Is this okay to look for a bf or date someone if I'm in love with some other guy?

Is this okay to look for a bf or date someone if I'm in love with some other guy?

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If you really are in LOVE with that one person, why would you need another one?

If he doesn't give you what you want, break up before you really hurt him!

It's not the most respectful thing towards the person you're dating

He doesn't love me back and we aren't in touch

Make him love you and get in touch with him

no and go fuck yourself for contemplating it. don’t drag someone down with you what the fuck

How the fuck can you make someone love you

Nah. It’s not good for anyone involved. Even if you do meet a guy, somewhere in the back of your head you’re always gunna be comparing.

That shit is toxic as fuck.

It boots out reality in an incredibly subtle and subversive way where, even if you don’t actively compare, every now and then you’ll probably still have a “what if” moment towards the first guy that just makes you value what you actually have that much less—even though you never actually had any chance of having *anything* at all with the other guy.

What you should do is realize that there is no reality where you and the first guy work out, and the fact that he doesn’t feel the same about you means that if anything *did* happen, it would actually probably be fucking horrible in all the worst ways. You just aren’t meant to be.

So move on. Find someone who likes you the same you like them.

Show affection for him, act casual, eventually he'll figure it out.

You can't, plain and simple truth.

I’m in same situation as OP (in love with someone, considering dating but unsure if I should) and in my case it’s because the guy I’m in love with already has a girlfriend.

I can't move on. Over 3 years of being in love with him. I'm realistic about us never ending up together but I can't alter my feelings and I'm tired with being so lonely all the time. Obviously I wouldn't tell my bf that I'm in love with someone else. He would never know so it wouldn't hurt him.

>in love with someone
>still want to date someone else

lmao you fucking deserve your loneliness

Angry virgin detected

You are a literal lonely cuck who doesn't even have a bf, you don't get to talk. Go cry about Stacey getting dicked down by your "troo love" every night.

I feel you user, I’ve been in love with the same guy for 6 years and no matter what I can’t get over him. He told me be loves me too but he won’t leave his girlfriend. So I’ve tried moving on, tried dating, even got this tall handsome rich guy from Paris to fall in love with me, but I just couldn’t love him back. Being with these other guys feels fake and wrong. The thought of having their dicks anywhere near me repulses me. I guess I’d rather be alone. There are other ways to deal with the loneliness than forcing yourself to be with somebody you don’t really love.


t. lonely cuckette

Chad still doesn't love you.

But at least he is loved, we can't say the same about you
No girl to pine over you...

I was infatuated with a girl I knew in high school for about 8 years after graduation. I think my problem was I never told her how I felt, once I did that I spent a few days a wreck, quietly crying in my cube at work. The worst part is all the pretty girls I met at college that I passed up. I could have been a married father of 3 in my twenties, instead I'm a kissless, handholdless virgin in my thirties.
I got implicitly rejected by two women over over the last two days.
If you can get in touch with him try getting an explicit rejection from him, hear him say it will never happen. If you're like me you still have a vain fantasy that needs to be destroyed before you can recover.
Also one a yous date me, we can bond over this.

>If you can get in touch with him try getting an explicit rejection from him, hear him say it will never happen.

In my case I still talk to him almost every day. I’ve told him I love him and he says he loves me and has feelings for me but that we can’t be together right now because he’s in a relationship but that “maybe in the future things will be different” which is probably bullshit but still. Not making it easy for me to move on.


>make him love you
Jesus fucking Christ, this board is shit

what an asshole
if he really loved you he'd leave this other chick, if he really loved her he wouldn't have told you that even if it was true

I'm going through something similiar...

I'm married but I'm falling for a colleague of mine, I dunno how she feels about me, we do hang around and get pretty flirty but she knows that I'm married.

I'm always thinking about her. it sucks, I'm supressing it with alcohol.