Tfw dad is a flat-earther anti-vax christian boomer retard

>tfw dad is a flat-earther anti-vax christian boomer retard
How do I profit from this?

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By accepting it.

Convince him LINK will fund a trip to the south pole hole to the inner Earth

>father is a free thinker
By listening to him, dumbass.

have sex

by realizing he's 1.5/3rd correct on his assumptions and investigating the rest


Based Dad
what does he drive

Read into plasma cosmology and out-argue him. Anti-vax is ok

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sounds like dad is a bit more intelligent than you op

Besides the Flat Earth part, sounds like your Dad is getting it figured out.

Based dad

By listening to him and having him teach you to think for yourself. He's based.

tell him youre collecting money for . put everything he spends in LINK

your dad is unironically smarter than you

You're dad sounds based as fuck. You can profit by listening to him faggot.

this but unironically
so sad he gave life to an NPC

Your dad is based, shame he has such a brainwashed little faggoy for a son

go back to Jow Forums or /leftypol/

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>Anti-vax is ok
only in the libertarian sense, otherwise it is idiotic.

incredibly accurate pic

you can get banned for it on Jow Forums because this whole "game" of ""have-sex, dilate, seethe"" is super annoying and mods don't want any of it.

>actually uses meme ideology as an argument
typical pro-vaxer


he's 2/3 the way there, man
all he needs to do not is take the JQ pill

Yeah a free thinker who probably listens to Alex Jones and all the other loonies that like to go "against the system" Keep buying those water filter lads and that alpha male vitality for caveman physique because we all know the cavemen were superior.

Nice LARP. Yes, stay in your little bubble so your friends won't laugh at you. Cuck.

have sex, dilate, seethe
discord tranny

man, i do not have enough medical knowledge to counter you, but no way in hell your side is right and science is wrong. And not even pozzed 2019 science - vaxines are used all over the world for the past 100+ years. Basically, I do not want to force you with the power of wall to vax your kids, but I think vax is good.

if only you knew how much I want to kill you.

>mods put up a futile resistance to new annoying Chan culture game, but end up embracing it a week before it gets rotated out for another annoying game
It's all the same shit desu baka fampai

ditto here. never lend him money, that's for sure. never fall for his "debates" that are just him sending praegeru videos.

is yours a neet? mine is. hasn't worked since 2001.

Kill him
Get inheritance

typical pro-vaxer. Doing obviously suspicious shit on himself and his children because an authority told him to, then proceeds to emulate this behavior.

You're an uncritical brainlet. Please start trading crypto and post here when you'll get REKT.

sounds based and redpilled

these kinds of people have no money. just some silver stashed in the house and a bunch of americana memorablia that will sell for a total of 10k when they die.

Sounds like you're a yang gang incel poster.

keep larping that bullshit npc.

i have... a few thousand dogecoins.. but that is beyond the point. There are cases where listening to authority is good. If there is no reason for authority to lie - it usually does not.

haha, yea like we went the moon r-right?