Can someone tell me what exactly a coffee date is? I have autism

Can someone tell me what exactly a coffee date is? I have autism.

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Actual autism or Jow Forums “””autism”””? A coffee date is literally just a date where you go get coffee

I heard it involves beer

either you or the coffee is the third wheel in this date senpai

It's just you, the girl and some coffee. If it's meant to be you guys will have a good time, if it isn't then you won't really feel it.

It's just the way it is, don't worry too much about it and have fun.

I had the same question. Why does everyone ask for coffee in particular?

>Why does everyone ask for coffee in particular?
Because they want to make it clear they're not getting drunk with you.

Oh, okay. So it’s not literal. Good because I think coffee is gross

It’s literal in the sense that you go to a coffee shop on a coffee date, but no one is forcing you to order coffee

It's a staple first date idea for several reasons:

Cafes are public, cozy, non-threatening places. It invites conversation because you're sitting across from each other without being too distracted like you would be if you were eating/watching a movie. Most people enjoy some sort of coffee/tea to idly sip on. There are coffee houses and cafes fucking everywhere.

how long does it last?

Autism? Forever.

Probably as long as you and your date want/have time for. You can make it quick if you find you’re not liking it

>Lets get bad breath together and talk
makes me kek everytime

If you really don't like coffee op try something else. Maybe go to a coffee house by yourself and try to find a drink you'd like. Maybe a tea, maybe a sweet coffee (late machiato thing) it'll only cost a few bucks and some time, hell, even just go to McDonald's and try a few cheap coffees or a chai tea maybe to see what you like

Fucking betas giving shit advice like always. When a girl asks you out for coffee she’s not literally asking you to meet at a coffee shop. She’s just saying we should hang out some time. If you’re autistic enough to take her to a coffee shop there’s a 99.9% chance you aren’t going to get laid

Holy quads batman

We're talking about dating women, not fucking trailer trash thots you idiot lol

>taking any advice from Jow Forums seriously ever

>dating chicks who smash on a first date
>in anyway taking advice from mega-satan

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>huurrr durr hurrr
I’m so tired of betas giving other betas shit advice. It’s the blind leading the blind. You don’t take a girl to a coffee shop on the first, second, or third date. Just because a girl sleeps with you on the first date doesn’t mean she’s trailer trash. If YOU as a man don’t get laid on the first date then you’re unironically the trailer trash, not them. Only autistic betas take girls to coffee shops expecting anything more than friendship. You do not take girls you want to fuck to coffee shops. End of story. Don’t like it? Too bad.

Just like the name implies: you go out for coffee. No alcohol. No big expensive dinner. Just a comfy thing to get to know each other.

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Wow dude you’re such an alpha male, going on Jow Forums and putting all those betas in their place

It’s not about being alpha or beta ya sarcastic retard. It’s about common sense

It's about having some fun. So do it, Op!
Enjoy yourself. And her.

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Is a coffee date for a first date a bad idea if you've worked with them for a while and already know quite a bit about them?
Seems like coffee is only good if you know absolutely nothing about the person, but people always recommend it as the first date.

The most boring and forced way to find out if you like someone.

I could do that...

Meeting someone while drinking coffee and discussing things to get to know each other

>trusting pua redpillers on Jow Forums
this aint it chief

Just go for a walk in the park. Better yet a flower garden. Bitches love walks

what does getting to know each other mean?

Whatever you do DO NOT ORDER COFFEE
It's just one of those things

Huh? Why not?

Is this an American thing? Who the fuck takes a girl out for coffee? Sounds boring as fuck

>Just because she sleep with you on the first date doesn't mean she's trailer trash.
Opinion disregarded, also you're a degenerate kys.