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Jobs of XSN Masternodes listed below. Call it a scam all you want, but for once masternodes will actually be service providers.

* Lightning Dex
* One click instant Lightning Swaps (NOT Atomic Swaps)
* Masternode escrow services
* Masternode based oracles/arbitration
* CCPoS - Staking rewards in any other coins
* Tor, PrivateSend, random hop secrets
* Masternode's collateral backed stable coin
* Lightning dApps
* TPoS - Hosting of Trustless Cold staking contracts
* Voting Delegates
* Automated payment of node operators
* Masternode Managers
* Multiple keys for Masternodes
* Enhancements for Smart Contracts and dApps
* Masternode reward split
* Masternodes Quorums Autonomous Swaps
* Cross-Chain dApp infrastructure
* Watchtower services

About $1500 for a masternode right now, and with the launch of the Stakenet Wallet, and the lightning DEX, masternodes will profit from all the backend action.

Even people who's gonna use the multi currency wallet with no intent to ever invest a single dollar in XSN, will STILL benefit the masternodes due to transaction fees, etc.

100x is certainly possible with a 9 million marketcap
Join discord or telegram for updates and for help or answers regarding anything Stakenet.

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poswallet scam

Really nice one , just a nobrainer Got some Nodes Up n running, and can recommend to do same if you like $‘s
Saw this evening at Tg they will give Tomorrow a special weekly update.

You're right, stay away from it.

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Lol, why should there be a spotlight interview on a scam at altcoinbuzz?
Sounds to me not accurate user.
You can write scam as much you want, these guys will rock that shit.


altcoinbuzz is also a scam and you paid them for an "interview" obviously. only a few people watch altcoinbuzz lol

i'll believe you if you got interviewed by fintech though. those guys can't be paid no matter how many bitcoins you throw at them.

How much did you lose in the posw scam?

Cant get your view.
The have collaboration with the Litecoinfoundation


And they also helping Pivx fixing a huge exploit in they’re code.
Not any fucking scammer out there would do this. I cant understand you user.

Unironically bought 3 MN today lolol

Please keep suppressing the price for me hahahaha

>Instant one-click private swaps between BTC, LTC, and theoretically any LN coin (Tether soon) via LN swaps. Goods payable with BTC can be bought with LTC, Tether, or XSN.
>Interoperability between LN coins, ETH/ERC20, and EOS tokens
>Re-establishes privacy that LN routers potentially compromise while re-establishing privacy for otherwise-traceable BTC funds
>Truly decentralized DEX - run by MNs, secured by the network - that hosts every blockchain for every coin available for trade so the end-user doesn't need to download them individually
>Pioneered TPoS (trustless proof of stake) - stake 24/7 while your computer is off or even from cold storage
>Working to make TPoS a one-click option
>Trustless MN hosting services payable directly in XSN. Run several MNs while your computer is off and receive a 16% annual ROI in XSN
>DEX Aggregator that intends to pool together numerous other DEXes that suffer from low volume
>CCPoS - stake XSN, receive BTC, LTC, Tether
>Dedicated hardware division.
>Intending to pool MN hardware into a collective supercomputer secured by the network. The DEX is the first dApp.
>No KYC to use the DEX, perform LN swaps, or use any of the other features mentioned above.
The X9 Developers are working to obsolete centralized exchanges. They've routinely delivered on all their ambitious goals to do so.
They're doing it in a way that honors the original cypherpunks that built Bitcoin.
Stakenet is being built for the collective benefit of the entire space.

If you trade between BTC and LTC alone, this will have a tremendous amount of benefits to it.
>No bid orders
>No buying down sell walls
>No need to transfer
Funds and keys remain secured and completely in your control whether you wish to hold, trade, spend, or cold stake.

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Got 7 mns running on the cloud
Comfy af senpai!

It’s nice knowing within the next few months I will have escaped wageslavery

Holding multiple XSN MNs is comfy

Good reads
>Quick rundown
>X9's contributions to LTC
>Exertive Proof of Stake

Further reads

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Comfy with my nodes and passive income already, can't wait to see how much I'll be making once the Stakenet wallet and the DEX gets up and running.

Pic related

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Seen these threads pop up a lot the past week and took a quick look at the roadmap. Noticed these guys will have Oracle's too? Holy shit that's ambitious. The whole project seems solid as fuck, so I'll probably read the white paper now.
Thanks anons, I hope this one is one of the actual /biz gems I've been looking for!

Is there a way to set up auto payments?

What do you mean with auto payments?

No you have to manually send rewards to the cloud wallet

Automatically transfer to a staking wallet once my MN hits a block?

13 MNs reporting in, added 5 more with the bargain basement prices, trying to work up to 20 that’s the dream

> Comfy AF

Pic related

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That’s what I was asking. Thanks!

When you run a MN with Masternodes as a Service, you pay by sending 200+ XSN to a wallet on Stakenet Cloud. The service automatically deducts 15 cents/day/MN in XSN from the wallet.

That’s a pretty bold move... I mean I guess it could pay off but seems crazy.

Why not diversify?

I keep enough XSN on the cloud so that my staking rewards cover the cost so basically it’s free. It’s about 3k XSN per MN to cancel out cost staking

got me with the answer

Diversify into what? If altcoins ever make a come back then might as well be in one that I expect to be amongst the best performers. All XSN needs to fly is just that one spark to set it off, either a big exchange listing or the right person to notice it and start talking about it and with all they are doing they can’t stay unnoticed forever so it’s bound to happen at some point

Exactly my thoughts, I couldn't have said it better myself. I only have 1 MN but will continue to stack XSN and work extra hours in order to get my second one as fast as possible. StakeNet is my ticket to making it, plus I love the energy of this whole project.

Just got my first MN from rewards only, this shit is insane.

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how long did it take?

He probably runs multiple nodes to do that. You earn about 7 XSN/NODE for every 24 hours or so

How hard / easy is it to setup a masternode? T. brainlet

I think it has little exposure in part because its elaborate, technical nature is difficult to explain to a lot of audiences when most have only heard of Bitcoin casually or in passing. ETH is on the fringe of the public eye at best.

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It's pretty easy user

3 months

It's me moved away from the wi fi

If you use the cloud dApp it's extremely easy it looks like the OP image. go to cloud.stakenet.io

If you've ever used linux/terminal and can follow instructions well, then manual setup is not so hard either.

>Stakenet wallet and the DEX gets up and running
You mean never?
Because Binance it's the default normie exange, no one will trade on your exange.
The binance CEO has money yo advertize binance to normies even more, USD credit card swap... there is nothing
XSN will be the nerd's exange
no fomo

>the true decentralized exchange with no ID verification, offline staking (free$) immutable lightning fast transactions, with minimum barrier to entry with a pretty design that can garuntee you from the taxman or big brother OR THE JEW from taking your wealth is going to lose to CZ the Binance.

ok buddy.

Alright Ranjeesh, not once did you even spell "Exchange" correctly. So hard to take anything you say seriously, lmao.
The Stakenet wallet is already up and running as a beta test on Linux you fucking retard. Stay at Binance if you want to lose out on the developments of the future, KEK.

You think the BIG BOYS with millions of dollars in trading wants to be regulated and TAXED by uncle SAM if they see a way to AVOID it? Fuck no..

Binance is not even running a TRUE DEX, a TRUE DEX requires:

No regulations.. How many times have you seen people complain about doing KYC shit on all kinds of exchanges? Don't you think it's a fucking RELIEF using exchanges with no KYC? I know I do..

Hope some of you wake up, and see the MASSIVE potential this project has.

I hope they won't so i can get some more before the release

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There's not much for sale honestly, since more than 70% of the supply is locked in masternodes and cold staking contracts.

Was gonna say the same thing. Not many are willing to sell even now. Can you imagine when the price skyrockets because of high demand and limited supply?? People are going to ride this for the PASSIVE INCOME STREAM. We are true crypto folk with hands forged of DIAMONDS!

every time i catch myself wanting another masternode, i have to stop myself and tell myself to be grateful i even have 1 of these money printing machines.

This was tweeted by Donald Trump today.
This made me even MORE BULLISH on this project than I have EVER been.
If Trump wants to regulate everything SO HARD, imagine how many people could benefit from this project, HOLY Shiiit

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maybe i should get another masternode afterall.

do you think this will make the resistance start buying BTC now?

Maybe.. I could however easily see a HUGE drop in BTC due to this.
The thing is, people are as affected by it anymore, the big boys trying to scare people away from crypto is kind of "old news", so it could mean nothing to the market overall, we'll have to see this one through though

Are NOT as affected by it anymore*

trump's twitter is ominously powerful. it would be surprising if there were no knee-jerk reactions to this
remember when he made that one tweet about upping tariffs on china that made the stock market lose $1 trillion in a day?

Sorry but there's no use for a shit utility token when crypto is banned in the largest economy in the world.


you can't ban stakenet.

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Please educate yourself Ranjeesh. You probably bought high and sold low, cry me a fucking river

>retards buy scam coin and get pumped, dumped, and exit scammed
>coin literally called PIECE OF SHIT WALLET
>scam coin 2.0 comes out
>-72.14% top 400

idk this user might be right
i never saw this pic before
how will xsn recover?

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Lmao.. If you put THIS MUCH effort into fudding, you must have the most pathetic life humanly possible. Wow

ive been waiting to say this to him because i wanted to see how long he'd actually go LOL

like dude, why can't you either add to the thread or say nothing your fud is so bad.

Let's review
>PoSW/Pajeet SCAM -> Why? -> Heh, nice try Ranjeesh
>Bitconnect 2.0
>Binance is king
>They're retarded for investing in R&D instead of trying to scam people
I believe this is the complete list of all the most convincing reasons not to buy XSN or use the wallet

Yeah it's actually funny how bad they are at fudding.. Ridiculous

To be fair, a lot of what XSN is doing sounds good to be true in this time where many are still cynical bagholders jaded by the empty promises of alt seasons past

True man, once Stakenet starts releasing their products, I'm sure people around here will actually fucking understand how cool all of this really is.

I understand any investor in whichever ALT coin they decided to invest in is pretty fucking BASED, well almost MARRIED to their coin picks.
Most are down on their initial investment and refuse to sell low, I get it.. puts a hard stress on you mentally, while seeing other coins fucking moon..

XSN will do extremely well, since it solves A LOT of the current issues in crypto these days.

>Centralized networks
>Exchange hacks
>Ease of use

And much more. I'm buying as much as I can at these prices, not even kidding.
Devs has said they aim to hit top 50 Coinmarketcap within a years time. Currently sitting at like 350+

You do the math...

The tribalism between coins is strong and a lot of people hate every coin that isn't theirs and maybe BTC/ETH on top of it.
I like that Stakenet has more of a blue ocean strategy. They're in a position to cater to all the die-hard altcoin communities and give them the best platform to buy and trade from.
If there's a gold rush, sell shovels.

Second that last statement of yours. Running a node is litteraly selling shovels to the gold digging plebs out there, fucking cool.
You'll be getting dividends on people's anonymous trades as well. Imagine some huge WHALE moving millions of dollars inside his wallet, the fees paid to masternodes will be freaking HUGE.

Once people realize this, the demand for XSN, will be HUUUGE.

What's a good buy in price for this one? I got like .3 BTC that I'd like to diversify with.

Now is. Get 2 masternodes with that, stake the rest, and start making money.

There's a sell wall at livecoin @1050 sat. I might get it if it isn't eaten by the time I transfer my BTC over there.
Did some research, and found that the bottom of this project was at like 2k sat for a long time, so this seems like a good deal honestly?

only after the normies buy in, plenty of profits to be made kek

Agreed. Check the fucking marketcap, and compare it to the daily volume.

Low marketcap, check
Decent volume, check

This is a true winner. Hopefully 3 nodes is enough to make it, working towards my 4th, and my goal is 5.
Hopefully my LINK bags moons a little soon, so I can buy the rest

XSN is generally up between 50-100% in USD from the widespread December capitulation but it's been hitting new ATLs in sat value. ATH is a little over 10k sat

$ ATH was $0.60 or something like that as it hit that 10k sat when BTC was really low and has been hovering around $0.10 for ages now so considering the rest of the market it hasn’t been doing to bad. It had its initial pump early on after its release then slid back down after that hype like all projects do during the development period when not a lot is happening. Now they are getting ready for a big product release I expect it to climb the ranks rapidly again like everyone does when they release something good


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Shit that actually perfectly matches up with my usual buying cycle so glad to know it's a real thing

Where the fuck do you buy 10MNs? The volume's so fucking shit it's impossible to get without pumping the price 2x.

Fucking shitcoin

Because only retards are selling at this price so there is fuck all for sale. 35% of the total supply is locked up in MN, another 40% is staking, another 7-8M XSN is locked up on Cryptopia so that’s nearly another 10% so that only leave 15% of the supply available for everything else.

It’s a good sign there is hardly anything available at this price as it means it’s undervalued and can easily move up in price as there are fuck all sell walls

It can easily move up, but since there's no bottom it could just as easily go down.

If it falls to $0.7 I'll exchange 50% of my stinkies to xsn.

i think

Of course but like I said only retards are selling below $0.10 so anything you can get under that is a very good buy

If you bought 2 MN from Coinall right now the price would pump to 3k sat
There's about 50k XSN for sale on the orderbooks up to 5k sat.

So easy for this coin to pump x5 is unreal, funny thing is too the higher it goes the more attention it gets which means it just pumps higher as new people learn about it. It's easily a top 50 coin and it will get there one day


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It sounds almost too good to be true. Some anons are saying it's just a rebranded bitconnect tho, found this on the main site which sure doesn't help things...

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yeah but what about their beaner team lead???


I just put up a buy order for 50k about 5% under the market price and it slowly filled within about 12 hours.

Delete this

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How can it be just a rebranded Bitconnect when they have already delivered so much

> Invented TPoS, the best Cold Staking tech on the market
> Worlds first PoS/MN project to have active segwit, Atomic Swaps and Lightning Network
> Worlds first to do Lightning Swaps on Mainnet and provide a guide for public to try
> Partnered with Litecoin and upgraded LTC's core code to bring them up to speed on LN
> 1 of only 25 projects supported by all Ledger devices
> Supported by Trezor
> Submitted code to both Ledger and Trezor to add Cold Staking from the devices, they just need to merge the pull requests
> Built a multicurrency Cloud staking platform
> Built a trustless MN hosting platform
> Launched technical public beta of the new wallet to test Lightning Swap tech

If its a scam then it the hardest working scam in the industry

this just seems way too good to be true. even the diluted mc is below 10 mil.

Trashy, bro. Get into SNTVT and you might make it

Someone sold into my 50k wall at 800 sats yesterday lol

5 is my ultimate goal, only have 2 rn. The thing is once you get 5, you can get a minimum of 1 MN pretty much every year with 20% ROI.

That's probably the shittiest 5 letter abbreviation I've ever seen. Get the fuck out of here with your SHIT coin with no use case

GTFO of here nigger

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