Retired at 32

So I recently got deemed unable to work by the Norwegian government and was lucky enough in that to get placed on the highest pension possible, as well as getting a sizeable sum paid back to me from the years where I was on a different, lower form of benefits.

I am economically SAFE. I have no loans to speak of, I can go and do whatever etc.

My question is, anons, is this the time to just "fuck it" and do whatever I want or should I continue to try to find a way to be a productive citizen within my means?

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>I am economically SAFE.
For now.

I mean, the pension, which is like $1800 after taxes is for life. So yeah, unless we get invaded or there is some kinda revolution by all intents and purposes I am safe indefinitely.

You're 32. Assuming life expectancy is 80, you have roughly 50 more years to live. You're naive if you actually think that you're guaranteed that money for 50 years and you'd have to be a fool to plan your future on the assumption that money will always be around.

You should be planning for your actual retirement. Because you'll probably need the money when you're least able to earn your own.

Can't that be said about anybody earning money ever though? "You can lose your job." "The market can fall." etc.

Oh, and the pension I recieve is clocked as "real pay" and a hefty percentage of that goes towards "old retirement" funds.

Sure, but you're literally relying on the government to give you money and doing nothing for yourself. If you lose your job at age 40 after working for 10 years, you're a lot more likely to get another job than a 40 year old who hasn't worked in 10 years. Similarly, someone who has done something to earn money is a lot more likely to come out of a recession better off than someone who doesn't.

I'm not saying that you should go out and get a job no matter what, but you need to be super careful with your money because it can be taken away in the blink of an eye and you'd be fucked.

Even if you COULD get $1800 for the rest of your life, do you really want to stay there? At least in the big cities in America thats poverty level income. A nice 1 bedroom in a big city is $1500. Good luck getting food. You won't be able to travel with that. Or experience restaurants where the bill is $300. You won't really be able to do much, see much, or live a good life on $1800 a month.

Ya in that respect I agree. So I'm thinking of saving up for a house. Should be attainable within a couple of years at most. But that puts me at a quite restrictive plan in terms of food/leisure activities etc

Who wants to live in a big city lol

I pay $550/m including internet and electricity where I live so idk

Buying a house is a good start. But you'll still have to service a mortgage, which you probably won't be able to do on what is essentially a benefit.

Do you have any other skills that you could essentially become self-employed with? That's the best way to future-proof your financial situation.

Where tf do you live where $550 covers all your expenses.

OP said he lives in Norway. It's right there in the OP

Mortgage can easily be managed by that pension, a mortgage payment/m would stand at around $600 for 20y. In terms of skills? Hmm. Writing fiction I suppose, I can do that quite well. We'll see. Ok so we have one guy for "settling down, being conservative" ;) Gotcha

If he works legaly he might loose hes benefits.

I can earn like $7000 or so a year on the side before the benefits are cut

You should do it. If you go the easy way and instead of working just go and procrastinate all the time then you will go insane. Your mind needs to be working all the time. At your age its not normal to do nothing and just sit around. Later in life you will start to hate yourself for sitting around and not using opertunities. Drug and alcohol problems will fallow soon. In your place i would travel around a bit. See the world and get my priorities right. Then i would invest that money either in my skills or some bussiness or realestate.

$1800 a month is a pittance. Just remember you will be poor for the rest of your life if you accept this and will do nothing.

A pittance? Hmm... I have nothing I need that I don't get with this.

Ideally in your situation I'd explore what skills I have that I can contract out and work from home. I'd do small jobs here and there but keep below the 7k limit. I'd take a year or two to establish myself and my reputation and network with clients, and then I'd expand rapidly and do it full time, take on new clients and all that, and I'd do it as quickly as possible so that the loss of benefits isn't a problem.

If your life consists of nothing but vidya and animu then it is enough. But are you sure that's what you want for the rest of your life?

You assume far too much sir :)

Yeah I agree that to a normal person those things make sense, although due to the very reason that I was deemed unfit for work, I find myself not being able to imagine myself doing those things.

Well do something man you will go absolutely insane doing nothing in particular all the time. Even if you work on a non-paying personal project like writing fiction or drawing a web comic or something like that.

You can't exactly have a life with much more than vidya and animu with that amount in hideously expensive Norway.

What makes you say that? I am honestly wondering. Is there any data on the subject that you derive your opinion on that from? I mean, I have a GF, hobbies etc. Is there something to a "job" in particular that makes people not go mad?

Lack of structure or routine is well documented to contribute to anxiety and depression. Work provides structure.

I agree that one should have a form of structure.

OP, Norway has a higher than average cost of living. I'm failing to see how the equivalent of $1800/month is "fuck it" money.

Maybe do some research on dropshipping/e-commerce, idk. We don't even have a clue about your expenses, or what you even like to do

I see how it can seem like Norway is an expencive country to live in. And it can be, fi you are inept at controlling your spending/knowing what and where to buy things. As I stated above, I rent a flat. I pay $550/m for that flat and that is incuded internet and electricity. It isn't difficult at all to keep food down to a $300/m level with a bit of effort. Add $150/m avg on miscellaneous things.

It CAN be really expencive to live in Norway. But it doesn't have to be.

You live an ascetic poorfag life. If that makes you happy good for you. Remember you will be stuck at this amount of income the rest of your life. It's far below average income.

It is below average, you are correct, and it should be. Poorfag though? That would to me imply not being able to buy what I want.

Nigga I don't know if the person I was talking to was OP or a random poster. You know everyone here is anonymous right? Thats why I asked. Fucking shitposter

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yes OP, its time to do whatever you want within your means, you have the option to switch from doing nothing to doing something anyway, maybe learn something you wanted but havent got around it so far

Do you have a passion like music or art? Anything, an idea you have and want to work on.. I would take like 6 months and just GRIND on this. Do it every day for a considerable amount of hours. Get crazy good at something. And during those 6 months you plan how you're gonnna make your money from there on out, because of course as the other anons said, its foolish to think you're gonna get money for 50 years. But still, use the 6 months.. You've been given an opportunity that very few of human beings get at all... Use it man, create something beautiful. Tenacious D explains this well in the song Cosmic shame