Joey Krug (Augur) doesn't like Chainlink

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literally SEETHING

>literal who doesn't like Chainlink

Imagine being such a brainlet that you fall for Jow Forums fud. Then imagine being even more of a mongoloid that you think your few million is enough to sway a company not to use the only solution to the oracle problem there ever will be.

So fucking mad kek.

stop telling me to imagine things you stupid bitch.

if compound has half a sack they wouldn't let this immature faggot stay on principle alone

Bearish desu, this guy is a Thiel Fellow and runs one of the biggest crypto funds

It gets better:
>"Because I don’t want to have control over all my funds given to a trusted third party that can trivially steal them all."

I don't think he understands how Chainlink works...

next week:
augur bends the knee

omg right? imagine if he did.

Good thing Sergey probably has more money than he does lmao. What a fucking overreacting douche.


Go away Joey, you're a literal who in real life and a literal nobody here.

if i leave i'm taking my millions with me!

Literally who?

These faggots can't get away with this shit. Why don't some chinese gangsters teach this homo a lesson he won't forget. I'm talking FUNDAMENTALS

>I'll cover his millions
fucking based user

Augur is the biggest piece of shit

imagine if you just calmed down

*pats you on the shoulder*
its not your fault

lmao so angry

Uniswap price oracles

should we be worried?

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the fuck is uniswap


Why doesn’t a company like augur just switch to being a chainlink oracle provider? Oh right, because they’re all faggot ass morons.

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Uniswap is a queer friendly underwear brand. They have a plastic strip that glows pink if the wearer is pozzed. Very popular at bathhouses.

Sergey is not in their SV VC bro clique.. this fag probably has interest in a competing oracle system.

1) He thinks oracles can "steal your money"
2) He think decentralised oracles means you have no idea who has your money
what the fuck, i mean honestly.

clown world

What makes chainlink different from these other ones?

This. The absolute fucking state of these fucking retards.

anyone have screenshots of the deleted tweets

What the fuck is an oracle?

damn talk about being a complete sour bag of dicks lmao

It's a lambo that is still in the factory.

How do you respond?

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This is getting weird.

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Joey has way more clout than Jow Forums. He knows what he's talking about unlike you delusional 1000 eoy spergs

>"At least I know who to yell at!"
Jesus fuck. Here we have a millenial that thinks like a boomer running business.

I'm turning more of a Stalinist every single day, seize the fucking means already.

The best part about Chainlink is the question isn't even a question.

You don't have a choice.

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my sides

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LOL. rip linklets.

It's all over.

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Oh my god this is the "programmer" who has been spamming the sybil fud for the last week lmao


he's just mad his shitcoin came out before link and link is on coinbase

This faggot must post here

The Augur guys are asshole dudebros who are in the process of getting sued for fucking over their cofounder

their platfrom is also complete shit. two liquid markets and the rest of it is just a small circle of autists running market invalidation scams (open a market, starts to get priced reasonably, have their faggot friend invalidate it, market closes at exactly 50:50)


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So guys... Does this sound like confirmation that compound will use link?

They will open it up to a community vote so basically fundamentally yes.


jo jo is a homo, cheers

wtf is "augur"

isn't that a rifle?

The difference between Chainlink and every other oracle crypto project is legitimately just East Coast Big Finance vs West Coast Big Tech.

Based. Fuck these imagination faggots. This isn't story time and you aren't barney the dinosaur.

absolutely seething that his 2017 shitcoin is irrelevant

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If augur can reach 100$ then so can chainlink lmao. Augur is absolutely pathetic.

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Fuck augur. I was in the original ico. Even witnessed the mental breakdown of Tony swish. I sold my bags for link a long time ago.

who the fuck does this motherfucker think he is?
I bet he's the one always spreading link FUD here

Didn't the augur founder get into Bitcoin when it was like 7 dollars? Dude could crash chainlink into the dirt with the dust in his Bitcoin wallet.

>Oh my god this is the "programmer" who has been spamming the sybil fud for the last week lmao
Hahhaa you know it
That faggot posts here
Hey Joey, if you’re reading this:
Your nickname is gay and makes you sound like a twink (((Joey)))
Also confirmed not 42-pilled and not gonna make it
>mfw we’re the 4th industrial revolution

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This. Underrated post

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I wonder why joey’s so upset hahaha
It couldn’t have anything to do with pic related
>surely just a coincidence

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He strikes me as one of those kids who would eat or nibble on the marshmallow instead of simply waiting
Most people are like that
Most people are poor for a reason
>hint: video related

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I don't think you understand how chainlink works.
There's literally nothing decentralized about it.

>t. liddle joey

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It's good to see there are others that see the scam that chainlink is.
Pure marketing with zero substance. That Augur guy can convince a lot people to not use chainlink, he must know a lot of devs.

Augur is the other firm chainlink is going to acquire

>millions standing in the way of billions

Literal whos: Out

No one’s buying what you’re selling joey...

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He’s a petulant child
His suffering is entirely due to his mindset and nothing to do with chainlink, even though this is what he is currently attacking
However liddle joey would do well to understand that his suffering has only just begun...

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Augur is much more successful than chainlink, which has literally zero use. You can't go lower than zero.

BUY uniswap NOW!

>liddle joey’s suffering has just begun

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>chainlink, which has literally zero use

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Show one project that uses chainlink feeds for something.
Not a tweet about "partnership", actual use.
There isn't one.
looks at the size of his forehead, how can Chainlink even compete?

>one project
>Oh liddle joey
Take more selfies of your vanity Tesla plates and your “dev books” with buzzwords like (((disruptive))) sprawled in red ink for smooth brains to see on the shelf
You know Tesla wouldn’t engage in that beggars variety of vanity if he were alive today in 2019
Get your head straight boy

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Joey shut up faggot
your project is dead in the water
move on

the link you posted has literally nothing to do with chainlink, did you even read anything other than the title?
even if it was actually about chainlink, it's not a project, it's a guide.

haven't seen anything from him in a while. this guy has always been a cunt and you would have missed nothing listening to him over the last few years.

I’m starting to think you’re a friend setting up a straw man for me to tear down so others can dump on liddle joey

Or you’re actually liddle joey and are so upset you’re not thinking straight

Did you read what you wrote?
>nothing to do with chainlink
>even if it did
>did you read anything other than the title?

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stop wittle joey
your making yourself look even worse

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that link is a guide how to develop on Oracle's hyperledger fabric permissioned blockchain platform.
Again, literally nothing to do with chainlink. Did you just google "oracle blockchain" or what?

Write the page number that has anything about chainlink. You can't.

>Did you just google "oracle blockchain" or what?
Maybe if you did you'd understand

>he doesn't know
holy shit no wonder augur is a steaming pile of shit if little Joey here can't figure simple things on his own

What a cretinous piss sniffing little faggot. It's possible this is the most unequivocally reddit looking white man I've ever laid eyes on. You can see the inceldom in his pathetic eyes.

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are you esl? That's not a project that uses chainlink. The question was very simple: something that uses the price feeds. Not a youtube presentation on how to maybe use chainlink someday, not a blog post on how to use chainlink, but actual use. Show one.
what? how is that related to chainlink?

Lol I don't know anything about him nor do I give a shit about Link, but he does look like the exact poster child of reddit.

Shut up liddle joey

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P.S. I’m pretty sure chainlink bought a big chunk of this company during the seed funding round
>Sergey’s way ahead of the game with this one
>Another impeccable play by the chainlink team
Good job guys
Keep up the great work
>mfw they get it

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