Cannot relate to younger millenial peers

I'm 31 and my girlfriend is 25. Shes the first younger girl ive met that isnt insufferable but of course everyone she knows is the typical lena dunham level brainwashed social media obsessed substance lacking fake pretentious adult brats that everyone thinks of when the word "millenial" is mentioned. I want to be able to integrate into her social life so that its not a problem when they want to be at the house or when i have to be around them/deal with their existence

Most of them seem to know whats good but only pretend to be interested unless it gains them maximal likes and attention. Its really annoying because you think someone might be cool only to realize that its surface thin because literally everything about these peoples interests is focused on getting attention and direct approval from their other brainwashed robot peers they relate to. Even real music interest is faked for attention and this is one of the biggest differences i see between the people i grew up with and the younger crowd. When i was in hs all the cool kids were in punk bands and metal bands and actually had music related hobbies and interests that they devoted a significant amount of their time on. Now it seems like all the younger adults focus their time and energy on making themselves seem like part of that because they perceive them as social cliques to improve the appearance of their faux personality traits and social media facades.

My friends and people my age are infinitely more genuine and interesting than all these younger folks im meeting and its making me wonder if im just better off re-establishing the connections i had with some of them rather than attempting to make new friends with the people my gf knows. I wish they were actually cool but start talking to them for a little about something they claim is an interest of theirs only to find they were full of shit and fake af. Im sick of these ppl they really are a cancer on society. How do i deal with having to be around them?

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The only thing you can really do is nod along and tolerate them while they're around. Everything else will come across as condescending. Do you have friends of your own that you can hang out with as a couple?

For fucks sake people like you are so annoying. It's not the generation, people just suck in general. I've seen the exact things you complain about with the roles swapped.

The major difference is simply that people don't go out as much for hobbies because of the internet.

Yeah shes told me that some of them think im pretentious which is hilarious because theyre the ones who act like that. The reason is because i criticize their fake shit to their face and prove to them that they dont know what theyre talking about when they bring something up that i actually know about.

For example last night my gfs one friend and bf were trying to be edgy and wanted to watch the film Salo at the house and i was like "is that really something you get friends together to watch? Thats more like something youd watch in film studies class or to understand more about pasolini's work" They acted like i just directly offended them and i know why. First of all because they were proud that they discovered something different and were planning on using it to make themselves look good. And also because i proved to them that my film interest is above and beyond theirs which is limited to "Look at me instagram! I found an 80s horror film on vhs at goodwill!"

But im the prententious one.

And yeah i dont see any problems with my gf and my friends getting along but i doubt my friends would like hers that much. They would see through the bullshit like me. I just cant believe how terrible the personalities of these younger ones are. I thought people my age were bad but i guess i had no idea how bad an entire generation of people could be

You sound awful and pretentious

Imagine caring what movie a group of friends watch together

inb4 zoomer

I'm 28

If any hobbies are "on the internet" then chances are theyre fake hobbies. Like prentending to be a music nerd but never learning to play an instrument or go to shows etc.

Wow you're actually retarded

I enjoy literature but I couldn't write a book

Just be mature and stop being confrontational. It's pointless.

The film in question is about a group of italian fascists who kidnap some teenagers and force them to eat shit the entire way through. Not sitting through that again so that my gfs friends can feel edgy and important. Not in my house

Yes, i've seen it. You sound like you're old in age but super immature. Who cares? Like i said, i'm older and my friends and i watch awful movies and good movies together just for the experience.
I don't think her friends need to grow the fuck up, you do.
You don't want them watching it in your house? Just say that, don't attack how they hang out with friends.
I honestly can't imagine caring that much

Okay this one dude whos my girlfriends best friends boyfriend had pictures of his john coltrane LPs on his instagram. So when i first met him in person one of the first things i said was "i used to collect Blue Note too" He had no idea what i was talking about

Yes, that's lame, but you're still a stuck up cunt.

Get over yourself

To be honest a lot of older millennials are like this as well. It's only more evident with the new generation because of social media. You can't expect better from people so why get mad?

I care because i want to be able to find people with genuine interests i can relate to and its annoying to have to filter through the facades and fakery. If theyd just stop prentending to like cool stuff then id just ignore them altogether

You could lead by example instead. If you avoided being confrontational your qualities and genuine person would surface, and they would surely appreciate it.

Really well put and im sure im mostly being a purist and its making me come off as prententious. I guess i should be glad that people are showing any interest at all in those things because the majority of the populace doesnt even know it exists. I just dont like when ppl use things i care a lot about for personal vanity or self image. Its almost offensive because most of that stuff is stuff ive liked and never talked to anyone else about. So when i find someone who knows im excited to share the interest only to realize its not really an interest of theirs but something theyre using to project an image of themselves. Its more disappointing than anything

Find a new group of friends. What you’re describing is definitely a millennial problem, but there are quite a lot of them that aren’t hipsters who’ll make you watch movies about eating shit. You’re older than them, nobody’s forcing you to hang out or date young people.

Like the other user said you're a pretentious retard. I participate in online art communities yet still draw both digitally and with traditional mediums. I guess it's not real though.

My biggest problem is not being able to keep my mouth shut when someone acts that way. Ive always been critically and sometimes brutally honest with everyone and some people hate that because they perceive it as a personal attack. And yeah i realize that it all boils down to a battle of whos a bigger stuck up prick than the other. But i always come out on top so wheres the incentive to change if im winning every battle? Not looking like a dick isnt enough to me i just have to be right and thats all that matters. I know its a personality flaw

If you had a genuine interest yourself you would have already tracked down where other people with genuine interest congregate you hypocritical sperg

Thats not what i meant and you know it. You have a real interest in art so you are warranted the acceptance in the community wheras someone who wants to look like an artist by painting kanye west lyrics over top prints of bob ross paintings doesnt deserve the community acceptance.

Genuine people will always be able to easily recognize the poseurs and should do their part in putting those people in their place so they dont ruin said communities

I've seen a girl with her bf outside a restaurant I'm about to go in, she was questioning whether or not it would look cute on instagram whilst looking through the window. He was like "I'm hungry i don't care anymore"

I've even noticed it with the type of men women are attracted to, like how can attractiveness be something that's currently in fashion, it's crazy r

I already have enough friends who share genuine interests its not a matter of making new ones rather than having to deal with seeing them and hearing about them all the time because thats who my gf is friends with

Step 1 date girl who has literally physically had less time to MATURE than you

Step 2 complain about how shes LESS MATURE

Step 3 claim that your girl is SO MATURE FOR HER AGE

Congratulations you are a fucking living cliche, if you want to know how your life will continue just watch any movie in which youre there

>I care because i want to be able to find people with genuine interests i can relate to and its annoying to have to filter through the facades and fakery
Your literal words you fucking psycho. Imagine being so addicted to shitposting that you perform doublethink on yourself just win an argument

You have people with genuine interests. /your/ friends. Those are /her/ friends.

>people are enjoying these things the WRONG WAY

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What i meant is i want to find people in her circle that i relate to. The thing tgat annoys me is the fact that they seem like the people i grew up with but once you get to know them for just a little you realize thats not the case

True as this is, it's something you have to deal with. It's no fun, but it must be done.


I just had a short hospital stay. One young nurse seemed perplexed while watching fox news of Alaska earthquake. She said she doesn't understand or follow the news. Whatever that meant. I think a lot of her confusion is too much sociai media and shit like CNN.