Which alts will rebound the hardest if BTC stagnates or rises soon?

I have my eye on quite a few moon missions that have retraced quite a bit, most notably TAO and LIT. Is back trading in this spot a good strategy?

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Want an honest answer?


I'm defs getting a bag of LIT soon

Will probably start averaging today.

Link ship has sailed

Yep, Lit is ready.

BRAP unironically

FTM is about to explode

not RLC

Serious answers only

Seems to have passed me by desu. I need to look into it. The hype was crazy a few months ago

Shill TAO why moon?

Shill me brapp please thought it wa just a jk

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market cap for FTM isn't even $50m yet, its still very early days but I also think it is one of the few altcoins with potential.


Deflationary coins BOMB, Void or ETHpolde

It is a joke. Although it has been building thot tipping infrastructure and has already been listed on 3 exchanges.

>not investing into memes

what about nuke

TAO isn't on amy big exchanges. The Exchange that it is the token for (Alt.market) has only just got back up and running again. It will soon be launching artists on the platform. These IAOs will cause the Token to moon.

All this recent price action is mostly project insiders buying up TAO on the cheap.

Its a regulatorily compliant exchange token that burgers can buy and that has a real use case. Mcap is tastey as fuck too


Where can we see charts for TAO?


Link is dead

You can see TAO on altmarket, qtrade and some dexs. Its consolidated at 11 and is going to push easily past 20 when they do the iao tmz, im building my stack now

all in Holo (HOT)

The single biggest meme ive seen recently, worse than vidt

Tao is the christened moonshot of the board and will go 2x minimum after the exchange reopens in an hr



agreed. picked up another 100k FTM today during the dip.

Skycoin (SKY)

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Matic is a good bet. Charts looking good.

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Nothing wrong with having a TAOel covering your head my friend.

If your skin is not white yeah.