How does one cash out without being robbed by the IRS?

How does one cash out without being robbed by the IRS?

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Pull a McVeigh

You don’t. Pay your taxes.

But like are there any tricks to get away with paying a really low amount

Start a business and declare losses which outnumber your profits. That's what Jeff Bezos and trump do

Honestly just pay your taxes. The stress wouldn't be worth it.

Only cashout enough to stay under the higher brackets and also hold for 1 year minumum while being in a no state capital gains state

buying and holding for over a year results in long term gains which are taxed significantly lower than short term gains

fuck off glownigger

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Move to Puerto Rico or do a 1031 exchange

if it's a considerable amount of money (top6/7 digits) you move to a different country that has favourable tax laws.

If I had 5 digits I wouldn't even bother telling them but that's me.

Start a business in singapore, make an international business bank account, then pay yourself as a consultant. Singapore doesn't tax crypto.

This forces you to trade with other pairs than BTC. Since if you are bringing in new BTC and selling old BTC it potentially fucks up your long/short coins.

What if I just never sell ever?

Doesn't america still tax you regardless?

Money is made to be spent, there is not point storing it forever, especially since the world is coming to an end soon.

open company in hong kong, make company a fund reserve, open company in non-british affiliated country - deposit crypto capital in company - lend assets to hong kong reserve


If you want to live bigger rich you can cash out via Bitcoin ATM’s to paper fiat. If you bought on normie base there is no hope.

>World is coming to an end
People say this since forever, alone the jehovas witnesses predicted the end of the world now over 100 times since 1890 or something.

If there isnt an 100km wide asteroid hitting earth we are fine, even a full blown financial crash wouldnt end the whole world, just go to south america if shtf in the west and you are fine..
Airdrops in their Discord, HODL

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