Should I kill myself?

should I kill myself?

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the answer is always yes

Depends on the situation.

In what circumstances should I not kill myself at this height?

Why the fuck 6'1 is wrong height?

t. manlet

What the fuck is the US's average height if 6 foot 1 is suicide material? I'm Italian and 5 foot 10 (178 cm) and perfectly average

iirc it's 5'9"

I’m 5’1

Why are you guys so dumb? It's 5 FT (61 inches)

Oops, I misread.
Suicide it is


How can you people be so fucking shallow. Jow Forums is the worst place to ask for these type of things: here the looks are regarded way more than IRL, ironically. Normies are less shallow when it comes to this.

I don't think you are stupid enough so Im not gonna explain why you shouldnt care.
Either you are a toddler or human giraffe is fine

Fuck you

That is one gigantic dick, underwear shopping must be a pain.
My condolences.

It's not a big deal to some women. I dated a guy that was my height, (I'm taller than 5'1" though). He was the love of my life and also amazing in bed. He was insecure about his height though and sometimes other guys would that seemed interested in me, would tease him by saying "okay, little guy". Honestly, it was more of a problem for him than it was for me.

Why did you break up with him?

He was highly religious (missions etc) & I wasn't willing to go that route. He sure loved fucking me before marriage though.

Post revenge pics.

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I know a guy who is exactly your height OP. He was my friend growing up and now he has a cute white girlfriend. Charles Manson was short and he was so cool people literally did whatever he told them to do. My advice is flirt with women who are as tall as you.
You can lift weights if you feel emasculated

Nah, I still love him even though I will never see him again. He was pretty handsome.

The absolute state

See, I’m not all that good looking. I’ve been told I’m somewhere in the average to below average range

He would've been considered attractive but not everyone would agree I guess...but I loved his scruff, his jawline, fingers and flaring nostrils. I admit, I thought he was attractive right away but his sense of humor and romantic nature made me fall completely.

He was really small in general, skinny nerd...glasses too. Smart.

Do you think you would get back together with him if he gave up, or at least toned down the religion?

No, when it's over there is no going back. I used to dream about him coming to visit me for a night and then leaving in the morning. That's sort of what my relationship was like with him, he was always possessed by other things and never really present....except when he looked at me. I've never been looked at like that before or since, love written all over his face. Even my friends saw it.

No please don't

probably not. you only get one life and killing yourself because you wish things were better makes zero sense. deep misery (call it depression if you want) often makes people blind to the things that are going right and to the possibility for positive change.

heck, at least something will change, so it’s worth staying around for the entertainment. you can live to see scientific breakthroughs, wars, changes in culture. you could break free from the things that have you down and just aim towards what actually makes you happy. a lot is possible in time, so throwing out all of your time seems illogical to me.

now, philosophically, there are plenty of arguments for suicide. you can probably read about them.