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Hey, user from Jow Forums here. Can someone explain me, in a very basic way since I know next to nothing about economy, how did Nazi Germany's monetary system work?
Saying one mark is worth one mark of work sounds really arbitrary.

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That sounds like something deluded Marxists on twitter would propose, but I have no actual idea.

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Ich habe aber auch keinen Zweifel darüber gelassen, daß, wenn die Völker Europas wieder nur als Aktienpakete dieser internationalen Geld- und Finanzverschwörer angesehen werden, dann auch jenes Volk mit zur Verantwortung gezogen werden wird, das der eigentliche Schuldige an dieses mörderischen Ringen ist: Das Judentum! Ich habe weiter keinen darüber im Unklaren gelassen, daß dieses Mal nicht nur Millionen Kinder von Europäern der arischen Völker verhungern werden, nicht nur Millionen erwachsener Männer den Tod erleiden und nicht nur Hunderttausende an Frauen und Kindern in den Städten verbrannt und zu Tode bombardiert werden dürfen, ohne daß der eigentliche Schuldige, wenn auch durch humanere Mittel, seine Schuld zu büssen hat.

Yeah I'm sure there's more to it, after all it managed to work for a little while

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>coming to Jow Forums for financial/economic advice

you're honestly in the wrong place man

>user from Jow Forums here
>I know next to nothing about economy
Checks out

>one mark is worth one mark of work

Like a lot of things about the Nazi period in Germany, that really isn't accurate. The more accurate description is that the Nazi no longer allowed the its citizens to subject themselves to usury, so to be succinct one mark was worth one unit of goods.
So when Germany traded goods with another country, even though the practice at the time was to do that via (((loans))), Germany would only import goods for which it could export goods of equal value.
So to get $1 worth of steel for tanks they'd export $1 worth of sausage or whatever.

Eliminating usury has the practical effect of removing bankers' ability to create money out of thin air. That is the primary thing Hitler did that put him in the world's sights, despite all the other things that came with being an insane madman.

No more Jewish bankers really does have a positive effect on the economy

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He didn't stop usury lol


All he did was create an unsustainable war economy that used the loot of conquest to keep the machine running.

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You're a retard. While the whole world was in a recession, the only decent economy was Germany's and that's an undeniable fact. It wasn't built around war till there actually was war, it was built around the average german worker and even during the war Hans still had it good till the end, quality of life was on par with American way of life

Holy fuck are you literally citing wordpress?

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So it boiled down to circumventing the worthlessness of its coinage by bartering for stuff?

Tnx for an interesting topic polack!

Then how did it grow the fastest in the years before the war and slowed down after the war started (before 1942). ?
If it was dependent on loot shouldn't it have grown the most in the years 1939-1942 ?

Man, this is embarrassing. Watch this video and read the Vampire Economy and go back to where you came from.

The worth of the mark in relation to the amount of work was set in an arbitrary way. That is not really important in an economic system.

What Hitler did was begin to pay for materials and work delivered to the government in marks printed by them. The amount of marks in circulation was tied to the amount of public work done. This basically got rid of the leeches and made Germany boom.

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Hold on, that was the wrong video. Its this one: