Apologize : ZBUX edition

Boom. Back in biz. 0.0003-5 ETH will be the floor soon, and we should start moving up as podcasts + youtube folk get on board.

bid up, help keep the floor, and let's get this fucker to $1 EOM.


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Shut up faggot.

This. Fuck off with this blatant scam.

You idiots call everything a scam, then you buy the top of a 30x, and complain when it goes down 40%. This will be no different.

how is this project a scam lmfao, the tokens were available for free

How is a meme coin a scam, retard?

This isn't the Facebook Libra. It's just a meme token. Not sure if you want to invest in a meme token, but you can't call it a scam.

This has a lot of potential.
The ones calling it and other coins a scam are salty discord faggots desperately trying to shepherd poor anons into their bleeding shit coins. Oh and Miguel.

"Thhhhcam!" He squealed, as his trembling fingers danced across his keyboard

Zuckbucks eh... this meme coin will soon moon! Team is doing really well!


Also, the distribution alone on this (taking up 4% of the ETH network during that BTC bull) will be a major shilling point to come in the next month, atop the #zuckbucks hashtag for CT.

this has mega-moon written all over it, and I'm sorry you're not buying the bottom, brainlets.

MILK airdopped me 69,000,000 MILK.
BRAP airdropped me 69,000 BRAP.
ZBUX airdropped me a measly 350.


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that's because you'll never be able to sell any of this other trash, and ZBUX was already at $1 (momentarily)

it will go much higher. easy 20x incoming, fags.

Er.. what are the supply of those coins? All that matters is your % of total supply.

Or the dev isn't a fucking moron and understands basic economics and knows that if you give out 69m of your token it'll be dumped by pajeet mongoloids




Literally 2 eth daily volume. It doesn't matter what price you set if literally no-one is interested.

>thinks this will stay that way

not gonna make it.

yeah but the dev is going to be on podcasts and has a contact bounty to reach out to more reporters and such... this is only week 3 right? Seems like low volume is expected right now

> podcasts
Hahahahahahha fucking hell. This reddit tier joke is DoA. Added to my filter list pajeets.

We're on week 4/5 now. Still. Killer exposure across the board. This will moon.

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>not making money off reddit

seriously. someone make another reddit thread. gonna go buy 20K more.

Just give it out for free you pathetic faggot. You are exactly as bad as ZUCC himself shilling this crap for gains. KYS

Pretty sure it launched on 6/20, so it's halfway through week 3

Feel free to send me some for the meme but I’m not putting any money into it


If you weren't a brainlet and got in on it when it started then you'd have a bag for free, the tokens were distributed for free

No one's making any money of this shit token, or else you wouldn't be shilling it so piss poorly.

No they weren’t. I tried getting some for free and the faggot running this scam wanted me to pay. Like i said, KILL YOURSELF

Shitcoin but if it's raising awareness of the fifth column of jews in white nations i will help the threads.

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Get outta here with the FUD MIGUEL you stupid cucklord, ZBUX is going to the fucking moon u stupid hole, only 1.5 mil for $1 cuntycunthole

I am an early bagholder and got ~30k for free. Just because you're retarded and didn't know how to use the ethereum network doesn't mean he's scamming people, fucking idiot. If you're gonna be in crypto at least learn the basics of how it works lmfao.

Or better yet, use basic reading comprehension... It said on the site exactly what to do to get them for free

>lying on the internet to strangers


oh, look, miguel is back.

kill yourself, poser.

and i am/will

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Kill yourself for lying on the internet and desperately shilling this scam THIS fucking hard.

don't feed the troll that is miguel. maybe he put a bunch of money in at 0.0005 and panic sold like a brainlet.


>being this desperate online

Lol how poor are you?

This thread and ZBUX really is a shame, we could have shilled this crap for the luls but whoever made this coin is desperate to make a couple hundred bucks off retarded bizlets. Whew lad

Comprehensive source on the actions and beliefs of jews in the west. They hate whites with a passion.


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you can keep bumping my thread until we hit $1 if you want. won't change what this is destined to do.

Lmao Miguel forgot to turn on his VPN for a post, what a loser

Not even miguel or whoever the fuck you’re talking about, just amused that you created a scam coin that you want to pump but wont even give it out for free so other people will shill it for you. Lmao YOU are the brainlet dude!

"Do not forget that these people
want you broke, dead, your kids
raped and brainwashed, and they
think it's funny."

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Never guna happen because you are literally the only person that will even ever hold this fucking coin cuz you’re too greedy to give any of it out TOP kekkles

Imagine being this retarded and not understanding that all the distributions for this have been free, despite it being said over and over again

Imagine being so desperate that you repeat this over and over again despite it not being true


Also send me 50k coin then lmao


Imagine FUDing a project you missed the boat on because you're stupid and didn't claim free coins

Those have hundreds of billions of tokens

Nobody cares about your scam thread on reddit, dude.

Fuck no I'm holding my bag, why would I give you free money? Not my fault you missed the free money, buy it on an exchange or do the bounties/airdrops

lol, trying to get our goat this hard.

sorry you missed the boat. next.

The coins were never given out for free because the guy running this is not in it for the luls. So he can fuck off and kill himself. How many times do we need to repeat this simple truth for you?

Exactly. Have fun holding this into eternity because it will never pump and on top of that ruining all chances at luls because you have a team of desperate try hard shills.

Lmao you're so mad and you only have yourself to blame

get a job.

I’m shedding the truth on your little scam for the newfriends that stumble upon this thread, you’re the mad one bucko

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ZBUX holders are the ones that need to get a job KEK

Zbux 8000 addresses
Brap 2000 addresses
It was simple to get for free unless you never use an eth wallet before


Send some then buddy, oh what’s that? You want me to pay? Is that what i’m hearing? LOL

It's like talking to a brick wall

I know. It sure is. Glad you could prove my point for me for the lurkers though. Kill yourself

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Try harder. You almost there.
Maybe I will give you 1 zbux for your effort.