-news levels. It's obviously not a pnd since the news was genuine. so what the hell?

nobody knows about it really, last time it was shilled before the larp thread was 2018

I have 22k lympo, the charts ain't looking great though to my untrained eye. When are people gonna buy this shit? It should have been big news

LYM happened to release the news just before the current BTC dump which dragged every single alt down

I mean, this is really fucked up. I see no reason why it should have dumped so bad so fast. This is the single most retarded shit I ever seen in crypto. And I've seen some since 2017

yeah i have no idea, kinda seems like market chill from BTC is affecting everything

>yeah i have no idea, kinda seems like market chill from BTC is affecting everything

What a waste of opportunity for everyone. Man, I hate crypto so much

How do you know about the gym?

In their website they have gold gym stuff ready to go. Someone on the telegram found it actually and the admins didnt really try to hard to pretend he was wrong. They bassically said yeah it's golds for one of the partners.

they mentioned a major us gym partner in their telegram ama earlier today

Yeah, Gold's Gym is cool and all but the fact that Samsung news didn't do much to move the price upwards significantly is more than disappointing

It just means when it hits the market and volume goes up a ton people will fomo in even higher. Theres literally zero chance this coin will stay below 40 million mcap when its integrated and shipped with samsung.

May Vishnu hear thy wise words, kind stranger. We need this shitcoin to move up fast because these bags are pretty heavy atm

Hahaha holy fuck you guys really bought some shittoken called lympo

Who cares about the name. If it makes me money, it can be called KingShitcoin for all I care

Really hoping they don't shit the bed with the next announcement. samsung news came very limply.

You literally miss the LYM train if you don't buy now

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