Offering female friend money for sex

I'm a male engineering student on his fourth year of college. There's this girl in my project group who is basically very pretty, charming and intelligent.. She's really nice to everyone and I have feelings for her. Sadly, she's out of my league genetically.

I'm not going to ask her out because I know she will reject me. I'm just not up to her standards, which is something that I accept.

I've been visiting escorts for about a year now. They're usually nice and once every few months I see one for one hour.

I know that this girl I'm attracted to (girl from college) doesn't have a boyfriend. Would it be possible to talk to her and offer to pay her the same as high-end escorts for the hour? Escorts usually give me nice times but this girl is just something different.

What are the possible outcomes of me asking her that? How should I proceed? Should I make jokes about it so she consideers it? Don't really have many female friends I can ask about this.

By the way, I'm a hardworking and fit student. I own a car and stuff, but she's just out of my league. I'm not a creep, I have never hit on her and she sometimes asks me how college is going, just typical stuff between college people.

So topic: how would she react to my $$ proposal? Any advice is appreciated

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>Offering female friend money for sex
What a pathetic fuck!

Dude you’re better off just asking her out and seeing what happens. Plenty of people get dates out of their league. You probably would have to offer her a larger amount than you pay escorts for her to even consider your proposal.

Every woman has a price.

Just don’t make her feel like a literal whore and you’re good. Even pros don’t like to think of themselves as whores.

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She'd just reject me. I'm aware of how romantic relations and know that I don't stand a chance. Yeah, I probably would need to offer her a lot more than that... but how much exactly? I can maybe offer her $700 for one hour but anything above that would be too much for me. I appreciate your reply a lot, helps quite a bit. Thanks mate.

Thanks for the reply. And yes that's right, but I'm not sure what this girl's price is. Sometimes I think about just fucking my typical escorts and forgetting about her, but she's a bit too special.

I think you should try seducing her first and if that doesn’t work then offer money. Otherwise just bang another whore.

I can tell your blueballs are fogging your brain. A pussy is a pussy. Some just come with a better view. Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t overestimate her either. You’re better than her by virtue of being a man.

Nigga seriously, go bang another bitch. Your sexual frustration is clouding your mind. If she didn’t have a pussy you wouldn’t think twice about her. Women are all the same dude.

She is more likely to reject your offer of paying her for sex than she is to reject a date.

Well yeah. With the former she actually has to put out.

Simple supply and demand. If she values her pussy for over $700 and you’re not willing to pay that. Then you’re probably just going to spend $20-$30 bucks having your time wasted.

Lol this won't work

Thanks for the reply. And yes my balls are probably fogging my brain. Maybe my stupid feelings will go away after banging a good escort. Who knows.

Hahahahha. You are so right mate, I probably should just fuck another bitch. thanks for the reply

Maybe. Thing is she'd reject me on a date, so no point. I'm just gonna bang some bitch probably

I hope she accuses you of harassment and gets you kicked out of college.

Why though? I guess I don't really understand her point of view since I'm a man, men and women are different biologically, the latter are more sexually powerful when young, and as a man I'd be more than happy to fuck a thin girl for even $50 an hour, but as a powerful, loved young woman she probably doesn't want anything to do with this.

How would it be harassment if I made a non-threatening proposal and completely accepted her decision and respected her boundaries? Blows my mind. You're a faggot

regardless of how inoffensive you might feel it is most likely she'll take offense that you're treating her or a part of her as a commodity that you can buy out instead of a person, you can call this bad women logic but it'll be how she feels regardless

Do you honestly think someone with OP's level of autism would be able to consider her as a person? It's classic goddess-whore complex, either she's an unobtainable goddess or she's just another whore.

Careful for this scalding hot take, but men on Jow Forums don't tend to have the healthiest attitudes towards women.

Don't do this, you risk expulsion.

Because on an existential level you wounded her. Women get pissed off when a man points out their SMV. The worst way to do this is to directly approach with sexual intent.

In a female’s brain this is happening


And now you know why women always blatantly shit talk about guys they turned down. Even if they were nice about it.

Putting literal dollars to it is even worse.


Eh, maybe not. Women love getting objectified by men, but his SMV needs to be greater than hers.

This is honestly one of the saddest posts I've seen on here in a while.

>be me
>femanon studying engineering at university
>get placed in group with this complete weirdo
>fat, unshaven, smells funny, can't handle conversations
>looks like gollum
>creepy but whatever
>just need to get through the semester
>leaving class one day
>see this creature following me down the hall
>fuck he wants to talk to me
>can't outpace him
>he cuts me off
>"h-hey can I ask you something"
>can already smell his breath and his greasy face glistens in the light
>holding back vomit
>"yeah..uh sure"
>him: "I know you would normally reject me but I thought I could pay you to have sex with me if that's ok?"
>this goblin man literally just asked me to be a prostitute
>he seriously thinks offering to pay a girl for sex is rational and normal behavior
>don't know what to say
>"ummmm no??? please leave me alone"
>run-walk away
>text my friends what just happened
>group chat is losing their minds
>word gets around
>entire university now is aware of what happened
>mfw this kid now and it's a running joke
>mfw he doesn't show up in class the next week
>mfw he was apparently expelled from the university for sexual harassment

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It's not really sad, it's just how romantic relationships work in college. 90% of women go for 10% of men. This happens in literally every college in every country. Not everyone was born to be loved

LMAOOOOOOO. So fucking good man. My tens out of tens. You're a bright person whoever you are

How severe is your autism?

Exactly this. Paying her for sex is so fucking desperate, it’ll turn her pussy into the fucking sahara

>90% of women go for 10% of men
I sincerely doubt you’ve been to college

i have sadly man, and that's how shit works here. u can ask any anthropologist or biologist about this. he'll agree, 100%. dna proves this, along with surveys and data.

I’m sorry you had such a bad college experience because my college was nothing like that

One of my old friends who isn't unattractive but isn't my type recently propositioned me for a night together. This came after I told him my past as an actual prostitute.

If I weren't taken I'd have jumped on it. I'm still thinking about it but he has a gf now so I don't know if it's a possibility anymore. But, no, she won't shrivel into a desert as long as you aren't some fat fugly grease-reeking basement dweller, and put effort into your appearance and education and social interactions. She might say no because a lot of women haven't even considered prostitutes are just people, sex work is still work, etc.

A warning though, if you want her to genuinely like you and not see you as a walking wallet, you should befriend her first.

Don't offer her money. That's sick. Just ask her out with confidence. Maybe talk to her a few times first. Ask to hang out as friends. If she takes to you, then ask.

I do want her to like me, but I'm average height and have been receiving chemo for a year and all the hair in my head fell off, so I look like a cancer patient (well I'm one). I don't really think any atttactive girl will feel attracted to me sadly. I appreciate the escorts I visit a lot (as people) and I don't know, I'm confused because this could be my last year and I'd like to sleep with someone I love x_x

sh'es going to be insulted that you only value her for sex, and she's going to tell all her friends what a pig you are and get you blacklisted

if you want a chance just ask her out

Dude, I highly doubt you actually love her. Have you ever hung out, just the two of you? It sounds like you've just had polite conversation, DO NOT ASK HER TO FUCK YOU FOR MONEY. You are basically a stranger acquaintance to her, it will only come off as weird.

Ask her out or don't, but if you want to sleep with someone you love, then find someone you might like, hang out with them to be sure that you do, then eventually form a relationship

Bruh, speaking as a dude who hasn't gotten laid and probably won't for a long time, I know that's bullshit. The guys that can't get girls are firmly in the minority.
Fuck you this thread is bait.

Love/like, why does it matter? I like her, a lot, and I'd like to sleep with her before I fucking die. You really think I'd be thinking of her if I had someone else I liked to hang out with? I like her. That's it.
p.s you're a faggot

Up until the pay for sex part you described what I'm pretty sure most girls think of me. Rip in peace me.

Says the guy who feels he needs to pay women to sleep with him.

Dude, I'm trying to not talk down to you because your situation is rough, but you need to get over this girl. I'm sure she's great, but if you lack the courage to ask her out, then there's nothing there.

Also, what is it about her you love/like? Because if it's anything attributable to basic human kindness, then that isn't a good reason

Trips and a fucking based post to boot

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Either just ask her out, or straight up ask her if she would like to make some money, and you better have like 2k to offer.

Check out my formula that I just came up with right now because I'm stoned.

You have to hit above the womans self worth meter. Low value women would fuck you for 20$

Average 20year old college, maybe 2k, maybe 5k
Most women want money real bad and sex just doesn’t have much meaning anymore.

Go for the glory, mate.

i thought about this but obviously it would cost more than an expensive prostitute, since they arent per se prostitutes and then i realise, its not worth it
she wont let me do the things i want to her and costs more

what you are looking for OP cant be bought like a one time purchase

Well played, good sir.

i foresee many (You)'s in your immediate future, my son
well done

>I'm not a creep
You're about to make an unsolicited offer to pay her for sex like she's some Tijuana crack whore. You couldn't be anything further from a creep
There is a 99.999 percent chance she gets freaked out, tells everyone in your major and you get ostracized in your university, is that what you want? the other .001 percent is you get lucky and she thinks it's a joke and you play it off that way though I don't think you're socially competent enough to be able to play it off in that case because if you were, you wouldn't be offering to pay for sex with a female colleague. Don't do it especially thinking long term, if this goes bad for you and she tells everyone what you did this can potentially taint your future pool of references and contacts for networking because no one wants to give a job to a creepy dude who offers random girls money for sex, it's a total pr risk, no one is gonna want to hire you if that happens. Think about the future here dude.

>a literal whore giving advice

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You're fucking delusion. Whatever 'friendship' there was between you two will be destroyed after you call her a fucking whore, you degenerate.

All women are whores m8. They just don’t wanna feel like it.

Don't ask her !!! It's very inapproprite

No matter how you present this proposition to her, she will react badly and refuse. There is a very good chance others will hear of it and it will damage your reputation significantly.

Logically, it may not seem like a big deal to you when evaluating it in comparison to other social behavior that everyone considers normal. But a lot of social mores and taboos aren't 100% logical. Or there may be a logical explanation for them but most people will not be able to articulate whatever that is.

At worst, she may report you and you will be booted from your uni.
Considering today's general attitudes and "social climate", I would hardly be surprised.

Please do not do this.
It is guaranteed not to work and you will demonized relentlessly and held up as a symbol of everything wrong with men.
They will not care that you were well-meaning or trying to be respectful and every word you speak in your defense will serve to further incriminate you.

To be fair, it IS exactly what she deserves.