LiNk AnD gOoGlE iS nO bIg DeAL

Pour one out for all the weak handed retards that are about to watch Chainlink take off in the next few months LUL

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Crap, im still under 1k


Why does fucking GOOGLE not pump the price? We had the weakest little whimper of a pump after the first Google news hit and just bled since Coinbase. When are we gonna see singularity shit? Fucking $10 even?

Imagine not understanding that this corporate speak for "our collaboration has ended".

have sex incel

This lol

>we're looking forward working with then in many more ways to COME
sounds like the honeymoon is over lmao

Google has tapped a startup token project, Chainlink, as an official Cloud Partner and the relationship suggests a deep and detailed interest in blockchain technology by the Mountain View giant.

Give It time, its a mid-long term shit

Because there isn't much new money in crypto. All the degenerate gamblers piled on during the last bullrun and are now tending their wounds while vainly hoping their VeChain or IOTA bags will make them rich.
There is a HUGE group of people who didn't invest in the last bullrun who will invest in the coming one, because they are the people with the "real world adoption" requirement. And Chainlink is the caatalyst for actual real world adoption. So think of now as like October 2016, but before a way bigger run than the last one.

Perhaps im delusional but i was certain coinbase+google will shoot us to a least 10$.
The battlefield of the market is a lot crazyer then i anticipated

bought 280 more stinkies at 2.70 and if u ever wanna see em again that's gonna be 1k each and guess fucking what nigger, you still aren't getting em LOL

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haha that's actually true


IF Google no longer had interest, wouldn't they make this quote instead of Sergey? If Google made this quote i'd truly believe the collab has ended, but the fact Sergey himself came forward and made this quotes makes me believe it's still on.

There is the good possibility that Google will develop their own "decentralized oracles" framework. They're not our friend, they're ruthlessly competitive and backstabbing and tend to develop their own products over using other's.

to be fair the link 2$+ buyers arent the smartest bunch

Because of the reasons given in the previous replies and also because some whalefag threw up 700k LINK sell walls to prevent us from going over $2. It was only after 3 attempts to break that level that we succeeded. These whales want to drive the price down to accumulate more, it's as simple as that.

we need a funeral service next month for every nulinker selling his pity 1k stack right now

You're a fucking idiot buddy
step one how to identify a moron on Jow Forums:
They blame everything on """""""whales""""" supressing price.
get real faggot

I won't deny that alot of the newfags are scapegoating alot of shit on imaginary whales but brah, whale manipulation isnt a myth. I was on binance when the google news dropped and literally saw someone throw up wall after wall of 100k LINK. I counted 7 of these walls total.

How are you still coping this badly?

>*Sergey checks google trends for chainlink*
>We ArE PartNErinG With Gogool Now

>Tick Tock
If by eod delphi owns any LINK it is jail time and LINK for government agencies

>5400 stack of link
>Need 3 million USD to retire and never work again
>Struggling to not kill myself from how much I dread my job
It sucks bros. I got in to link to never work again, so there will be no selling until it hits a price where I never need to work again. Just feels like I'll have to wait years.

Same here bro, 3milly is my magic number. I try to console myself with staking. It's clear this shit is going only one direction, up. It's just riding out the turbulence until then that fills me with dread. I've had multiple talks with management about how they are concerned about my mental health, probing questions like what I do for fun and asking me why I work so much. Like fuck you it's none of your fucking business. Then we have absolute retards watching people about to die until someone else steps in. I haven't acted perfectly but at least I'm doing my best here, and that's way better than what this other guy who's been here way longer than I have is doing.
So remember, you don't need 3 million cash in hand. you need 120k/yr from staking. If you're anything like you me will be able to get by on just half that if it means not working. The price will continue to go up as you stake, so it will be a breeze riding it out till then. A few larpers and wild ass guesses have said 5% returns on staking, so for a 5k stack that's just $240/stink. Till then let's continue putting in the overtime and getting wasted on bottom shelf gin/whiskey.Life is jsut a blur of booze and amphetamine, and then one day life will finally start for real.

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Just a matter of time until our real lives can begin.

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What do you call this zoomer meme with the tExT?

google has many projects and is working with many contributors, developers and companies. it really doesnt mean anything. certainly not that your shitcoin should 4x



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MoCkInG sPoNgEbOb
Finally my degree in zoomer studies pays off

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literally r*ddit tier meme

Corporations fear the ban hammer in burgerland. Why would they risk loosing it all without knowing big gov supports it? That is the risk, and always has been. Just went it starts to make money, the Fed will kill it. Facebook got killed before it even started.

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What's the difference?