Ask an alcoholic for advice, never know what you will get, drinking vodka now half a bottle in

Ask an alcoholic for advice, never know what you will get, drinking vodka now half a bottle in.

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i hate how vodka tastes, but i love how plastered it gets me. are there any brands out there that don't smell and burn like rubbing alcohol

Probably not drinking Smirnoff which is under 10 dollars for a 750 ml bottle, with a orange soda mix. Usually drink beer or super cheap whiskey.

How do i fight the urge to not do something that i REALLY want to do but definitely shouldn‘t?
And it‘s not something you can just silence by occupying yourself. It‘s like needing to pee but having to hold it - forever.

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Fuck me, depends if murder seek help, if something more mild live with it, i do hence the drinking.

also general \alck\ thread

What‘s the thing you‘re trying to hold in forever that you need to distract yourself from with alcohol?

And for the record, it‘s not something illegal, just not beneficial for myself.

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Ive been through the ringer, the argument will be why are you qualified to give advice,i am definitely not but I can think more clearly about others problem than my own. Elaborate on the not illegal problem please user.

Meh, nobody is actually qualified to tell anyone else wtf to do, so you‘re not worse than every other person.

I‘m compulsively picking my skin since 20 years and i‘m sick and tired of it. It
Has a huge negative impact on my life, namely how i feel about my body, if a can go out in public, what i wear, my sex life, and so on. I‘ve tried therapy/medication and what not but it‘s still here and it hasn‘t gotten any better. Infact, it‘s just getting worse with the years. First it was just my face. Now it‘s every inch of my body. I do it several hours every day.

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I have a little experience with this my gf will pick herself and cause small wounds to her face and head claiming its stress (she also bites her nails), perhaps the root cause is stress?

Sure, i‘m aware of the triggers and reasons i do it. Unfortunately, this is my way of coping with everyday life. Life won‘t go away and apparently, medication doesn‘t help me with this, either. It‘s frustrating that i can‘t seem to find a less damaging way of coping.

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soon as you have your first drink do you get spleen area pains, shoulder/neck pains, back of head and upper chest pains?

this is my second sober day. Im waiting for withdrawal symptoms. Im gonna have to start maintenance soon.

I like being drunk but its equally nice not being drunk if you can keep yourself occupied with something productive. Ive been cleaning my house for the past week and ive drunken significantly less. heres to day 3. someone take a shot for me. drink where I am not able to.

No I generally lose pain as the drinking continues but i am relatively young, 28. But the pressure in my head does increase and then completely subsides if that make any sense.

Keep going, just do it i dont believe alcoholism is a disease ala 12 steps but just keep going!

as much as i want to give you advice i must impotenl say that you must go deeper, sorry user.

pain in those areas gets worse the more i drink.
was out with friends last weekend and went from mild ow to being at home hours later after drinking going aahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh

Well, thanks for lending an ear and try to enjoy being drunk since then you atleast enjoyed it!

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it might be psychosomatic but as said i generally become pain-free as i drink

hence why i drink

i dont have to try, thanks user I hope it all works out

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if you dont mind me asking, how much you drink a day?
i was drinking 10ish pints a day years back but i stopped that for a few years and now its 2-3 sessions a week at about 4-6 pints each depending on event
just checking in with an alkie (no offense) before i go to doctor and say somethings wrong here, and it aint booze

that might be alcoholism just go in case, i drink a lot more than 5 pints of beers a day, doctor is always best

how do i get rid of my internet addiction?

wrong thread? If your internet addiction is related to alcohol then you're in the right place. Do you drink while you browse the internet? Do you not having else to do when drinking?

no just desperate since i've been refreshing Jow Forums since 10am

Segrams on ice

dont worry thats normal. The ride never ends friend. You're here forever. For example. Try closing all your Jow Forums tabs. See what happens. Its probably not the internet you're addicted to, its Jow Forums. Its like a drug. Do you have any other addictions?

also what are the main boards you browse?

My tolerance has gone up from drinking too often. Does the type of alcohol make a difference? I usually drink cheap vodka. How long does it usually take to bring your tolerance back down? Sometimes I'll drink on an empty stomach to save alcohol and money but then I have some gnarly stomach turns the next day.

cheap vodka is made from grains. It'll tear your stomach up for sure. Drink potato vodka. Its better quality and its easier on the stomach.

smirnoff is a no go then? what else can I drink? I don't want to go broke.

i personally drink Luksusowa. Its reasonably priced, but when i want to drink on the cheap I drink nikolai. Its a little better than vladimir or crowne russe.I dont think ive ever drunken smirnoff. how cheap is it?

>ask for advice someone who is glaringly incompetent at life

because there are people worse off than OP. and no matter how bad someone is they can always use their experience to teach others what NOT to do. Every single person can give advice, and the advice is only as good as the one that takes it. if they decide to use it or not.

>Implying there is an objectively right way to live life

im going to an AA meeting today. finally gonna admit im an alcoholic..

Mid-tier like grey goose or svedka go down smooth as water
One time I drank a whole handle of svedka bc I didn't feel the harsh burn at first and blacked out
Then when I woke up everything in my apartment was carefully turned upside down in place and the trash can was full of pancake batter

drink tolerance is tricky
if I stop for 2 months and start back up I usually catch up to t-level I had when I stopped drinking in a week or two if I take it slow
But I drink a liter of black velvet a week so I guess start slow and you'll take longer to catch up to your previous level of tolerance

AA is a cult and a cancer to relationships romantic and platonic. Get a real therapist.

Can you recommend a good wine? I'm tired of Stella Rosa there has to be better shit out there but I'd rather not spend a lot of money just to find out

Also been trying to get into whiskey, bought some jameson as a starting point but any recs?

Do you get any weird stomach pains/discomfort when you drink? Think I might have gastritis but I don't have health insurance so no doctor