Be honest biz, how did she ACTUALLY knew?

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she is wrong about the BTC dominance

look at her

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who is the 2D slut?

not wrong if libra becomes a reality very wrong if the governments sink it.

libra didn't exist back then and he was talking about a 20K ETH that will never happen

i'm just saying if libra makes it btc will take a huge hit in market cap. unless we decide libra is not really a crypto but a new category corporate digital currency.

>Hasn't ever actually been really even close to that price

i agree

not market cap market share/dominance lol
butt then again tether is kinda the same shit.

>how did she knew

is there a SINGLE fucking English-speaker on this ENTIRE FUCKING BOARD?

Stop posting this case you can’t fucking read it’s not even October yet so much of ‘much prophecy’ isn’t even available to look thru and it’s wrong about this months guesstimate so stop fucking posting this bullshit ...not even worthy of 4channel and that’s saying alot

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i arent think that

we hit 14k last month 16k by october is fud desu

It was in the 9800s on July 2nd

that rules out you too, fagget

Asuka poster is Donald trump

y would there matter anyhow


this is actually BTC fud.
btc higher price, btc dominance higher, all timeframe accelerated, etc.

if youre not 100% bitcoin you are brainlet poor pajeet

> how did she ACTUALLY knew?
BTC is almost 12K again, but muh pRoPhEcY

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>me bags are heavy sir