Time to go gemhunting Jow Forumsbros!

Time to go gemhunting Jow Forumsbros!

no bullshit chill, only hard, cold REAL facts

what is the equivalant of ETH in 2019 ?

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>what is the equivalant of ETH in 2019

If you can't tell yet that it was/is Quant, there is no hope for you.

There is no ETH equivalent that is such a faggish thing to say.

If you want a good investment, there are lots of choices honestly.
I'm all in FTM, tech and team is good with good enterprise alliances.
Check their website out and invest if you have some money.

Too late for Quant

buy mobius sir

Made 10k selling my stinky links, looking to spread back out a bit and ftm looks decent. Any news or events coming for it?

Lition, please see relevant info within attatched thread


>Too late for Quant

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Check out their Twitter, or their Chief Marketing officer's Twitter.
Just try to ignore his slightly cringy marketing strategies (Fantabros>Fantomians)
News is released during the week, the latest news is the release of their BEP2 - ERC20 token bridge.


We are still waiting for the release of Mainnet, so that will be the next BIG news, should be Q3 or 4.

lol yeah the supply is so low. It could go to a hundred easy.

Are you the same guy for months now that has been posting this thread? still no luck?

Thanks bro

>getting inb4 mainnet launch

Interesting indeed


>not buying TRUE for 61% cheaper than other exchanges
>Doesn't know how to use real decentralized IDEXs
> Not shorting OKeX
No wonder you're poor


because its more guaranteed than gambling shit coin that the IRS will tax you for

Harmony ONE.

It's not gambling. Its easy money. Most people are lazy or don't know how to use dex so they dont bother. You can make serious profit

Any guidance on learning how to spot good arbitrage opportunities? Any good tutorials / guides on this stuff you'd suggest?

dropped a hard eth thanks

It’s already up 6x in the last month you fucking retard

its going to 100

lol good one

Tangram. DYOR though, I won't spoonfeed you fat lazy fucking llama scented waffles

have you seen what they have in the works? Only a child invests in a project because of the price action. Its still massively undervalued and THATS why its still a good buy. Who cares what it does in the short term? Do you just stick to projects that havent risen? Ouch

I gamble on LIT and FTM at the moment, simply because they are most likely to moon this years end.

Probably IOTA is good hold for the next months, but they dont disappoint in disappointments ....

It's clear to anyone who has actually researched the project that ONE is the next ETH. Add onto this collage Vitalik himself showing an interest in the project:

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Vitalik is an living meme ... and meme magic always wins.

> Private Smart Contract
> Blockchain + DAG
> Foundation soon
> Mainnet soon

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Get fuze. Just got shilled by McAfee, super deflationary, low market cap and only on ddex

Check out Mainframe. The team is currently working on a decentralized operating system that’ll form the backbone of internet 3.0. MFT will be the native token on the os and it’s ridiculously cheap right now.

Pls stop

Thanks user




LITION. dont miss this train.

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this is spam and a bot

ive seen it in a dozen threads


heck, it made me money



Damn wish I knew about this a week ago. Still, good arb desu


real fact, get into fuze asap. This shit will blow up hard and will be known by a lot of people.


Very convincing

what is fuze



It's not even a contest

This coin's easily reaching a $10B marketcap during the next bull run. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't understand crypto fundamentals.

It's DERO, if you look at the blue pepe's head, you see the logo.

I really like them, but they are damn slow. And what they are doing is mostly the same as what DERO is doing - and they are live.

Listen to this user if you wanna make real money

The answer is still fantom OP

doubt it

Kek holy shit this thread again

> I make buying decisions based on how far it's come so far, rather than how far it's going to go from here.