Is eating shut really dangerous?

I've wanted to be a toilet slave for quite some time now, but I'm afraid of the possible negative effects on my health from consuming feces. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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guaranteed to get e coli.

It seems that this is practiced by a fairly decent sized group of people. They can't all be getting sick every time.

wtf is wrong with you you abomination?

If you ever watch scat porn they all end up puking.
It's a natural reaction which keeps you safe.
I can't imagine a massive 3 pound dump in your stomach can be healthy, but if you puke it up afterwards there will be no harm.

The greatest danger is not "natural" bacteria, but diseases and parasites. Don't eat Indian poo is what I am saying

Nothing at all. What's wrong with you?

He isn't exaggerating literally everyone has active living e. coli bacteria in their digestive system. It is actually the reason hand washing after using the toilet is a thing.

Basically every food borne illness you can get is in the human intestine and the only thing stopping it from making you sick is that it can't travel back up into your stomach

if you ingest feces you are ruining that protection system. it would be safer to eat animal shit. every disease holding in your bowels is there because it thrives in humans. human poop is the perfect storm of making you sick exactly because you are human, too

>If you ever watch scat porn they all end up puking
I never really noticed anyone puking afterword.

Common sense tells me this is the case but it makes me wonder how so many people practice this.

Polio. Enough said.

1. fake poop
2. precautionary measures such as powerful antibiotics and purging off screen, and immediate and frequent doctor checkups after it is ingested
3. they're getting sick as fuck and you have no idea because the incubation period for most diseases is 3 days to 2 weeks and the scat porn you're watching doesnt include that kind of follow up




Anyone have any first hand experiences?

I'm glad you are able to read.

Try asking in one of gif's scat threads

Unfortunately you are unable to think.

Good tip. Thanks.

A clever reply

Feces is full of bacteria such as e.coli and can spread a bunch of other nasty stuff. One of the biggest causes of disease in human history is the improper handling of human waste, IE shitting in the village water source, shitting where you eat, shitting and failing to wash your hands etc.

Do yourself a favor and live a normal life.

>and immediate and frequent doctor checkups after it is ingested

Cracking up imagining that doctor putting his head in his hands whenever the shit eater books a checkup.

They probs like about their job. Tell their doctor they're a janitor or mental facility orderly or something that explains semi frequently "accidentally" possibly ingesting human shit

Ask .

>Hello John, another accident at work?
>You wouldn't believe it doc, I was cleaning the ladies bathroom and slipped on the wet floor, fell face first into a clogged toilet and swallowed some feces.
>Hmmm, 3rd time in as many months isn't it?
>It's a dangerous job, doc.

Not that I'm proud of entering a thread about eating shit, but I feel obligated to say that most E. Coli in human intestines is commensal, and non-pathogenic. It won't hurt you.

If the intestinal bacteria are not hurting the host, they most likely will not hurt a new human host either. Though, an unhealthy person's intestinal bacteria would most likely carry health problems over to a new host.

Please don't defend the poop eater. Coliform bacteria can still cause severe problems when being transferred from one person to another, even when not producing Shiga. This is currently a big concern in medicine, where certain varieties of sanitation resistant E.coli can be transferred between patients through endoscopy equipment.

Not here to shame your fetish OP but fantasies may best stay fantasies sometimes. Apart from the obvious health reasons you're doing things to yourselves which are psychologically damaging. Don't fall for a sex-positive narrative where every fetish is supposedly OK in a controlled setting. People get off to needles, blood play, racist abuse, extreme physical abuse. These fetishes normalize this behaviour and hurt you in unexpected ways.

>shit is literally human waste dump of all kind of toxic shit your body doesn't want.
>user questions if your body wants to get rid of it.


>but if you puke it up afterwards there will be no harm.
Frequent vomiting does cause it's own issues. Like ruining your teeth and your esophagus.

I will never understand this fetish

eating poop? not sex.

Yes, yes it is.
I ate shit once and for both salmonella and an intestinal parasite that ate flesh from it.

Mind you it wasn't from a weird shiza fetish. I just had some take out teriyaki chicken.

Get a life. I wonder if I see in my elderly years if Jow Forums gets real and people here get a sane sense of mind

I have consumed one medium log of my own making without puking afterwards (but had gnarly burps for the rest of the day)
Other times I have vomited almost immideately.
It's like well-digested firm turds are the least bad (guess the longer staying time means more bacteria are dead, also the matter composing the turn is more "healthy" eg fibers)

People eat ass all the time and no one bats an eye these days.

Parasites and transmittable diseases like hepatitis and even HIV can be transmitted through poop, but a healthy person will at most give you symptoms of food poisoning.
As the other user said, puking a lot is bad for your teeth, but if you indulge in scat play a few times and puke it up afterwards (you probably will), you won't get sick.

You will want to have vinegar or alcohol disinfectant on hand to deal with residues as even looong showers or hand washing won't completely remove the smell from the skin.

Also, all you haters are probably dualbrowsing a loli thread and beating your meat to delicious cake, stop being hypocritical about people's fetishes

Thanks for your insight. Would you do it again?

Yes, I sometimes get in mood for it (like once a month on average), sometimes I do it several times in a week, sometimes months will pass between playing with it.
I really need to be in a submissive mood.

Have done it once with another guy, but could't consume, he pissed on it in my mouth so some of it dissolved and came down to my stomach though. Was pretty hot. But you really need to "plan" it, in a SM relationship where the dom is not inherently in to it, the sub has to "take charge" which is difficult to feel submissive and ask for something at the same time.

Having fetishes is wierd sometimes

Thanks again.

My fantasy is to be chained to a toilet chair and have a girl sit on it and release diarrhea all into my mouth and nostrils and all over my face to the point where I'm completely saturated in it.

Good luck finding someone into that lol, I think you could possible find a domme prostitute that would indulge that fetish

I'll just have to keep searching for my dream girl, lol.

Also eating shit probably causes problems like that as well.