Yeah, I am thinking that we are back

Yeah, I am thinking that we are back..

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Yeah, I am thinking that you are retarded

>Volume: $40

Ill bite.. Shill me on this.


The price crashed the first time around because the lead dev went on vacation for his senior trip. The picture of him posted on the website was him with a finger mustache in a high school cafeteria.

OPT bears BTFO

Schizo babble. Take your meds

Listen biz. You guys dream of these 1000x bangers. Just like we all witnesed back in 2017. This will be one of those coins that will emulate that type of boom.

Whale games

450% Singularity eod

Newfag doesn’t remember, if this thread is still alive I’ll pull up the screenshot on my pc at home

Ehh, I believe it. Crypto is fucking fucked no question.

Also you guys are unironically investing in a shitty high school project, all of you moonbois need to unironically kyselves. Are you faggots gonna try and bring back JNT, PFR, and Confido while you’re at it?

Yeah, I am still thinking that we are back..

whale games is right. I made a nice 3x on Opus back in Jan 2018. fortunately sold. the project isn't that great. this pump is bait to transfer funds from your good positions.

Minereum was my big winner. Some guy on biz alerted us and soon after it pumped.

It’s dead Jim. Not crypto, just 2017/18 useless shitcoins

Even Money Skelly's piece of shit coin can't get it up.

at 50 sats now

Put your low sells in. They'll get scooped up.

>grammar errors in whitepaper

>just slav things

This is a hilariously awful coin

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aaaand it's gone

Every time

These threads are so fucking dumb

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Opus is the most fundamentally sound project

This gif is what caused the rise

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Delivery incoming

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The picture was available before on if anyone wants to bother finding a web archive, seems the page was removed

That looks like a bright young lad I can trust. Just bought 100k otc

New Tether printed to pump Opus