You are not allowed to post in this thread unless you have over $10k worth of crypto

You are not allowed to post in this thread unless you have over $10k worth of crypto.

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48 hours ago i did. not any more

Why the fuck are you posting in here then poorfag?

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it feels so good to be french

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900 dollar poorfag here. Go fuck yourself op

Please see yourself out of my thread, sir.

Sup fellow rich frens

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10k? Lmao that is literally nothing. My monthly expenses are 10k

Having posted in this thread, I am hereby entitled to $10k worth of crypto.

10k lol

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It's the minimum, retard. It excludes 90% of Jow Forums.

lol put a zero on the end kid

Only 10K really?
I always thought that people on biz had at least 100k in cripto.

I have 13k and I feel like a poor fag lol

You faggots have ruined my thread.

there was a time I was one of them, had only 4k in crypto.
Now it's over 30k
Feels good.

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Why the fuck is everybody on this board poor? What happened to all the people on here who bought before the 2017 bubble? They should have millions by now.

they just hold and live their life

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Once you make it, you leave.

i-is there anyone here pre 2017 bubble who didn't make it?

60 here and I feel like an absolute pajeet

Biggest here

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Try and stop me fag. I only have 500

From the looks of this portfolio you're probably not going to ever have much more than that.

feels good mang

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Lost it all with REQ. lost almost 200k, happened to more people that you could imagine honestly. Just wait a year and you’ll understand

get the fuck out of here. no poor faggots allowed to post. bitch niggas


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lol someone bought into the RLC memes

Dream on Autismo

Giving a french person money ... you deserve your looses idiot.

Literally all larpers in this thread

Hi. Got 3k more on a hardwallet

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4k linklet here

Finally a thread I can participate in, the problem is this shit could change in 10 minutes in these fucking crypto markets
>45k at the moment


Same. 30k poorfag here. I have so much regret for not trading smarter and being 500k by now

$70k at the moment, took 30k out to euros this year.


Was 50k last week


Will i make it? Bleeding out.

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i am in six figures though

Based tard

>cant even post until portfolio 10x's


+20 eth & some tron (for unknown reasons) on exchange

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yes i knew about bitcoin since it was 5 cents. went all in 2019. fml

It keeps going down, I'm barley allowed in this thread. Should I put more money in today ?
Fucking Links I should have shorted

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I have 25k but with the way things are going I won’t be able to post in this thread in a week or so.

5.3k link checking in. Currently worth ~14-15k

would you even have made that much shorting?

Me. I've been here since 2016 and I still haven't made it.

I have 0.12 BTC which is basically $12k EOY. Feels nice to be rich.

yep add 2 zeros to that before end of year with ftm!

i only bought BNB and link since 2017

those are the only two coins i ever held in my life.

invested in link at .23 cents and bnb at .90 cents.

yea i got kinda lucky DESU

invested about 15k fiat i dont remeber

got into crypto august 2017.

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You know its a larp because he has no LTC.

who's gonna stop me?

late 2013 here, only 8k in crypto
never bought any though, worked my way up from doge givaways on /b/. still feelsbadman not having made it after all these years

eh past that.

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>not all in BRAP

69 cents EOY

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