Be unluckier than me

Be unluckier than me

>sat between two big stinky niggers for 12 hours in economy
>lost all fiat and in debt for 9 months salary..
>100% ETH portofolio
>Jewish family
>small dick...
>lost all fiat in poker
>fucking wife left me for a younger chink..

I don’t know what to do anymore... feel like betting all eth in some shitcoins

Why is fate so unfair..

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I'm marrying a jew. We are bros now! Cheer up mate. Jew pride


yfw you suck at being a jew

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>jewish family

Be fking gratefuk that you have that, I am black dude. I can not even get an job interview, only chance is when I do not include a picture of myself..

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you have no chainlink? Are you retarded? How do you hold ETH with chainlink?

Jews are great at making money, seems like you are part of our 8% shit class. If you can’t make it yourself, then invest in your kind. Get yourself a coti bag, and fuck gambling it’s retarded

With no*

No Coti, No FTM, no Link.
No life. Just KYS

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ah yes, the perks of being a white european where im only judged on my how nice i am to ppl and not my race
feels good

Your future does not look bright user.

—xFutures— Helping brenlet jews become rich again and join their packt

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>Jewish family
You know what to do right?

suck the dick of your jewish senpai, they will give you coti and you will survive user

why not do business class?

got rich with bitcloud x5 sold 50% . Holding rest

i had fantom x 3 sold all
link x2 sold all
quant x7 fuck u niceeeee

still holding coti and bpro pamp it

heard of moon3d? 10x or 100x your crypto. ez money

Just kys you fucking jew

Things will get better user.

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>Lost everything and heavily in debt
Please proceed to your nearest synagogue so you can turn in your Jew card.

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So it's true, jews are the real cucks

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You don’t own BPRO... and don’t gamble user. It’s just retarded man, why would you risk for 2x with 52% chance to lose

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This just go all in link dude, it's the safest gamble

Buy high sell low the biz way.

Link = Buy high, sell low goodluck stinkt linkies

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Get futures on xfutures you tard. xFutures is backed by OKEx, futures on xfutures will have the option later to sell on OKEx.

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