Which jobs make normies seethe the most?

Which jobs make normies seethe the most?

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anything in finance. no really

twitch streamer

>Oh ya let me just go ahead and escalate your ticket. We'll be in touch.

Lawyer, pro athlete, finance, politician, CEO of a fortune 500.

those jobs seem to make Jow Forums autists seethe

real estate

Probably lawyers. The public hates lawyers. I remember some poll, like 80% of the public distrusts lawyers.

Public defenders and DUI attorneys make people seethe harder than anything else.

Selling bottled piss and herpes ass soup.

Jow Forums users are "normies"

What bro, cos you watch cartoons and are an introvert you think you're not normal? No no no, there are millions like you

Jobs where you work less than 40 hours a week and still make the same or more than they do. This always gets to them.

Not you specifically


Not having one.

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Professional NEET

When I tell people I don't work they make fun of me for being poor.
Little do they know they financed my gaming PC with their tax dollars.

>there are millions like you

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True. I love the fact everyone in crypto calls everyone else a normie and a noob. I get called a noob about once a day in Telegram chats even though I've been in crypto since 2011. Lmao

This. 80% of men are autistic losers. The rest are chads.

Inherited wealth (but not so much inherited genetics)

I never understand the hate for lawyers. They force the government to follow the law and proper procedure, if they didn't have that pressure they could do whatever they want to citizens.

Any government job

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someone who only has investments

Civil cases

Because they charge $5000 for a few hours worth of actual work in most cases

take this test. if you are normal or above, kindly leave

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I work remotely for a Bitcoin ATM company. It's fucking Based.

They bend the law to get the guilty off, plenty of reasons to hate lawyers.

Lawyers only exist when laws are too complicated to easily understand... which allows manipulation. Do laws need to be this complicated? No.


description fits well. ive been like this my entire life reeee

Does Buying Link need to be this Fucking Complicated? Does Holding Link need to be this Fucking Complicated? Does Trying to Cash out your Linkies & Convert to Fiat Cash need to be this Fucking Complicated? One day, if you could accomplish any of these things "instantaneously" like the same way i use MY FUCKING CREDIT CARD everyday... then maybe, just maybe .. I might not call LINK a FUCKING SCAM. But that has not happened yet.... has it? Play silly Games -> Get fucking burnt you losers!

48. Feels good.

Sub-50. Didn't think I was that abnormal, honestly.

lawyer: how much money do you have to fight this case?
client: 40k maybe?
lawyer: okay I'll fill up 50k worth of billable hours

piece of shit profession that's incentivized to milk you for everything you have

Saying that you day trade stocks that shit makes them seething with jealously

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137 very nice. My secret? 20,000 link, and 12k tether. That's it. That's my entire portfolio. Short while you can.

this kek.

work for the IRS. but thats fuckin up everyone

Working from home. When I was a wage slave I used to get mocked by my coworkers all the time because I was studying web design specifically so that I could make a good living without having to leave my house. "Dude you're just gonna be a shut-in all day? There's no way you'll make enough money doing that." Now I make more money than them and still have time to spend with my kids.

Will get you laid heavily in Hong Kong/Tokyo though... But London/NY roasties will pass you off for a jamal on gibs in a heartbeat

>slightly strange
would've picked that without doing the test
A job in tech you can do at home
or if you legitimately can make a living off crypto

Anything that's not " 'ard graft". So basically any remotely intellectual work.

real estate agents are mostly all cunts

People don't grasp the fact that there are alternative methods to dealing with problems than going to a lawyer, and when they do finally go to the lawyer they have fucked up their own situation to the point where its going to take hundreds of hours to unfuck, which makes it expensive.

Its like spending your whole life smoking, then bitching about the fees your surgeon charges you to cut out your cancer. It isn't his fault you fucked up.

In my case

>Little do they know that they finance my Future neetness with them buying stuff from companies which pays me on the other side dividend Euros/dollars

>Feels actually pretty good knowing that wagekeks always gonna buy a coke go to mcdonalds paying their rent to my real estate stock company etc..

I feel absolutely pic related

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LINK smart money investor. We'll be the most hated financial elite. A bunch of racist incels who now control the world and replace jewish tranny propaganda with human milk cow, aheygo propaganda.

Cyborg reporting in. This chart is largely dependant on age.


Feels good brah.

Everyone hates lawyers until they need one. always funny when I find out some arch "conservative" I know scratches their finger at a store or something and all of a sudden wants to lawyer up because "my situation is different" lol


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Tfw get exactly 94 points.

I think something with us all on this board is broken. Either socialwise or otherwise everyone on this board has some disability he doesnt know or already knows (social).
I mean comon ? You are coming on a board which is listed just some millimeters away from a board where child porn is posted on a regular basis????????????????????????????
Something is broken with everyone here

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Right at 130. Later virgins

Would have been higher but I've never had a legitimate relationship with a girl. But my body count is 24. I look decent but I'm horribly autistic

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Because they lack morals+ethics and can be bought.
I can send an innocent to jail with a good lawyer and a lie. When it benefits me, I do.


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143 lmao. If you don't live with your parents and are over 18 I don't see how you could get much below 100

Woto for the IRS and everyone will avoid you.

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91 but I didnt count points in grey areas, probly could easily be a normal fag(lotta points from positive outlook/Hobby's, just started working out but not enough for any points, once it's a set routine I'm gonna be labeled a normies, which isn't the best stereotype to label me.) I try to humor bormalfags just to make my life easier. Rami Malek is a lil unstable but overall good people in Mr robot n reminds me of homies. Chad's n successful people are egotards usually and like retarded when it comes to social self awareness. Ive met a few successful people that hide everything about them to the point you know they ain't normies and they aren't hiding for Jewish greed reasons. (If you were raised by a Jewish family seek help and therapy, not even an insult)

I got 142 in the test. I never knew that I was such a successful uber Chad.
Thanks for posting, user!
I will leave Jow Forums for ever now, see yall on the other side!

Idk like maybe addiction, debt, trauma, ykno the typical things that happen all the time before you reach competent adult age (24? Lol maybe even older now)

Brainlet post. Thanks for contributing nothing, fool.

I tried to answer honestly from what i remember my life being like 5 years ago vs today : 119 to 73. I'm spiraling. How low can it get bros?

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>hello fellow robots

Correct. People think they're special for browsing this place. It's pretty fucking pathetic tBh famiglia.

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The biggest contender that everyone is missing... normies love to hate cops the most. #1, end of thread. Same thing as lawyer, they hate them until they need them.

Having a gaming pc doesn't make you not poor fuckstick



As a teacher it's always fun to read the comments under news articles about teachers, although if, as I so often read, we really are paid handsomely to work 9am–3pm with 12 weeks off, it makes me wonder why there's such a huge recruitment and retention problem.

Normalfags love cops are you kidding me, what a queer you are. "Yeah it sucks officer chad shot my dog and violated my asshole violently over a speeding ticket, but its part of living in a free society haha"

the downward spiral is endless.
try to make a list of your daily routine and figure out what went wrong over the last years and then make adjustments.
dont be afraid of uncertainty or change because staying in this spiral is worse.


Lol the normies love cops, literally the only people you see hating on cops are the "AM UH BEAN DETAINED OFFISHER??" Libertarian types. You need to go back normie.

pathetic no u

our police chief was put on leave for sexually assaulting a female officer and when we was at a panera bread some fag shook his hand and thanked him for being our chief
cost us taxpayer dollars so he could settle and keep his job I've never cringed so hard in my life

The crypto NEET

123 lmao why am I here

Being a pot dealer, I know 19 year olds that basically live a NEET lifestyle that make 6 figures in flyover states.

and what do you do exactly

Man, I've upgraded from robot to high-level cyborg since I last did this
Everything's coming up Milhouse

143. What am I doing here with you losers?


Unemployed but financially well off.
>If you don’t have a job, the. What do you DO all day? I would be bored out of my mind!
Normalfags can’t fathom the idea of working for yourself and having your own personal projects instead of traditional employment where you’re told what to do and make someone else rich.

I lost 7 points because I've only ever been with my wife. I'm not sure how sleeping with more people counts as being more social though.

this. I work in IT and drive my coworkers crazy at every given opportunity


I got a 41. Fuck that hurts. I always thought I was normalfag but couldn't be more wrong.Fuck, I'm 25 too and don't know what to do.

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Chadlet here.
I got 116 on the test.

How has no one said salesman yet?

Sales are almost universally hated and if you're in that type of role every day is an uphill battle. Not for nothing, there are scumbags out there who take advantage of the financially illiterate like the elderly, the poor and young military. That's how you end up with shit like this.

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Is this for real?
Who is willing to pay interest rates of 21.5% in these days where rates has to be low due to feds all around world pushing negative interest rates??????????????????????

I mean who exchanges 40k$ to the cost of 33k$?????????????????

Freelance web design/seo

You can literally learn everything in 3 monthsfor free off youtube then work from bed whenever you feel

141 lmao

Lawyers are mostly shit and a scourge on decent society though, objectively speaking.
>t. Lawyer

Lawyers are bottom-feeders of the economy.

They add no value to anything, only aiding (for a price) the transfer of wealth between parties.

Because its mostly a woman profession and women are shit workers

Normies are mostly extranormal goys who have been trained through at least 18 years of education about a just world in which those who work hard are rewarded, those who come from positions of disadvantage succeed, those who are discriminated against prove the racists wrong, shit will work out if you follow the golden rule, pretty much all that bullshit is what they believe. The key part being the placement of hard work as a virtue. You might think after reading that that the person the normies would hate would be the rich trust fund drop out degenerate who gets paid at daddy's firm to sexually harass interns, but you would be wrong. What the system really conditions people to hate is those who they perceive to be below them. What the poor truly hate is the poorer, not because they do not sympathize with their plight (anybody who works for a living is pretty much poor anyways relative to the rich), but because above all else they want to feel superior to somebody.

Hello fellow bernd

>When it benefits me, I do.

Sure you do retard. Let's here of your grand crusades in the court room, faggot

It's because they are the symptom of exactly what's wrong with society.
We have these sets of laws that guarantee your basic rights. The very thing that makes all men equal. Now let's make it such a convoluted mess that you need to hire someone to tell you your rights.
Oh and if there is some form of dispute where you want to prove your right to something, you better fork out lots of shekels for the best lawyer because, somehow, the guy with the better lawyer is right.

Lawyer literally cannot exist in a perfect society, they are just there to make an inefficient system more inefficient.


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I'm a mechanic and normies treat me like a wizard. (Like the Gandalf kind of wizard, not the school shooter kind)

This. I rent out some property and had to wade through absolute human filth til I found someone to stay and pay rent on time. The bad renters abuse everything, dont pay anything, abuse the laws, etc. Im sure they think what normies think that landlords suck and are mean so its okay for them to abuse the property and not pay rent.