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MSFT 140 today, check em

Some one give me a deep value OTM option that'll 100000% over the week's end.


very nice

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The option to kys

absolutely monopolizing all of the dubs on the entire board right now
(and in particular, it's just baggie and his personal KYS poster, they are for sure in a homoerotic relationship together)
I dig it

based and dubpilled

>they are for sure in a homoerotic relationship together
N-no, s-shut up fag

hey someday maybe me and you can get consecutive dubs (or even trips) together, then our homo romance can begin.
I don't know what the gays actually do, I assume they hold hands and touch eachothers legs?

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I think they touch balls too. Baggie should know.

>almost 3333
gay romance succesfully avoided

member to just bee urself

If only we had Kanye's intellect, anons

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SNSS to 85. Maybe we challenge $1 today

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you keep yourself safe too fren

Has anyone else experienced some strange activity with Interactive Brokers? Of my last 13 trades I've made money on 1...That has never happened on any other broker I've traded through and it seems to defy even random chance, but it doesn't stop there. What I'll find is that in ridiculously active markets when I put on a position the price action will freeze solid. Bids won't budge, offers won't budge. It almost feels like the data they're providing is fake or something else is going on. It's like a bucket shop quoting you one price while the real price is something else.

And there's more than that. The other day I got on a video their platform displaying one price as the last price, while the bids and offers fell and the time and sales reported transactions taking place and another service continuously showed a different price than the one they had. I also got on video a candle forming where a high gets put in (long upper wick) which then suddenly vanishes and the candle reshapes itself with the long wick disappearing (impossible because the wicks are highs and lows of that particular interval).

I know I can trade. I've traded options successfully for 3+ years, but there seems to be some really strange stuff going on at IB.

you should switch to RH free commissions man

never had any experience with any other brokers

SNSS at 0.87.

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>my luck ran out
the post

Oracle lost 10 billion contract in court, down we go!

I, for one, welcome our new (embed) overlords.

im buying a put on AMD today bro, sorry it wayy overextended


No one listened to me and bout PH calls yesterday at 160ish and now its at 168.

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post the vid

I’m hoping we hit $1.50 in the coming weeks

based and divvypilled

Is everybody ready for the 10:30am market long squeeze circuit breaking flash crash?!?

>sorry it wayy overextended


As much as I'd like to AMDCHAD it up, I'm currently in cash, waiting for cheapies to buy back in.

Also, what was that weird pattern we just had? A bulltrap?

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I'm putting aside money to open a Questrade account (minimum 1000CAD) and then I want to start investing as a hobby, only putting a couple hundreds in stock every months (I have other savings), what resources would you recommend to a newbie?

i shorted the market, feel a bit retarded


I'm ready with my buttcoins and stinklanks and my BASED AMD

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Why would that happen?

Because otherwise Baggie would be rekt.
Oh wait.

Classic WoW drops in a little over a month.
Chances that I can flip this through Q4 earnings?

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What exactly do you expect to drives sales? Call of Duty? Because Blizzard is fucking dead in the water.

Yea idk why I'm holding this shit, should've bought EA instead...

Classic WoW, as he said.

I miss the good meems and get stuck holding the bad meems and I've only two monster energy pops in this morning

I just got rekt in the cannabis sector.

Anyone holding anything cannabis/CDB related?

Classic WoW is a meme. The beta has already shown that streamers ruin fucking everything. People are going to come back for nostalgia, just to notice that it isn't the old game they knew and drop it again.

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Nope sold a week ago.

SNSS is looking promising

People are going to go back for nostalgia and play for like about a month or two, it's going to be the hottest shit and every streamer will play it. Then people will start losing interest and that's where you pop out.

Been eyeing CGC for a while but it still looks too risky for a long. Here's my shitty meme portfolio.

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When's a good point to buy back into AMD? Meme lines indicate it should be around $29.5-$30.

I hope you're right, when will they release it anyway?

I want to long IIPR, and today's dilution seems like a good sign. Might look into SNSS too.

River-that-Compounds smokes peace pipe with you

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Postpone zee flash crash to zeven minutes time from now. Let zee bulls stew a few minutes.

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have you ever asked yourself if you're just a contrarian?

It’s been a boring market so far.

I don't ask my self shit. Wait for the volume to pick up, looks like we've got a #red_day in the making.

Just buy MSFT.

it's time

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nevermind, it's on sale. still having steak

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...for a fomo rally and short squeeze


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You heard the man start selling... that includes crypto.

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Damn you can get a 24 oz porterhouse for fucking 9 bucks? Shit and with the Pea Pod they'll deliver the fucking thing right to your door?


Do it.

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Investopedia has everything you need. Finviz for stock screening.

yeah the pea pod delivery is pretty sweet, although i always feel guilty about being so lazy.

Imagine thinking that classic WoW will make even a budge in their current revenue. Microtransactions is what matters, so diablo phone shit will guaranteed have a bigger impact on their revenue if they manage to actually market it to the chinks.

You feel guilty for giving a driver a job? What are you a fucking commie? Just tip the fucking guy and cook your groceries

Good. Moar. Fud the shit out of it. Stir it up extra frothy.

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Well this isn't looking so bullish. And today's profit taking day.

thank you fren.

Question of the day: will $CTST be delisted or will she recover from her blatant noncompliance with Canadian law?

We're not going down today are we?

Well fuck it, I guess I'll buy some calls.

Depends what happens around $3008. Futures nudged at it a few times last night with no progress made.

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I need some kind of direct market hit, Trump needs to tweet that he will not seek a second term or something fast.


C'mon SNSS what's this crab shit after you hit 0.85. Let's MAKE THAT MONEY

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Brb selling galt at the low to buy snss at the top

Probably they will get a slap on the wrist and bounce back.

Hopefully doesn't keep dragging the whole sector into the mud.

Just sold out, thread theme song:

Why is energy fuels (UUUU) down 30%?

I assume it's simply crashing with no survivors.

New strategy: 100 shares of BIG and 100 shares of TTI

or just buy LCI and hold


people who really wanted to play classic wow have had private servers for years now

t. someone who played it after DOTA killed my WC3 bnet

UEC is better uranium stock

been holding a bit since it was $1 a piece

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morning lads, im a newfag sick of the wage grind. i dont know diddly dick about trading. whats DOMSCUMM? been lurking for like 2 days now here and there and it keeps coming up

Yeah but I'm a fan of BIG TTI

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That's an expert level strategy. It's not for newfags, you should get like at least 3 weeks of trading experience before using the DOMSCUMM.

100SOBA100SOTTI eh?

robinhood is trash though if that person is worried about quotes and execution prices then you couldn't do any worse than RH

cringe meme that'll die soon...

Just like LCI

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My buddy works at amazon and has accumulated 22 shares of amazon thus far plus an 80k salary for working 4 days a week while I slave away making $18 an hour 6 days a week. How to get good already?

its making fun of some new larping faggot who thinks he found a free money strategy (even though every time he suggests something based on his strategy it turns out to be a losing move)

real acronyms arnt more than 4-5 letters max

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Stop comparing yourself to other people and improve yourself, for starters.

I'll post an update at the end of the day boys, but looks like the dream is dead for the /smg/ portfolio. Weedstocks DUMPED hard.

I'll post all the final gains and losses on close. Thanks for playing!

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