Does Jow Forums agree that "eye rape" should be a criminal offense...

Does Jow Forums agree that "eye rape" should be a criminal offense? Eye raping usually occurs when an unattractive male stares at an attractive female with lust. It's gross and totally unwanted behavior that makes women feel uncomfortable and unsafe in public. It really ought to be treated as or even more seriously than sexual harassment.

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Emission Theory don't real.

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The problem is how quickly it becomes ridiculous and spurious, but I'm of the opinion that men should have more self control than this.

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Why wear a cleavage showing dress if you do not want people to look at your cleavage?!

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Because she's about to breastfeed her child. She didn't even notice the weirdo chink taking creepshots of her.

Jow Forums don't agree on anything, ever.

What if I also stare at ugly people with disgust? What if I have freaky taste and you can't tell who I'm lusting after and who I'm disgusted by?

what if i, an unattractive male, stares at the scantily clad attractive female with disgust? you need to clarify these things

I don't think it matters much anymore with the Internet.

women should not dress like this and then expect men to not want them sexually. it is disgusting behaviour very apropos of a society where only men ever do wrong.
unironic white sharia now.

stop dressing like an amsterdam slut and we might not.

what if i wear sunglasses

>Because she's about to breastfeed her child.

Wait... she is on a public bus wearing a cleavage showing dress and decides that NOW (while standing in a public transportation) is the time to breast feed a child?! 99.999% of women sit or lay down to breast feed, not stand in public doing it while on public transportation


you'd be one cool dude

>unattractive male stares at an attractive female with lust
Lawyer here, nobody would ever get charged with this.

thanks fren

ok, so you are a feminist

get the fuck off this board, no wonder why white people wont breed, because of people like you

no wonder women are 40 and single with no one wanting them

There's no room to sit down because disgraceful zipperheads don't understand basic courtesy.

>asking raging virgin incels for their opinion
this board is such a cringefarm
with the aut right now in the trash, and Trawmp's presidency completely useless, the board traffic consists of Jow Forums and /v/tards venting all day

Consider the following:

If I'm going to end up in jail for "eye rape" I'm going to "real rape" her instead and make the sentence worth something. Maybe even murder her and cook her in a stew. Might as well go full degeneracy here.

>Does Jow Forums agree that "eye rape" should be a criminal offense? Eye raping usually occurs when an unattractive male stares at an attractive female with lust

Are you gay user because you are giving me those vibes
I don't like those vibes

There's an etiquette around checking a chick out.
Even if you subtly let them know its not supposed to be obvious. That just creepy and leering.

Chicks like being checked out, they don't like being leered at.

This asian incel was even more creepy by filming her.

if eye rape is a crime what about this

Agreed. Only nonwhites virgins and drunks do this

>don't understand basic courtesy.

But pulling your tit out on public transportation, instead of using a bottle is so much more considerate. How DARE any male look at my boobs even thou I am wearing the most boob revealing dress I own!!!

sauce? name?

>Non-whites and virgins
So in other words non-whites and east Asians/whites

Be a good goy and keep your eyes to yourself. Don’t even think about women sexually or we’ll cut off your penis.

Jennifer Lawrence

If you don't want people looking at your titts, don't walk around with them hanging out.

If I walked around with my dick hanging out of my pants, I would expect the occasional person to look at it.

I'll bet dollars to donuts it's a degenerate shitskin filming her - tactless and witless. Cleavage is best enjoyed as a brief glance.

You should dress like that in public, furthermore a woman should not be in public without her husband or male family member

But yes, I agree.

Because she wants Chad Thundercock to stop looking at all them hos and pay attention to her.

And Rando Average Joe is not allowed to look.

>muh dik

My eyes, my rules.

running around like a whore should be illegal

He's shaming her for disrespecting his community; cleavage is only for evening display (its tittilation eventually exhausts and causes its viewers to want to go to bed to sleep).

OP probably hashtags #NotMyPresident and #MeToo on and so forth...

I swear this is in the Hong Kong mtr, damn expats


Nah, Vancouver.

It'd have to be the Canada Line as that car design isn't used on the expo or millennium lines.

This. If the incels in this board had ever proctrated and raised their offspring, they would know that gesture. Her hand is obviously on a stroller and thats obviously a baby blanket.
t- father of two white babies with one on the way.
Get on my level basement dwellers

Only a Jew would write this lol

And she doesn’t understand basic decency

what are you even talking about, she didn't get out the towel because people were looking at her boobs. your entire premise is based on 5 layers of assumptions and your incel is showing

Lifeguard here, that’s the pro tip of the night.

Is there a difference?

OP is a drunk roastie and posted on Jow Forums instead of reddit. You have 4 folds on each side, did I guess right?

Doesn't always work, I got caught eye raping a lesbian with no bra on the bus once wearing sunglasses. Could just be because of her overprotective dyke gf, but I got called a creep, in front of my gf and her friends. They didn't understand why though and I played dumb, kek.

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There's a difference between taking a peak once or twice and going full pervert with your camera in front of a woman focusing on her this. Guys like that are the reason why we can't have good things.

I agree

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>eye rape

what will these dumb bitches complain about next

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I hate how stupid cunts wear clothes like that and then act all upset about it
I swear women are fucking dingbats

>Guys like that are the reason why we can't have good things.
Guys like this are why we are all enjoying her nice things in this nice thread though.

>she decides
Pretty sure the infant decides, retard.

Alright, let's start raping them in the eye sockets, then.

More chinks in Vancouver tbqh

>dress like a whore
>get upset when guys look at you

Women are really fucked up. We didn't fuck up by letting them vote, we fucked up when we began letting them speak

I know it's bate, but I'm hungry.

If you don't like attention, stay inside. Though I can understand it makes them feel uncomfortable, but it's not because she's deranged and thinks she's being traumatised, that she is. And where do you draw the line, how do you prove such allegations, are we just going to believe the woman in question or do we need some actual proof? We've all looked at tits and asses, just don't be a creep about it. That ching chong chinaman who filmed this is definitely a perv.

>blessed with big tits
>dress like a slut for male attention
>upset with male attention

>For readily caring for her baby

Just arrive

Screenshot that comment and send it to her dude. I bet she'll sleep with you now that you defended her online.

Why would she her husband was standing right next to her.

I'm not defending some random bitch, i'm pointing out the idiocy of an incel, because you are definitely a boy with such stupid views on women.

>behavior that makes women feel uncomfortable and unsafe in public
I don't give a fuck. No it shouldn't be that's fucking stupid I don't give a fuck how they feel entitled cunts. You remember there was a saying "women and children first", you remember that? Well I have changed that to "grab the kids".

I eye raped a chick once. Almost got kicked out of uni for it, but they just made me drop that class. I couldn't stop staring at her tits.

how were they?

They were nice. I just couldn't stop looking. She kept trying to pull up her shirt so it made me look more. I was sitting right beside her and since I'm taller I had the perfect angle.

When class was over her friends practically ran up to her to ask if she was ok lol. She could have got up and moved but I guess she didn't want to squeeze by me as I sat in my seat. Lol

This other time I find myself walking beside a girl. She tried to slow down but then I also slowed down. I matched her pace which she changed 2-3 times before I decided to give it up and turn the corner.

Roasties shouldn't be out on the street alone desu. They get scared so easy and don't say anything. If I did that to a guy I assume he would have tried to fight me

>more whining about some random woman with zero context given
>womyn are dumb
It's another MGTOW thread?

top tier pajeet posting

Damn those are some nice milkers

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Check'd and kek'd

I am infact Indian but I'm high caste. Many people have asked me if I'm Spanish or Italian

100% brown nipples

>I am infact Indian but I'm high caste.
you shit bigger turds?

What if I'm starting at the underage little boy behind her with lustful thoughts and she just happens to be in my field of vision? Is it eye rape if she mistakes my man boy love desires for base attraction to her hideous udders?

I get stared like that in Chinese subways and I dont even have any tits.

>Dresses like a whore
>Upset that she gets stared at

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If she wasn't eye raping me she wouldn't know where my eyes are looking.

That’s too bad. If it’s in public and I like what I see, I’m going to look at it. You won’t stop me from doing otherwise. I owe nothing to a complete stranger.

You sound kinda like a brown person, Yoshi

It really just depends if you're alpha or not.

Also, its confusing for betas because feminists are literally walking around with their tits out for equality. This bitch is just a whore anyways though. If she didn't want people to look at her tits then she'd dress modestly.

Maybe the muslims are right?

This is the gayest thread I have seen on pol
roastie attention whore gets more attention than she can handle
sage goes in options

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If this goes legal I shall send a million hambeasts to prison for making me see their lard asses.

I do the most savage and perverted things to unwilling participants with my eyes... Ohhhh... Just the other day I was anal fucking this pregnant woman and slapping her around with my eyes. Mmmmm...

Don't wear a dress with your boobs hanging out kek. This is some stupid bait OP.

I’m white. who the fuck are you tell me what I can/can’t look at in public?

Hard to feed a child through a burqa. Didn't notice that she was being modest in preparing to actually feed the infant?

>>womyn are dumb
they are that's why you find one and only deal with it.

Whats wrong with looking at her m8 is she dressed indecently?She sure felt comfortable putting omn the dress what happened to her confidence is she uncomfortable ?Why so I'm not if people look at me?

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>You sound kinda like a brown person, Yoshi
sounds normal to me.