ITT We Discuss How Friends Change After Success

How did your friendships change? Did you get more isolated? Did people start becoming more critical of your every move? Crabs in the bucket problems?
Been feeling kind of isolated and criticized lately. What to do? Should I just find new friends? How do I know if it's just a phase?

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Got isolated.

People either start being afraid of you, which is understandable because the power dynamic changes considerably, or start to demand unreasonable shit from you - mostly in form of loans or straight up money.

Will be very hard to find new friends, but it is highly recommended if you can.

Fuck dude this is a curse. Were you able to find new friends?

I never told anyone about my success so nothing has changed. I’m stealth as fuck about this kind of stuff. You should have thought ahead.


What's the point of even keeping the same friends? These people are npcs if you have made it anyway. Find friends with greater social mobility who have riches like you. Same rationale with being the smartest person in the room. You're simply in the wrong room.

This. Why would you advertise yourself? You're marking yourself for no good reason.

Nobody here has friends or is successful


>make money
>don't spend it

Been thinking this. I feel guilt over muh loyalty, but realistically speaking it's not like they are treating me the same as before.

Kek. Have you found a gf/wife?

Not true

>used to talk about small victories and everyone would get hype about it and be supportive
>once I actually made a lot of money I could no longer talk about it because people thought I was bragging
>"alrighttttt alrighttttt everything you do is right you're perfect" any time I gave advice
>year later they all went way up to their ass in debt to go to school and get degrees, get nicer cars, and buy better houses than me and are paycheck to paycheck
>now they cant hang out because even though they have things they don't have any money
I don't talk to any of my high school friends anymore. 20 years of being best friends and now I don't have anything in common with them.

Sigh. Have you found new friends or is it just us on Jow Forums?

I talk to a handful of friends from the navy and mostly older people. I also get along with my two brother in laws, but I have basically become a recluse otherwise.

I get texts or calls once in a while from the old group, but I'm afraid to answer them because they usually need help with money or something.

If I 3ver make it I plan on cutting a lot of people off. There are maybe 3-4 friends I might keep in touch with.

And the dating life?

>Kek. Have you found a gf/wife?
nope. Still trying to figure out how to talk to women at all.

My friends are pretty stoked on my acquisition of seed money for our commune that we've larped about for over a decade.
The original plan was hippie homestead styled, but they seem to understand that crypto centered is more grounded in reality. We can still do the fun homestead stuff anyway, just with passive income as a fallback.

Good thing I broke contact with my friends while still poor.

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I've been married for years now. I'm a 30 yr old boomer. Wife is awesome, doesn't drink or smoke or go out to bars. She also browses Jow Forums and is into forex trading, but hasn't hit any big gains yet.

I think I got lucky though, as most of the people I know changed completely even with just a gf. My wife changed nothing about me besides quitting cigarettes when she got pregnant with my son.

this is why you dont tell anyone

If I ever make it, I'll unironically offer my best friend the chance of never working again with me, he hates working too so it should be easy.

Wait, what? Explain. Are you saying you raised capital for a community?

That sounds pretty nice desu. Not the worst scenario. Sucks it's kind of weird hanging with your old buds. How'd you meet her?

Back when /b/ still allowed doxing and all that, I would do livestreams on tinychat for the "if you hate them post their contact info" threads. She popped in with a number and i recognized the area code. Got her to collab with me on some stuff and she ended up living 3 blocks away from me and we had never met.

Weird and sounds like i made it up i guess, but yeah.

I believe that shit desu. Man so I'm trying to generalize that, and all I can think is literally the cliché of unironically "be you"
what's more "you" than trolling /b/ kek
Your story is pretty much a modern romance as far as I'm concerned lmao
How is the sex life though

>everyone is poor
>make some money, open an office, buy some houses
>everyone wants a job, wants small pocket change loans they wont pay back, wants downpayment for houses, wants investments
>upset when you dont help
>become poor again
>they seem relieved or happy that the imbalance is gone
>make it back
>they stop talking to me
oh... haha... he he... oh... :(

Sex was pretty wild when we were younger. 2-3 times a day and all that. Now that I'm older and we have the kid running in and out of our room we don't really get to do that anymore, but it's still good.

And yeah sounds cheesey, but honestly just do you and the right person will come along. What's better? Meeting someone after years while doing something you love doing or meeting someone right away while doing something you hate? I did the whole bar hopping thing and had pretty gfs, but they were trash people if that makes sense. I think I've been to a bar a total of 2 or 3 times with my wife in the almost 10 years we've been together.

Damn what the fuck is life even

>What's better? Meeting someone after years while doing something you love doing or meeting someone right away while doing something you hate?
Good way to put it. I'm glad I put this thread up. I hope this applies to friends as well
Thanks user, take care

Been a few months since my 'friends' stopped talking to me. Out of the blue they just stopping msging me and inviting me out. Can't recall if I did anything.