When BTC is pumping again and reaches 140.000 dollar in the next months

when BTC is pumping again and reaches 140.000 dollar in the next months
will you then cash out and get a qt asian gf?

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$140 btc? I'd neck myself

no one hundred forty thousand dollars

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Why cash out to shitty fiat? You can put it in a stablecoin and never even need a bank account.

I don't get you cumskins that fall in love with these types of Asian broads??

Like she has all the facial features of a Latina EXCEPT without any of the thick booty or big tits, thick lips or sexual energy and hunger.........not to mention her annoying voice and accent compared to a sexy salsa dancing and Spanish speaking Latina Queen.

You cumskins make no sense.

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3rd world "woman" have a very short shelf life and low IQ (for a woman), she will balloon up in her mid 20s too.
meanwhile Asian girls are smarter, better looking, better aging too. they are what females are supposed to look and be like.
and hapa girls are more qt than your muttoid abominations.

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Who gives a F? I'm not talking about marrying or having children with her.

I am talking about being in a relationship between 1-3 years and enjoying the time with them.

>enjoying brown subhuman 3rd world woman

please leave my thread now.

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Fuck, every Asian posted looks either soulless, or fake or both.
This cunt is definitely both, look at those creepy dead eyes

$140 is far more likely than $140k, kek. Of course neither will happen; we'll probably settle around $1-2k.

Riceants are disgusting, fuck your weird fetishes.

This whore looks like a 13-year old and probably winces and cries during sex.

The fact that your little penis can even get hard to that means you are definitely a low test cumskin.

She will never compare to a Latina such as this

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I love latinas but dude neck yourself
>fake tits
>stringy greasy hair
>fake tan
>painted eyebrows
>big ass forehead
>bad fashion taste
Nogcels just can’t spot quality

I promise I will never think of the sweet teenage love I had with my hapa ex gf again if the japs pump this shit to the moon when they wake up


That's a guy, isn't it?

strong case of manface
also disgusting body proportions

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not even trying


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Latinas age like milk left in the sun.

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let me just quickly update all you fucking newfags; this board is and always has been about crypto and asian bitches.

ugly brownskin lovers will never make it

thank your for clarifying that

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What if you have Mauritian woman ? Asian, Indian, Europian and African in one. Chess mate.

That's a nigger son


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Fucking based. Can't wait to make it with crypto and get a colombian wife.

No thanks, I'm not interested in """women""" that look and act like literal children.

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you mean all of them?

if they're asian you can usually bet no, they don't have the gender dysphoria problem we do, if they're western and look way cuter than a western woman should look than yeah it's ussually a guy these days

Are you kidding me? The term ladyboy was literally invented in Asia.....

yeah but it was a niche thing that had the concept blow up, not the actuality of waves of bullshit just popping up everywhere as a sign of huge cultural shift, it's a joke in asia, a running gag at outcasts, here it's devolved into the normal

it's called neoteny faggot, get the memo
its the next step in evolution because we live lazy luxury lives now

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stay single frens


This, finally someone who gets it

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You won’t be able to get a light skinned East Asian like that, even if you somehow made it and became a millionaire. Chinks and gooks have more money now, and the girls are extremely racist to outsiders or fear being shamed my the males in their society.

The best you can hope for is a brown Southeast Asian monkey

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she is fat and disgusting

I think of selling 30k of my LINK for something like this

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This will increase my chances to capture such a fine delicious specimen when fools like you drop out.

You can chase the no-English-speaking-always-wincing-during-sex-cocaine-skinned-Asians.

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they arent even tucking their penises


>what was the literal point that made him even more aroused...

Yes. YES YES YES! YES!!! Chad up, we are going to make it bros!

How about you faggots stop being race traitors and get a woman the same race as yourself. We don't need more mongrel-spawn.

hapa girls are qt

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No. I prefer Japanese women to white pigu women.

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unreal how some people can be this attractive.
life isn't fair lads.

Asian girls are ugly as fuck.

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its so k you can fap, dont start hating yourself

I know it's hard for Irish people to understand attractiveness. She's ugly as fuck though bud.

Spot on.

Where are the cutest girls in Asia?
I mean, the girl posted by OP is a 11/10. Japan? China? Korea?

How can you honestly find that girl.kn teh OP an 11/10. I wouldn't even consider fucking her. She's 5/10 at best.

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geez she's perfect, name?

damn where is she from? legit 11/10 in cuteness. is she even legal

Isabella Peschardt

No clue.

Talking about the first picture of the thread.

But the other Asian girls that he posted are between rats look-alike and fucking ugly.

>Mongoloid Gooks


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The mixing of Asians and whites do not produce good results


Nah I’d rather get a BBC guzzling pawg so she can get
Then I’ll leave her sorry ass so you low test beta males over my defiled seconds

>You cumskins make no sense.

Please, I'm a White European chad with a 7" spear.

The cumskins you speak of who desire these Gook Goblins are Amerimongrels with low Test.

Real White men choose brown women.

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Well if you bleach hapa then the kids are only a quarter Asian and if they marry whites then their kids will practically be white.

If you can’t get a white, hapa’s are okay compromise.

damn nice tits, but a really fucking ugly face

This. Eurochads assemble.

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