Writes executive order that you can never cashout

What do?

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How am i supposed to buy all the cocaine JPMorgan is selling

vote yang

Sell for cash, like I've always have done.


Who cares? At worst the order will exist until he's no longer in office anyway, one year or 5, doesn't matter. The next guy unless he's a bigger kike than trump will repeal it.

you mean my $250k, soon to be $25m, of gold bars that are held in US reser-- oh wait, it's fully on the internet lol

fuck would I care? pool with the brohs to buy jeffrey epsteins island

Im ready

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you already cannot cash out!

Laugh at the mutts & the prison they have created for themselves through the denial of reality.

move to canada

2nd Amendment day.

I would be very happy. I would cash out and not pay taxes. This is him throwing us a bone.

Easy fix. Make large deposits to online casinos that accept bitcoin. Play some games here and there basically using them as a middle man for cashouts.


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Cuy Brypto

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this, you literally cant cash out. Go see for yourself

Woohoo! Look at those gains! lul

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lol mutts

*cashes out behind you*
>heh nothing personnel, kid

Move to Argentina


> hold 100% link
> cant cash out
> can only stake for gains

I suppose there are worse fates???

Who cares? I'm still acquiring.