Redpill me on Chiliz

About to drop 50 ETHers into CHZ token. Talk me out of it

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the token is called "Chiliz", and the developers thought that was ok
you are welcome for the reality check

pump a dumb scamm pure niger lover

Looks legit desu. But some pajeets were shiling it a lot lately.

Their CEO seems legit, he s also a CEO of GPI. GPI is definitely legit. and there's a lot of photos with him and CZ on twitter, doesn't looks like will dump on us at near ICO price

I'm serious, I mean yeah the name isn't that good, but plebbit will like it. Who cares about a name anyway. I need real redpill on this. My main concern is pajeers. Looks like they are shilling this hard.

Pajeers also shilling NEX alot don't know what that mean

Banano coin tier

What does that mean? Sorry user I'm noob in crypto.

Considering to buy it to. Irony is that I've heard about it couple of days ago from some pajeer shills here.

it means shitcoin

Every sitcoin pumped hard on news about binance listing. I'm unironically think this is legit 4-5x. Also, everything except BTC is shitcoin

How do you know they will be listed on Binance?

who is that girl op? makes me want to lift and all in chainlink

Chainlink already ha 1bn market cup. It is already too big. CHZ market cap is around 60m looks like better choice to me

Team and Project are based. Community is retarded, I like it.

Pretty much this. You feel me user

So true.

>Also, everything except BTC is shitcoin
>what is xmr

Well yeah, you got me. You can find some legit coins but they are exceptions.

I think it's Skin Diamond