How do I exploit and make my chad friend get me a girl, or at least introduce me to some...

How do I exploit and make my chad friend get me a girl, or at least introduce me to some, without literally telling him to?

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Why don't you just ask instead of "exploiting" your friend. Sounds like a shitty thing to do just because you cant handle asking. He might be glad to help

>without literally telling him to?
why? just ask him

He would make fun of me, he's not the ideal friend but it's the only thing I have.

He's not that great of a friend, I would just be made fun of. He often excludes me from things and fucks me over but I don't have anyone else.

Does anyone else remember that episode of happy days where Fonzie helps Richie get a girl by giving him one of the numbers from his book?

OP you should be friends with Fonzie

Where do I sign up?

What makes you think any girl that knows both of you would prefer you over him?

No idea, I'm smarter?

Are you?
Then why are you a lonely guy that can't get laid with 1 friend that treats him like shit?
And there's alsothe girl herself. No girl will give you the time of day when there's a more attractive male in the vicinity.

>Then why are you a lonely guy
Weaker, shorter, skinnier, worse hair, not as social.

And what makes you think any girl will take a guy like that when the Chad friend exists?
She'd rather be Chad friend's 3rd or 4th than be with you.

love this wholesome meme

Asking isnt exploiting.

I can't change most of the things I listed. What am I supposed to do? The chance is better with a friend than lonely no matter who the friend is.

Asking is not an option. Maybe hinting at it subtly

>chad friend
just ask him to be your wingman. Don't exploit a good friend.

Work out, gym

Not much you can do there I'll give you that

Eat more, just keep it healthy-ish as you should be exercising at the same time

>worse hair
Good shampoo and a face scrub do wonders

>not as social
You are not going to improve that by getting someone to socialize for you. The only way to improve this one is to join groups, clubs or any other gathering for that matter.

p.s been there before user, you'll make it too. Consistency is key though, so if you are going to try any of them, it will take months to see results/changes

god guys a chad loves to help a semi bro get laid. You must realize that chad has lots of pussy offers and they have standards so there are many rejected outright and most are discarded afterwards so a chad is a beehive of pussy.

He doesn't consider me a good friend, he's just a friend.

No money for gym and I don't want to go alone.
Physically can not gain much weight, I can a bit and I'm working on it but not much.
My hair is curly/wavy and gets dirty a lot, I have to wash it every 2 day or it looks like trash
I'd say social is more in the psyche than that. But I get your point.

I thought this too but I think it's kind of demeaning to ask help from friend plus most of the time it will result in you not being yourself when you meet with them by yourself. I've had friends help me text and give me advice on what to do but I could never do anything with it.

I don't want to have to ask for it.

Even if you need help it's better than nothing right?

That's straight up bullshit man. A lot of lasses are definitely like that but no where near all.
All basic bitches maybe but not all women

Unless something is very wrong with op

You should be showering every day

I don't think anything is that fucked up with me, I'm 5'6 though

Washing you hair everyday is not healthy.

>Washing you hair everyday is not healthy.
Depends on your shampoo.

The only woman that pretends to like smart men is a liberal, and generally she's lying to herself and would prefer the Chad over the beta nerd that obsesses over technical knowledge.

If he's the type that would ridicule you for asking to get hooked up with a woman, I suggest striking a deal with him. If you have money, offer him some to get the ball rolling; if you have some other kind of incentive, offer him that. Find something that he wants and offer it to him.

Practically speaking, he's the one exploiting you. If you want to turn the tables you have to use your head.

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