This seems like the only legit exchange to me. am I right?

this seems like the only legit exchange to me. am I right?

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its a top tier gateway. never had any problems part from their "extended tech break due to system update" think it was at the start of 2018??

coinmetro is the most legit one

sucked in 2016 17 when i tried using it


use one that doesn't custody your BTC like Abra or BRD, even trust wallet connected to binance is better

well there were issues with placing orders and so on long time ago but since i dont place many orders i didnt mind that. After their big update that put them offline for like a week straight everything works like a charm and support is very fast. That is only my experience tho.

can we messge kraken to list link
I mean they removed bsv when we asked them to
definetly a well run exchange but also very conservative

Since they got tighter with KYC, fuck them

still using it, solid gateway but is pretty shitty to trade on otherwise, they try to improve though but if you want to trade crypto there are better alternatives (example: bitmex for btc, binance, kucoin, bitmax for alts)
was absolutely unreliable during the bullrun of 2017, site didnt load, unable to log in, a lot of crazy spikes that triggered stops especially on EUR pairs and so on

Pretty good, apart from the constant Cloudflare bullshit

Fiat withdrawals works amazing in the eu.

Na Liquid is better for cashing out and doing stuff with btc

Is this crash continues you should have a verified account in Kraken.

Coinbase pro. Seriously such an amazing platform. So nice knowing ill never get hacked and my coins are insured.


With all the industry recognition, Link's market-leading price action, and the Coinbase listing, it's pretty amazing how they still haven't gotten their thumbs out of their asses and just listed Link already.

It's like they're an abandoned exchange that's somehow still basically operational on autopilot.


Still fuck you if you are a russian nigger.
This is legit one

lol. you newfag wasn't there during the 2017 top. Coinbase was down, kraken was down, finex was down. The only exchange working was bitstamp. bitstamp is the most legit of thema all.

Yeah, and soon, $OTO will be on it. Exciting times ahead.

>this seems like the only legit exchange to me.

deeply involved with crypto capital ltd / bitfinex

>am I right?

you are wrong

the best one along with coinbase pro


Coinbase PRO is fucking shit with ridiculous fees.

The traders I most respect use it, which pretty much rules out Jow Forums

Kraken, Gemini, and Coinbase for their free $80 in XLM and EOS when you sign up

>my coins are insured.
They aren't retard, its only fiat. Also bank insurance is a meme in todays 'to big to fail' world

Came here to say this.

LVL: the best exchange is being built in terms of fees. 9$ / month for unlimited trades. That's where all OG will go. Approved by Willy Woo, Jimmy Song, Tone Vays and other OGs.

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