How do I get over the emotional pain of getting completely rejected from your first love, Jow Forums...

How do I get over the emotional pain of getting completely rejected from your first love, Jow Forums? It ended recently after eleven months, I know, not too long, but it was my first. He wanted to remain friends at first, but I was too emotional and he assumed I was trying to make him feel guilty because of how other people were treating him. I tried my best to keep it civil but he saw things different. The possibility of friendship turned into no contact, then after a month of no contact, he finally blocks me from all sns and probably my number too. I know it's for the better, but I feel so lost right now.

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Saved, here's a friendly rival

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just get a new bf
nice wallpapers tho

Wrong size

I just don't want to be shitty to someone by rebound. Not that I'd intentionally be abusive, but I can see myself being distant because I yearn for my ex.

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then don't start anything serious
say they're rebound from the start

Excuse me for being the hopeless romantic, but I've read so many times flings feel overly shallow once finished. Plus, I miss the companionship in the relationship, and not many guys in a fling really give a shit about you.

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the only alternative is moping about him

Sure, but wouldn't finding methods to cope after the trauma help more than burrying your sorrows in another relationship?

It just takes time. Finding a hobby or something to take your mind off him usually helps.

The best way to get the fuck over it is by claiming your Independence and doing positive independent based things.
>shopping therapy, get nails done, hair done
>pick up a hobby
And most importantly, KEEP BUSY.

He obviously doesn’t care about you, and yes it sucks but he’s not the only guy in the world and we accept the love we think we deserve. If you think you deserve someone who treats you that way then it speaks volumes about you and how you need to work on yourself. (: hope this helps, sorry if it was harsh. I’m just blunt.

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Oh, and I know females be doing this but don’t go on any of his social media + delete any memory of him from your social media and phone. If you keep looking at his shit or old memories, you’re literally setting yourself up for failure to move on.

Why don't you do simple normal thing and start to hate him for rejecting you ? Stockolm syndrom ?

From my own experience, there is often a time when starting over with someone else where you will be comparing them with the missing ex. This will happen even if you take time to recover, because as long as you've not experienced something different, he will be the only reference you have.

This is perfectly understandable by the more mature part of guys. Don't worry too much about it.

>just get a rebound

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Definitely been getting back in touch with more active, creative hobbies. Slowly forcing myself out of the rut to get started is always a trouble, but once started, I can go for hours. Should really start exercising again, not overweight, but to get back into the swing of things. In response to the second user, low-self esteem is ironically once of the reasons it probably ended.

Yeah, already did that on the first day. Didn't delete anything permanently, but stored everything digital on a USB, out of sight. Then moved that along with other physical possessions into a box.

>Why not get angry?

I am, a little. But most of my sorrow comes from the fact that I feel guilty the relationship ended because of my mistake. I didn't cheat, abuse him, or try to control his behavior, but my own insecurity was the root of the problem.

>Stockholm syndrom?

Mostly denial, and having a hard time letting go of your first love. That fun shit.

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